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This Is How You Apologize For Using PEDs (Take Notes, A-Rod)

Believe it or not, Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun were not the only players suspended by MLB for the Biogenesis steroids scandal. And believe it or not, not every player that has used PEDs is a lying, bullying asshole. Everth Cabrera messed up, but he owned up to it. We understand the temptation to dope, mistake or not, and this, America, is how you are forgiven. Be a real human being, not an A-Rod.

NBC San Diego has quotes from the whole press conference, including Cabrera’s mention that his “heart and my conscience were killing (him),” that he did it to recover from injury, and that it was his fault, not a piss-collector’s. PED users aren’t evil; A-Rod is.

[NBC San Diego]

  • Matt Smith

    Alexander Rodriguez needs to be banned for life – he cheated, and every hit and every play he made is now suspect. Just as in the NCAA, every game he played in should be retroactively forfeited, and the titles returned.
    If the Yankees don’t have the fortitude to fire him, every game he should be made to crawl around the bullpen on his hands and knees, from inning 1 to inning 9 – *every* game, until his contract runs out.

    And since neither of these are realistic, in this day and age when illegal aliens can vote and presidents and their staff pick which laws to enforce – Fans should take the matter into their own hands, and make it impossible for him to play. Other players around the league should refuse to pitch to him, refuse to allow him to take a base, refuse to acknowlege his presence on the field. A few games where no pitcher will pitch to him will so embarrass MLB, Rodridguez will be forced off the field.

  • Greg Gutlessfeld

    It’s a touch easier when you’re a non-power hitter in your early twenties on a team with no fan base.

  • Seahawk

    You lost me when you got political.

  • Seahawk

    That was hard to watch.

  • raffy

    Man Im so sick of these bogus apologize already it’s fake…there just sorry that they got caught!

  • Bahiabel

    Really? That was sincere. You just can’t see it and you have no knowledge of the person and the place they are from.

  • Bahiabel

    There is a big fan base in San Diego. You East Coast people can’t see beyond your noses.

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