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Posts by Eric Goldschein

MLBWeird But True

Somehow, Two People Were Shot, One Stabbed In San Francisco World Series ‘Celebration’

san francisco riotingIn what continues to be one of the strangest traditions of all time, fans of a sports team celebrated their side’s victory by injuring one another, breaking fragile items, setting things on fire, yelling obscenities and fighting with police.


Legend Bo Jackson Talks Dolemanity And How To Win A Chance To Hang Out With Him

bo jackson

Former Raiders and Royals player Bo Jackson drops by to talk about Dolemanity and his Give Me a Chance Foundation and tell you how you can play a round of golf and watch a Raiders-49ers game from the sidelines with him.


LeBron And Nike Are All In On The Whole ‘Do It For Cleveland’ Thing In This New Ad

Depending on who you ask, LeBron James returned to the Cavaliers because he thought the team would be better than the Heat going forward and because he had a chance to win a title for his hometown, or just because of the first thing. Nike obviously loves the “for Cleveland” angle, as seen in this “Together” ad released today.

NFLThey Said What?

Ricky Williams Says He Retired From The NFL Because The Dolphins’ QBs Sucked (Not Because Of Weed)

ricky williams

Ricky Williams, man. This guy. This fuckin’ guy. What an enigma. If someone can understand this dude — who, don’t get me wrong, seems like a solid human being who speaks his mind in a way few appreciate — please let me know, because I’ve been trying to figure him out since 1999.


Sure, Alex Gordon Would Probably Have Been Thrown Out At Home — They Should Have Sent Him Anyway

alex gordonThe decision to hold up Gordon at third will go down as one of the greatest what-ifs in baseball history. Oh well. So it goes.


Are You Ready For Just How Bad Tonight’s 76ers-Pacers Game Will Be?

kj mcdanielsI don’t think you know who this person is, or what team he plays for, or that you’re ready for this.

NBAThey Said What?Video

Why Is Everyone Giving Gregg Popovich Shit?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s just about the nicest Popovich has ever been on the sideline, that time he hugged Jeff Van Gundy aside.

NFLThey Said What?

Jerry Jones Is Going To Get Tony Romo Killed

jerry jones

Jerry Jones is willing to put Tony Romo’s back on the line, because… well, there’s no discernible reason for doing this, besides the fact that Jones is an asshole.


Pelicans Broadcast Gives ‘Player Of Game’ To White Guy Ryan Anderson Over Anthony Davis

ryan andersonAnthony Davis had an Hakeem Olajuwon-esque game last night. So why was Ryan Anderson the player of the game? Because he’s white, right?


Fantasy Football Week 9 Injury Report: Tony Romo, Giovani Bernard, Rashad Jennings

giovani bernard

Tony Romo had to leave the Monday Night Football game with a back injury, Giovani Bernard missed Sunday’s game and A.J. Green might be back for Week 9. RotoExpert Kyle “Doc” Soppe offers his take on these injuries and more.

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