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How Weird Was It When The Red Sox Honored Mariano Rivera?

mariano rivera red sox

Before the Red Sox finished bludgeoning the slim Wild Card hopes out of the Yankees last night, they took some time to do what so many other MLB teams have done this year: honor Mariano Rivera. It’s a little different this time because, if you hadn’t heard, the Yankees and Red Sox don’t like each other a whole lot.

It was impossible for the Red Sox not to note this, of course, and spent about half of the commemoration roasting Rivera for blowing a save in the 2004 ALCS and introducing their own players (“David Ortiz! Dustin Pedroia! Jon Lester! Koji Uehara!”). But it would have been weird for them to act like Rivera didn’t play for the team’s longest and most bitter rival, so, all in all, a fitting tribute.

Here’s the entire thing:

When even your enemies have to admit that you’re awesome, you know you must be, well, awesome.

  • miller

    i thought this kinda sucked. It was a backhanded compliment. Mo going to arizona…they didn’t show a montage of Luis GOnzalez hitting the game winning hit off mo did they? I mean this is stupid and bit classless.

    Just give him some stuff and be nice. Don’t be all fake happy for mo. He is better than any other player the red sox have ever had, yes better than ted williams. honor him right…oh wait..too late.

  • bryan

    @miller what are you talking about? of course they didn’t show that highlight in Arizona, there is no rivalry there dumbass. I don’t think you know much about baseball, but the red sox and the Yankees are like one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. how can you expect the red sox to be honorable about it? they hate the Yankees, and mo because he has dominated everyone he has faced. so yes I expected them to say something about it, and I think it is kind of funny that they did. that is why he is so loved in boston haha. and you are even more of a dumbass for saying that mo is better than ted Williams, ted Williams is the greatest hitter to ever live. plus you cant compare a pitcher to a hitter. I bet you are a yankee fan and when you saw the highlight of him blowing the save, you probably cried. look I mean they did honor him, the gifts they gave him were not jokes I mean they made a donation to his charity. you are just a typical arrogant yankee fan.

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