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Trolling The Border: Colin Cowherd Is Not A Fan Of Canada’s Health Care System

Today, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd pretty much accused Tiger Woods of using performance enhancing drugs on his nationally syndicated radio show. Even though it’s an ESPN personality heavily insinuating PED use by one of the world’s most recognizable athletes (when the evidence is mostly circumstantial), we’ve come to expect this sort of thing from Cowherd.

Instead, what will get most people’s attention is the case Cowherd lays out against Tiger. It has something to do with free health care and everything to do with mispronouncing Canadian provinces. Mid-morning xenophobia, brought to you by Barbasol.

  • Rhinosaur

    “I don’t even hear you, your face is driving me nuts.”

  • Dre_mnm

    what a douche!

  • http://www.facebook.com/whitneyjohnstuart Whitney-John Stuart

    Ummmmmm Ottawa and Edmonton are cities not provinces. And he’s right, the US has the best medical care around … if you can afford it … which the vast majority of the citizens cannot. I’ll take a small line up over having to sell my house because of a medical bill any day. 

  • Laurence Glavin

    In his last couple of months at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann coordinated with American medical professionals to offer free clinics in some US cities for people who had no health insurance.  In some cases, this saved lives because there were participants who were this [] close to a medical emergency.  They would have sought treatment earlier, but a Saudi sheik tied up the hospital  with his entourage.

  • Jdt278

    I can afford it fine and I am in the lower middle class. Nice try though.

  • Exumatrip

    I have heard this doofus so often talking about this sort of thing.. He exaggerates and stereotypes constantly.. I just think he says things and doesn’t think about what he says……The guy is a dork

  • Anonymous

    The most startling contrast between the US and Canada in health systems is not just that medical care and hospital care is free here and, most provinces have pharmacare as well, but that you Americans spend, all together, significantly more that we do (and everywhere else, too), per person, on health and hospital care and medications, even though many of you don’t get any. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UNCG7P425TPQ6LMANZLTBENVLA Simwise

    I cant and nobody I know can, and I and allof my friends and family are middle class. Nice try though

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