Wait, What? USA Olympics Opening Ceremony Uniform Shirt Is The Russian Flag

  • Rick Chandler

Another Russian hack? The U.S. Olympic Committee released its Opening Ceremony Olympic uniforms today, and, does the shirt look familiar?

How about … the Russian flag?

usolyuni copy

Sure we both have the same national colors: red, white and blue. And Russia sometimes adds a coat of arms, just for fun. But the Russian flag is stripey, and the colors are, in order, white, blue and red — just like our shirts. Looks like the communists will be well represented at the Olympics after all! Steroids be damned.

Can this be changed? Can we descend on the Ralph Lauren Polo factory and protest? It’s an outrage.

But the Russians don’t have this: The U.S. team flag-bearer gets to wear a jacket that lights up in the dark. Should be useful back at the dorms when the electricity goes out.