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BREAKING: Derek Jeter Dating Attractive Woman

Derek Jeter has lots of sex with beautiful women, treats them well, and plays some Hall-of-Fame caliber shortstop for the New York Yankees. It is not breaking news when Jeter sleeps with a beautiful woman — that’s more common than a Yankee win. But what is breaking news, is when someone is worthy enough to catch his attention past that one night. The rare woman worth more than a post-coital gift basket. The Mariah Careys. The Minka Kellys.

Well, according to the New York Post, Derek Jeter has apparently seeing Ralph Lauren model Hannah Davis “casually for several months.” So, no, she may not be Minka-caliber, but Derek certainly sees something in her.

There are few reported details, and they aren’t important. What’s important is identifying this woman. Who is Hannah Davis?

- She is 22 years old (Jeter is 38)
- She is 5’9.5″ (Jeter is 6’3″)
- Her measurements are 34-24-36
- Her shoe size is 9.
- She was born in Saint Thomas
- She is “best known as the face of Ralph Lauren fragrance Ralph Rocks”

And finally, via Wikipedia:

Davis enjoys singing, playing piano and writing her own songs. She is in her second year studying economics at Leicester University. When asked where she sees herself in ten years, Davis replied, “Working with mentally handicapped children or a career in finance.”

Derek knows how to pick ‘em.

And yes, we are a SPORTS WEBSITE, I know. Sorry. This is where we’re obliged to show this video of her showing up some douchebag in tennis. Suck it, guy.

We approve, Derek. So much so, in fact, that she deserves an honorary… SLIDESHOW! (More photos at With Leather, whom we must also h/t for this post.)

  • Pugiron

    Meh, no Minka Kelly

  • http://hoverspot.com/blog.php?userId=989817 Mike Won

    Hannah Davis kewl but Patsy Kensit kin sit…

  • Maximilian

     Yeah…definitely much more hotter..

  • Anonymous

    He’s got quite a batting average for a guy his age.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VNAC7KRBN5J3T3RHYAMAEUPDBA dwayne b

    buy her something to eat for GODS sake!!!!

  • drkjfan4evr

    seriously a 22 year old, I am sorry but there is no way a 22 year old and a 38 year old have any of the important things in common, I love derek jeter so I wish him luck. I guess he is not the marrying type because this girl is not ready to get married anytime soon. You’d think that at 38 year old would want that because life is so short and until you have your own children and family then you really have not lived. Well, maybe thats just us common folk who think like that. Derek Jeter is definitely in a league of his own.

  • Michael Szumowski

    Look he is basically cleaning his head out with the whole Minka Kelly relationship. Just because it is multiple visits, doesn’t mean that it is anything more than good conversation and great visitation nights. (PG-13) being kids are reading.

  • Michael Szumowski

    Tedderman, his batting average is over a million with the ladies.


    Derek may not be as perfect good looking as he was at 25, but at 38 he is still super super hot. The age difference is not too much. Broadway Joe Namath settled down at 41 with a 23 year old wife — had 14 years together and two kids. So good for Derek and Hannah — have a GREAT time together. Miss you on the field Derek. Come back 100% soon!!

  • http://twitter.com/Candarian_Demon Harry Palma

    Sweet Peter Derek Jeter the Oreo Cookie.

  • Kimmymitchell

    I finally met Hannah Davis in the bathroom at the Scranton Rail Riders game! Never thought she was anything special, but in person she is so pretty. I get it now! Lol! I’m a girl and she just about hypnotized with those eyes!

  • Gloria

    Oh My GOD!!!! I saw Hannah Davis at the Rail Riders Game TOO!!! She is gorgeous and adorable a the same time! OK Derek, you can date her!!!

  • Lisa

    ш love blowjob http://po.st/GsI35x

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