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The Next Big Thing In Golf: Way Too Many Kangaroos

It’s too bad they don’t give Australia a year of hosting the U.S Open because we’d probably get some sweet golfer-kangaroo standoffs. This photo was taken at an Australian golf course that’s clearly infested with a mob of kangaroos. My favorite one is the roo on the left, just laid on its side grazing.

The golf course even posted warning signs:
kangaroo sign

What happens if a kangaroo is blocking your shot? What if a kangaroo puts your ball in its pouch and raises it as one of its own? I guess you just leave and accept it’s the kangaroo’s day at the golf course.

The over population of kangaroos is a big issue in Australia. For a country of 23 million people, they have 60 million kangaroos. The problem with this many kangaroos is they destroy grass and crops on farmland. Kangaroos can’t be contained by standard fencing as they jump over it. Australia’s solution to this problem has been developing a market for eating kangaroo meat, which apparently taste like filet mignon. Here’s what it looks like:
Kangaroo meat


  • lindy

    How dare you promote eating our wildlife as funny or appetising. Did you ever think that WE have stolen prime habitat from all of our maligned and misunderstood wildlife and NOW we are too arrogant and unintelligent ( not to mention dispassionate) to share with them what we have stolen. We have claimed all of this dying planet as our own and OMG what a mess we have made of it in our pursuit of profit and greed. Kangaroo populations reach about 25 million every ten years on average and only reproduce (for Greys) at 3-8%a year. If only our species has such well regulated, in built population controls. There is not a plague of kangaroos only a plague of naked apes on this planet and we need to learn (fast) how to live with our precious wildlife and how to be more tolerant and intelligent by thinking prospectively and finding non lethal solutions to the problems that WE have created. I won’t hold my breathe, but we do claim to be the most intelligent species……don’t we ? There is a wealth of evidence to suggest anything but , I must say !

  • Adam

    Take a deep breath (no “e” btw) and go grab a shower, hippie…or does a shower use up too much of Earth’s precious water resources that we naked apes just waste away?

    This is a tongue-in-cheek sports blog where delicious Australian hoppity hops are compared to equally delicious filet mignon. Go take your rant back to howtoliveonmonkeyshitpancakesandwipewithpoisonivy.com where it belongs.

  • Pamela

    I’d rather look at our beautiful kanga families than rich wankers dangerously whacking golf balls around the place, wearing ridiculous outfits. Once again we think we can just move in and take their land expecting them to just go away.

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