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A-Rod Is Suing The MLB Because Why The Hell Not

alex rodriguezOn top of appealing his 211-game suspension, Alex Rodriguez is now suing Major League Baseball for, among other things, trying to force him out of the game and ruining his reputation. At this point, A-Rod appears to be going for the “I don’t have any more fucks to give” strategy. We’ll see if it pays off.

Here are some of the fun things A-Rod claims is happening to him because of this suspension:

-He no longer has the “sterling reputation” needed to represent brands like Nike, Pepsi, Wheaties and Colgate.
-He won’t get any new endorsements to replace the old ones because of his “alleged” actions.
-He lost endorsements from Toyota and Nike before he had a chance at a fair due process.
-He won’t make as much from his autograph and likeness because no one wants a cheater’s autograph or likeness, right?
-He won’t be in that movie that he wanted to be in (“Harry and Me”).
-His construction company and Mercedes-Benz dealership won’t get as much business, because the only reason people use his construction company or dealership is because A-Rod is associated with them.
-He won’t make as much Yankee money from the Yankees now.

Don’t you just feel so bad for a guy who won’t make as much money from Pepsi now as he did before?

A-Rod also released a statement:

“The entire legal dynamic is very complex, and my legal team is doing what they need to in order to vindicate me and pursue all of my rights. This matter is entirely separate from the ongoing arbitration. I look forward to the arbitration proceedings continuing, and for the day to come when I can share my story with the public and my supporters.”

Of course, these two things are not separate from each other. They are directly intertwined. A-Rod says that the league is tarnishing his reputation, but if A-Rod did in fact take steroids — not to mention try to buy evidence — then it was A-Rod himself who did the tarnishing.

It helps that the whole steroids things is never addressed directly in A-Rod’s 31-page lawsuit, which you can read here.

[The Big Lead]

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t laugh at this…A-Rod is armed with some of the best and most aggressive litigators. He has the cash to finance a war, and he has no shame. He will tear MLB baseball down to the foundation studs for a dollar. This claim names Bud Selig as a defendant too…not just MLB. Some lawsuits are fraught with bluster, but this is not one of them. MLB is being accused of running a rogue thug-life regime. Pay-for-play witnesses, briefcases of cash, witness intimidation, legally questionable subpoena and discovery requests or demands on non-parties, impersonating police officers…just to name some. Now if even ONE of those things proves out, where is MLB then? I refuse to believe a law firm as major as Gordon Rees would concoct a claim with knowingly false accuses. Lawyers love getting paid and expanding conflicts to stay on the clock, but if this is a brazenly false list of claims then A-Rod really is something to convince law firms hardly desperate for clients to commit brazen frauds upon the courts. Bottom line, A-Rod might make more money in this litigation racket than he did as a MLB baseball player. And he was the highest paid MLB player in history. If I were an MLB owner I would be very, very concerned about this and my wallet.

  • Anonymous

    David Zirin has also observed that A-Rod is a slum landlord, I believe in Washington, DC. Would this be considered relevant to a case about A-Rod’s reputation?

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