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Super-Rich Guy Phil Mickelson Apologizes For Complaining About All Those Taxes He Has To Pay For Being Super Rich

Phil Mickelson — who made over $60.5 million last year for swinging a golf club, according to Sports Illustrated* — has doubled back on comments he made yesterday regarding the oppressive taxing his income has received.

Yesterday, Mickelson said he might consider “drastic changes,” because he “[happened] to be in that zone that has been targeted both federally and by the state.” Lefty estimated his total tax rate –after state, federal, income, Social Security, and disability taxes– to be at “62, 63 percent.” Which is, admittedly, a lot.

Mickelson’s mistake, however, was grumbling about said tax rate in public, since, you know, he makes so much goddamn money, ridiculous tax rate notwithstanding. Alluding to retirement, or a possible self-imposed decrease in tournaments per year –which is what Mickelson did when he mentioned those “drastic changes”– wasn’t the most nimble of public maneuverings.

But, having seemingly realized that most Americans don’t make $22.39 million before taxes, much less after them, Mickelson pulled back today.

Here’s his full statement:

“I know I have my usual pre-tournament press conference scheduled this week but I felt I needed to address the comments I made following the Humana Challenge now.

“I absolutely love what I do. I love and appreciate the game of golf and the people who surround it. I’m as motivated as I’ve ever been to work on my game, to compete and to win championships.

“Right now, I’m like many Americans who are trying to understand the new tax laws. I’ve been learning a lot over the last few months and talking with people who are trying to help me make intelligent and informed decisions. I certainly don’t have a definitive plan at this time, but like everyone else I want to make decisions that are best for my future and my family.

“Finances and taxes are a personal matter and I should not have made my opinions on them public. I apologize to those I have upset or insulted and assure you I intend to not let it happen again.”

*[Note: Our post last night had Phil's 2012 take-home at $47.8 million, based on numbers from Forbes.]

  • Anonymous

    People and businesses are abandoning France because of its intended 75% tax rate, this guy complains about a 63% tax rate (also insane) yet he’s the bad guy? Most of the people who attack him for complaining about paying 63% would have a cow if they had to pay 63%. Whether you have $60 in the bank or $60 million, its still money you earned based on your performance and your decisions. He could have withdrawn from working and made much less, but he chose not to. But no matter how much he works or how much or little he makes, 63% of every dollar he earns goes “poof”. Many of the OWS protesters exclaimed why bother when asked to work for a normal wage. They want to be paid top dollar without having to have the skills or work ethic to make them worth it. This golfer has the work ethic, but he may also ask himself why bother to work so hard and at a level that earns him so much if 63% is going to be confiscated?

  • Anonymous

    $60.5 million a year? For playing GOLF?

  • Anonymous

    Okay I was up and down the other post on this so looks like I’ll come here now. Heh. But why would he stop golfing just because he’s getting taxed 63%? What do you mean why bother making millions? WTF?.. He could buy a $30,000 car every single day and still have what… $7 million left over? He’s the bad guy here because there’s no reason why a heavy hitter like himself needs to publicly fret about his tax rates. That is what he acknowledged. All of us complain about or taxes at one point or another. And who was he even complaining to when he originally said it? Surely not anyone making the kind of money he does. So oh boo hoo let’s be so sorry for the millionaire. I don’t buy it. Me personally, I make a little less than $50k a year. Thing is I absolutely love my standard of living. Life is fantastic. I think Phil’s complaining is just a result of being too used to his own life. It’s like.. you can’t have too much of a good thing, or it’s no longer a good thing anymore.

  • chuck

    It’s still his money, period. If they start taxing anybody at that rate, sooner or later we’ll all be at that rate.

  • Anonymous

    And would still make 10x the amount of money of an average American, even if he was taxed at 99%.

  • joel

    so let’s tax him more and more until he’s average just like the rest of us right? question…when he (and every other ‘evil’ millionaire are average like us…who will we tax then?

  • Anonymous

    Nope, not right. I don’t want to tax him more and more. Just saying crying about paying 30% more of your money in taxes is absurd when you are making 100,000% more to begin with. Put that into perspective.

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