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Here’s Tiger Woods And Arnold Palmer Fighting Alongside Each Other In An Awesome Video Game Commercial

Say what you want about rampant philanderer/embarrasing sexter/otherworldly golfer Tiger Woods – he probably deserves it. But you’re going to keep hearing about him, because he is Tiger Woods and is exclusively dating Lindsey Vonn and is likely to reclaim his No. 1 overall PGA ranking with a win in the ongoing Arnold Palmer invitational.

Speaking of Arnold Palmer, the also otherworldly golfer/otherworldly beverage artist teamed up with Woods (as well as some Mr. T/Rick Ross/James Harden amalgamation) for this awesome trailer for EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 video game.

No word on how the producers were able to get Tiger to act without the presence of golf or females. This marks the first known time in his adult life he has been conscious while engaged with neither.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that it is sex what’s helping Tiger’s performance since it has been reported that he has been getting it all along! I think that Tiger is back on pills! Certain pills help with concentration and focus! It seems that the sex alone did not work! After Tiger’s cheating scandal broke up, it was reported by several media outlets that he had been taking
    undisclosed pills. It was reported Tiger was first in a sex addiction clinic and after that he went to a rehab clinic! In addition, let’s not forget the reports about treatments Tiger received from a Canadian doctor to help speed his recovery from injuries. This doctor was indicted in the US after several athletes disclosed he was treating them with substances banned in the US. Regarding LV I read that she has taken them for years to help with her skiing performance!

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