Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel Drops F-Bomb, Doesn’t Really Care That He Drops F-Bomb

  • Glenn Davis

Last year, when GQ did a comedy issue, the self-described theme of it was, “What’s never not funny?” Well, we don’t remember if “people cursing on programs that: 1) air live, and 2) are not supposed to feature cursing” was featured anywhere in the magazine, but we can safely say it is, indeed, never not funny. Want proof? Phillies manager Charlie Manuel did his weekly radio show yesterday, and during it addressed pitcher Roy Oswalt’s strong performance in his last start. But in doing so, Manuel got a little salty (Oswalt talk starts in earnest around the minute mark):

Charlie Manuel cursing on WIP by Mike Meech

We also enjoyed how when the hosts are laughing uncontrollably after the F-bomb, Manuel chuckles…but tries to start back up with his analysis of Oswalt before anyone else (including the cheering fans) is quite ready to continue. It’s not quite Manager’s Corner with Earl Weaver, but it did leave us awfully entertained, and also thinking: how did Lou Piniella never have a moment like this?!

[The Fightins, via Kevin Kaduk]

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