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Dallas Braden, Baseball-Welfare Leech, Complains About American ‘Welfare Leeches’ And Drugs

Dallas Braden

Dallas Braden doesn’t like “welfare leeches,” and he thinks they are the counterpart of PED users in MLB. So, Alex Rodriguez, you are a “welfare leech.” When I say it like that, nobody will disagree.

Dallas Braden made $3.35 million to sit out with a shoulder injury last year, because he threw a perfect game once. Trivia: Of all pitchers in MLB history to record a perfect game, Dallas Braden is the most ironic.

[The Score]

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  • Bon

    Well once again SportsGrind is wrong and butthurt by a conservative mindset. No real relation between welfare recipients and Dallas Braden. First off, Dallas Braden is paid by a private company, not the government. Second, he actually has a job. Finally, it’s not his choice to be hurt unlike these “poor” people on welfare that are getting paid $168 a day to literally do nothing. Dallas is still working, he’s rehabbing and doing physical therapy, unlike these welfare people getting paid to “look” for a job (but who would work when they’re getting $168 a day to “look”)

  • joe

    bravo sir….bravo

  • Anonymous

    His family used to be on welfare , so it’s very hypocritical of him to say things like that. A lot of people on welfare are hurt too, since he’s not working he shouldn’t be paid either.

  • Bon

    Yeah but look at him now. He worked his way out of it. With today’s current administration it’s actually smarter to stay on welfare than to get off.

  • Jake

    Ummm…$168 a day? Where is this happening, exactly?

  • bill

    what welfare pays 168 dollars a day…none…you make 80 percent if your on disability and more like 35 to 45 dollars a day on unemployment…dont be ignorant and stupid

  • bill

    nowhere in the world does any kind of welfare pay out 850 dollars a week ….i have no idea where he got that number…when i was on unemployment i got 180 and i would bet disability and social security dont even give you close to 168 dollars a day

  • Bon

    Google it if you want.

  • Anonymous

    He shouldn’t be criticizing people that have fallen on hard times. It’s very low class for an overpaid ball player to put others down. If it wasn’t for the last administration that crashed the economy many people wouldn’t need to be on welfare.

  • LetsGoOakland

    That is a laughable figure. I worked hard for same employer for seven years. Was laid off and collected 275 a week in unemployment (245 after sequestration). I call bullshit. That being said. I consider myself very liberal and am fine with DT for welfare. Probably not going to get off it if your spending your days getting high. I also smoke pot so there. Probably blew 1st posters mind. Should be no testing for anyone collecting disability as pot can be very helpful to those folks.

  • Anonymous

    This is crap. I’ve known Dallas since he was 12. His family (his mom and him, and sporadically his dad) were not receiving government welfare. They did move from family friend’s house to family friend’s house. When his mother died, he lived at the hotel his grandmother managed.

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