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Tiger Woods’ Press Conference Just Got Extremely Awkward

So, remember that excerpt from the book written by Tiger Woods’ former swing coach Hank Haney, in which Haney said Woods thought about dropping everything and becoming a Navy SEAL during the prime of his golf career? Well, one reporter certainly did, and asked Woods about it at a press conference a while ago. Tiger… was not thrilled about being asked this:

And there’s more Tiger prickliness where that came from:

“Have a good day.” Perfect. Well, we might have had a better day if Tiger had gone into more specifics as to whether or not there was any truth to Haney’s Navy SEAL claim, because that is nuts. Sure, Tiger’s agent responded in general to the book – and Tiger said he’d addressed the matter of the book already, which was what led to his combative nature – but clearly the reporter hadn’t heard anything specific enough for his liking.

And after that little showdown, neither have we. Tiger didn’t offer a denial, which may be telling… or maybe not. We’ll never know, apparently. It may be a new era of Tiger Woods, but his media relations still seem pretty much unchanged. Too bad. Then again, maybe this was a more interesting moment than an actual answer would have been so hey, what do we know? Well, it’s just like usual with Tiger, and just like he wants it – we know nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Better question. Why do you care what Tiger Woods did? Does it affect your life in some profound way or have sports “reporters” become the new gossips of the neighborhood….. replacing all the old ladies, hanging out in the backyard, waiting for their clothes to dry on the lines…..pointing fingers.

  • Anonymous

    It never ceases to amaze me how these wussy reporters or talking heads continue to think those they report on,  owe them anything.   Ask your Questions fools but if you dont like the answer, so be it.  THEY owe you nothing.   

  • Anonymous

    Wow reporter sure came across as a ahole. He’s a plays golf whats with the 3rd degree nonsense. God the media sucks in this country.

  • Drudown_1

    Concur with the comments herein.

    Give me a break. A guy writes a book about Tiger to make money for himself and then Tiger is supposed to respond to cross-examination about unfounded statements that could have been said in jest or not at all. 

    Whether Tiger regains his form (I think he will, to a greater degree than we’ve seen) aside, who gives a toss about Tiger the person? These people sound pathetic.

  • Ridelights

    Who is this Glenn Davis???

    Who elected him, and the arrogant jerk asking Tiger questions, spokesmen for all of us?  “We know nothing” for one simple reason, we don’t want to know and it is none of our business.

    Ask Tiger a GOLF question, please.

    News flash !!!……  I wanted to play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys….

    Glenn, feel free to print that in your next piece of arrogant, elitist, trash reporting.

  • Travis

    I don’t get it.  What’s so hard about saying, “Yes, I considered that, have always admired the military, but in the end decided against it” or “No, that’s not accurate”?  I get it, it wasn’t a golf question, but if you offer one of those two answers and move on to the next question, then you’ve at least addressed the question and have actually spent less time than it took to give that dramatic stare down.

  • Jon

    I’m going to disagree with most of the commenters and offer that Tiger is the a$$h0le here.  I heard nothing from the reporter that was snarky.  All of the snarkiness came from his holiness.

    If Tiger wants privacy and anonimity, he should have taken my job.  Instead, he chose to be a highly paid athlete.  Right or wrong, those people live their lives in the public eye.

    And quite frankly, I think the question of whether or not he considered giving up golf to be a SEAL IS a golf question.

  • fourtyrunner

    more fodder for all of those who choose to waste their time and bite on this kind of stuff. just think, how much time do you waste in a year reading about nothing, that will do nothing for you in life ! think about it . 

    who cares about tiger woods, his choices have shown us what kind of man he really is, choosing a life of porn and sex over his wife and children. way to go , NOT>

  • fourtyrunner

    tiger woods, certainly blessed in golf, not blessed in other areas.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFF6AVZC3BPU67ABXD6J3WXBJQ jimjammer

    douche, he didn’t seem to mind the media fawning over him when he was #1, now that he is just another spoiled athlete he thinks he’s entitled. yoy made ur bed tigger now lie in it.

  • Anonymous

    Woof, I used to like Tiger.  What a deeeeeeeeeeeeeebag, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  • http://twitter.com/bathroommonkeys David

    Reporters are doing their jobs. The so called “superstars” of sports feel as if they are the ones who are untouchable. Tiger has already proved that he is a human. His divorce clearly showed that a prominent sports figure can literally collapse right before the public’s eyes. Instead of being a confrontational prick, Tiger should show some of that Buddhist compassion that he claims to practice! 

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