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Phil Mickelson Hits Nice Flop Shot, Announcer David Feherty Basically Loses Mind

Phil Mickelson roared back in to contention at The Masters today, going on a back-nine birdie-eagle binge that left him one back of the lead, and set him up nicely to make things interesting on Sunday. Perhaps the best shot of his run was a flop shot on the 15th hole. And you better have appreciated the artistry of the shot… because if you didn’t, the announcer, David Feherty, wanted to know what the hell was wrong with you:

Nice shot? Sure. Great back nine? Absolutely. “Courage… that is difficult to describe”? Okay, maybe we’re going a little overboard here. “If this doesn’t make every hair [on] your body stand up, you need therapy”? Love the enthusiasm and everything, David – but we just don’t think we can all match your unrealistic exuberance standard for above-average golf shots. We hope you understand.

Video by CJ Fogler.

  • DJKolbe

    David Feherty Gets a Little Excited, Sportsgrid Freaks Out

  • Anonymous

    This is why you are a crappy blog and he is no network TV. He knows that he is speaking from a golfer’s point of view and that yes…with water behind the green and a slope leading toward tht water, it DOES take a lot of courage to take what is practically a full swing when you are 20 yards away from the hole. If Phil wins this tomorrow, that very well may be the shot of the tournament and that deserves excitement from an announcer.

  • Brian

    That was the shot of the century and Feherty called it spot on.  When every player in the tourney talks about it, the shot then has riveted the players so they are put on notice.  They are playing with not only a great golfer, but also, a real gentleman of the game.  Phil has tried these shots before but not to this degree of excellence.  This shot, with the pressures of the tourney, the skill required; anyone indeed who has a love for this game, if they were not brought to their feet and then refocused, giddy, to that moment of reality, then they would need therapy.  Phil talked afterward about it being a ho hum 64 degree wedge shot, and that’s why he keeps one in his bag, but what about the imagination and skills, are they in that bag too?

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    Love the enthusiasm and everything

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