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Posts by Jake O'Donnell

Extreme SportsNBAVideo

In Celebration Of All This Beautiful Snow We Were Lucky Enough To Get This April, Here’s A Video Of A Jet Engine Snowboard

Don’t be sad, Joakim — snow can be fun! Just strap a giant battery pack to your back and hold onto that electric jet engine for dear life. No…wait, you’re hold it the wrong way. NO! JOAKIM COME BACK! JOAKIMMMMM!!


What The Hell Is With This Lance Armstrong Instructional Video?

When is a “How to fix a tire” instructional video not a “How to fix a tire” instructional video? Give up? When it’s a “How to fix Lance Armstrong’s public image one small step at a time” instructional video. Gulp.


The 6 Most Disappointingly Slow Fantasy Baseball Starts

Though he may be named Prince, the Texas first baseman is damn near the king of “sucking at baseball” right now. The prince of suck would technically be Billy Butler. See who else can’t put the ball in play in 2014…


COLLEGE BASEBALL MADNESS: How To Steal Home For A Walk-Off Win

When you hear about “stealing home,” nine times out of ten it has something to do with an RV getting jacked from a trailer park. Occasionally it’s about baseball. This time it’s about baseball.


DUDE: Dude Perfect Did Dude Dunk Tank Dude Throw Into Dude Gatorade Bath For Dude Record

How often do you see a dunk tank filled to the brim with the bold and intense flavors of Gatorade Fierce? Often? Really? Wow. Ok, nevermind — you probably won’t care about this record throw, then…

Extreme SportsVideo

Sorry I Wasn’t Listening, I’m Distracted By This Extreme Mountain Disc Golf Montage

Walt Whitman once wrote, “Hucking a friz from a mountain top is EPIC, bro.” Ok, that’s not true — we don’t even know who that is. We do, however, know that this video is pretty mesmerizing if you’re into “stuff” that’s “cool.”



Jonathan Toews will supposedly be ready for Game 1 of the playoffs. Will you be? RotoExperts rank everything and everybody, after the jump…


Holy Crap, Someone Please Caption This Photo Of Gronk Double Fisting Beef-Bones So That We Don’t Have To

Gronk insert meats, you insert jokes. Let’s do this, America.

NCAA BasketballVideo

John Calipari’s Whirlwind Book Tour Has Already Produced Two Five Star-Caliber Awkward Moments

1436: Johannes Gutenberg invents printing press, which dramatically affects mankind’s ability to disseminate information.
1996-: John Calipari utilizes Gutenberg’s technology to bring light to the sheltered masses.
2014: Fat old white guys on TV don’t give a shit.

Animal shenanigansNBANHLVideo

The Real Life Air Bud Is Only Good At Watching Hockey, Which Is Fine Because Someone Needs To…

That’s a joke. People love hockey — especially this year, when all the big markets stopped watching basketball in December. See what we’re talking about, inside…

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