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Cardinals’ Announcers Mocked Red Sox For Holding Kolton Wong At First Just Before He Was Picked Off

In case you missed it … and you likely did, unless you listened to the game on KMOX Radio in St. Louis, World Series announcers Mike Shannon and John Rooney had a little fun at the expense of the Red Sox in the bottom ninth inning on Sunday.

You remember the bottom of the ninth: that’s when Boston reliever Koji (Hailing Frequencies Open) Uehara picked off Kolton Wong at first with two out and Carlos Beltran at the plate. That ended the game, a 4-2 Boston win, that evened the Series 2-all.

Just before this happened, KMOX broadcasters Shannon and Rooney were in a joking mood:

AUDIO HERE. (The KMOX portion begins at the 1:58 mark).

Rooney: “The first baseman, Napoli, holds against the runner — why, I do not know. (Chuckle). Why would they be holding him? (Chuckle).”

Shannon: “Yeah (laughs).”

Rooney: “That’s silly. … Here’s a throw over there, and, he’s picked off! Unbelievable! A rookie mistake.”

Shannon: “That’s why they hold him.”

Rooney: “Exactly right. The only reason they could have been holding him. And what Wong was doing I have no idea.”

You mean that the only reason they could have been holding him was to try and shorten his lead? I’ve never heard of such a thing. I love broadcasters like this: so self-unaware. Oh well, on to Game 5. Where we gonna eat tonight?

  • Edect

    “Self-unaware”? Really? This guy writes for a living? If the writer knew anything about baseball, he would know that you normally would not hold a runner in that situation. Wong’s run meant nothing (he wasn’t the go-ahead run, and for that matter, not even the tying run). By holding the runner, you open a hole for the batter to hit through. Just because it happened to work out for the sox doesn’t mean it was a smart baseball move (equally as dumb as Wong taking a big lead). By the way, it’s Kolten, not Colten. Can I get a job here?

  • Franklin Chrisco

    “Self unaware”. Great playfulness with language.

  • Franklin Chrisco

    “Self unaware”. Great playfulness with language.

  • Hamstergram

    And if you knew anything about baseball you’d know that there are times when you hold the runner in that situation, that teams note tendencies, that they may have seen a chance to pick him off, that they wanted to shorten his lead, that maybe Beltran wasn’t going to hit to the right side against that pitcher, and that being playful with language is one of the things this site does, and that McDonald’s needs you on the night shift so no, you can’t have a job there.

  • Edect

    Thank you, Mrs. Chandler. I respect you for sticking up for your son.

  • bc puckett

    That stooge McCarver was babbling on about the Sox holding Wong on as well. Thank God he’s headed to the dog track.

  • jim

    I think you are confused it wasn’t about holding him at first, koji was trying to throw off the hitters timing and rythem. He just then took advantage of a bad mistake and beat him.

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