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Anti-Semites Come Out From Under Their Rocks In Wake Of Ryan Braun Suspension

Want to feel sick to your stomach and develop an uncontrollable urge to hose down the Internet? Just type “Ryan Braun” and “Jew” into a search engine, and prepared to be horrified.

Of course according to some, racism and discrimination no longer exist in the U.S. Yeah …

As you know, Braun’s father is Jewish, and his mother Catholic. Not that it makes any difference to anyone, except those who like cool nicknames (“The Hebrew Hammer”) and, of course, folks who buy their bedsheets by the bolt.

The douchebags below are now available for your scorn and mockery. Well, some of them are available. When you try to click on their Twitter comments, many have been deleted. Typical.

Photo: Getty Images.

  • DaveW

    Is this news? All these bigots want is attention, and Sportsgrid is happy to oblige.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with DaveW: thanks a lot for giving foul-mouthed ignoramuses a free forum. Good work.

  • Coffee black

    I remember when words hurt my feelings.. Grow up, I thought this was America!?

  • Ilface

    Technically, if your mom isn’t Jewish, than neither are you. So this guy is just a cheating asshole that got caught. I’m sure many more are to come…

  • Me

    “Technically” all the dictates your religion are your beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Greg Gutlessfeld

    Hank Greenberg had to deal with virulent anti-semitism in his great years as a Tiger and at the end as a Pirate in the 30s and 40s. Now people can hide behind screen names in total anonymity and utter this kind of venom. But of course we are in a postracial society. Anyone who believes otherwise is a mere ‘race hustler.’

  • Anonymous

    There’s a good chance that Lippman is joking, and, judging from the name, probably jewish himself.

  • Ncrdbl1

    Just looking at the names involved it is easy to see that a large number if not the majority of those making racist remarks are African American. Ironic isn’t it, the ones who claim everyone else is racist are thems3elves the most racist.

  • Anonymous

    I hope, if these punks are employed, they will soon find themselves stomping the pavement looking for another job that I also hope they never ever find for the rest of their miserable lives.

  • EL

    Just sad and im not an advocate for zionism or jewish mysticism but AMERICA is just to full of ignorance and hatred. Its not funny he is a human and going through alot. I guess it wouldn’t be funnybif he crumbles under scrutiny and commits suicide. This is another form if cyber bullys

  • Seahawk

    Typical, a bunch of stupid comments from stupid people. Not clever, not funny, not smart. That being said, I’m Jewish and Braun is a first rate a$$hole.

  • Anonymous Jewish Pedophile

    Was this article written by a typically delusional Jewbag, or just one of his loyal Gentile goyim slaves?

  • Larry The Jewbag Summers

    Settle down, hero. Laugh a little. Quit whining like a Jewww.

  • Alan The Jewbag Greenspan

    Shut the hell up, Jewbag. When are you moving to China and India?

  • Lloyd Da Jewbag Blankfein

    Jewbags are the cancer of the planet. I am a Jewbag banker myself. After I am done bankrupting you and your family, I will bankrupt your government while fattening up their Republicrat and Democan wallets. Then I will bankrupt your nation culturally, morally, and economically. Then I will move onto Chinky fascist China and India. God bless Jewbags. God bless Jewbag history. God bless ignorant, loyal, uneducated Gentile goyim slaves.

  • Robert Da Jewbag Rubin

    Settle down, Jewbag. Jewbags are the cancer of this planet. After I’m done bankrupting your family, then I’ll bankrupt your nation. Then I’ll move onto Chinky China and India. American two-party crypto-fascism exists solely because of me, the Jewbag banker.

  • Henry Da King Jewbag Kissinger

    Face reality, fellow Jewbag. Jewbags are the cancer of the planet.

  • Seahawk

    That really hurts my feelings.

  • Greg Gutlessfeld

    When are you moving to hell, Adolf?

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