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Did Jon Lester Have Vaseline In His Glove Last Night? (UPDATE: MLB Has Responded)

During last night’s 8-1 World Series Game 1 victory for the Boston Red Sox over the St. Louis Cardinals, Cardinals’ minor league pitcher Tyler Melling tweeted out that he thought Jon Lester had Vaseline in his glove, and now a conspiracy theory has been birthed.

So, I guess he’s talking about that little discoloration, that looks a little greenish? It could be Vaseline. I’m no expert.

And this sure looks like he’s rubbing something on the ball in the seventh inning.

No definitive evidence, but that’s enough to make me skeptical. Sadly, I doubt we’ll ever get to the bottom of this. We’ll keep you posted if anything else comes out.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: MLB has responded.

“We cannot draw any conclusions from this video,” the official said, according to WEEI.com’s Alex Speier. “There were no complaints from the Cardinals and the umpires never detected anything indicating a foreign substance throughout the game.

The official added that baseballs potentially being doctored is “an issue we always monitor anyway,” but it sounded like there will be no formal investigation since neither the Cardinals nor the umpiring crew raised any concerns about it.

  • Jay

    Sportsgrid is a joke! Posting Vine Video’s now! lol Real sad! Pay some real writers!

  • Big T

    Sure looks suspicious. What can be done even if they find out he was cheating? Nothing. I think it’s time to just move on. If true, it will just show that Boston is a group of cheaters. The Red Sox must be taking a page out of the Patriots play book #2001 Super Bowl

  • o2btom

    It is more obvious if you watch more of the video. I saw a longer clip, and after touching that spot, he adjustes his hat, and he blatantly keeps his finger off of his hat. If you watch it all…. My opinion.. Eddie Harris from Major League…

  • Jake O’Donnell

    USA Today post vine videos

  • Josh

    What is new boston does nothing but bitch and moan about how they shouldn’t have to play against peralta because he cheated and now they cheat just like they did in 04′ when over half the team was on the report for steroids. Typical boston bullshit they are as bad as the yankees.

  • Wizzle

    Where can you see a better video. Been searching for one this morning and can’t find it. Just the short looping videos

  • Anonymous

    That sort of validates Jay’s point…

  • Fred

    Its not vaseline.. Probably pine tar… lots of players and pitchers do it. He should have been more discreet.

  • Kip Oliver

    so a minor leaguer, not even at the game, thinks he saw something on TV when umpires, who were at the game, and actually handled the ball…didn’t.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not real?

  • Fart Fartington

    It’s not vaseline. One baseball source has said it’s a substance called “Firm Grip”. Others have mentioned pine tar. He’s not putting it on the baseball to change the aerodynamics, he’s using it for grip.

    It’s an extra sensitive issue for Cards fans because: 1. Kenny Rodgers pulled the same crap in ’06 although we eventually won. 2. Julian Taveres was ejected from a game and suspended for having pine tar on his cap in ’04.

  • Brian Hudon

    The two fingers Lester is rubbing against the edge of the webbing are the two he would use when throwing a curve ball. Added grip gives a distinct advantage when throwing a curve ball. Since the broadcast was in high definition, it won’t be difficult to pull up these same images and look them over carefully. If he was cheating, Lester should be suspended for the rest of the series.

  • Anonymous

    Tavares cap was examined and it was NOT pine tar. Nice try…spin again

  • Anonymous

    Notice #1 it was very obviously a PRACTICED MOVE – very slick #2 He INTENTIONALLY rubbed his fingers on that exact spot #3 Boston pitcher Bucholz was found doing the same thing earlier this year #4 Many have observed that his pitches had more movement than his normal stuff. How does it add up? Well it’s Boston…home of Coach Billacheat of the Patriots. What do you expect?

  • Nicholas Morino

    really, that is the message we send..remember these people are held to a higher standard and a role models for our children, at least that is what MLB statement is.. so the lesson here is if you cheat it goes unpunished.. good message for the children..

    now if they inspect the glove and it proves he DID NOT cheat then great, but with this much video evidence, to say we should do nothing about it, is condoning cheating in sports.

  • DKnight007

    Doesn’t matter if it is pine tar or not. Can’t have ANY substance in the glove….PERIOD! Lester was CHEATING, just like all Boston sports teams!

  • rayroccus

    Hey morons, catch a clue, its for grip not doctoring a baseball. The pitcher for the cards last night, Wainright, has admitted to doing the same thing! It is illegal? Technically yes. The difference is a large percentage of mlb pitchers do it (including Cards pitchers) and it is accepted which is why the Cards have no issue with it and why they will not make a stink about it because they dont want their guys checked either. Its just baseball. Lester is just an idiot for making it so obvious.

  • mongo

    Lester’s game isn’t predicated on pitches that would benefit from something like vaseline. He’s primarily a fastball/cutter/curveball guy with a mediocre change up.

    Rosin is allowed by major league baseball for pitchers to get a better grip on the ball. And Lester’s pitches follow that mode…needing a better grip. Vaseline, which is prohibited, would help throwing something like a splitter. Lester does not throw a splitter.

    So is it “something”? Yes it is. Is he cheating? Depends on what it is.

  • Bob Pedroli, Jr.

    Happened in 06 with Kenny Rogers and from that point on, the cheaters were outed and the Cardinals swept the next three games.

  • Bob Pedroli, Jr.

    Must be something in the water in Boston. Look at the Patriots. Cheaters for years. What a bunch of scumbags. You can bet he wasn’t the only one in on it. That would be impossible. The catcher and the infielders had to know.

  • Just a fan.

    So in other words, he got away with it because he wasn’t caught. No one would suspect that a player would stoop that low to cheat. What a joke.

  • Joe Vannah

    idiot. St Louis sucks. regardless of the sports. The place is a big armpit

  • Barrack Obama

    All you high and mighties shut up please. 90% of you would probably rub magic Johnson’s semen on your bloody knuckles if it could get you a World Series win, much less a little Vaseline. People on here talking about role models…psh. Even our elected government quit on us. Do you really think the Red Sox or cardinals care what people think of them as long as they win?

  • Jay

    And the umpires must’ve been on it too, every time the ball is tipped or in the dirt. How many times a game does the catcher hand the ball to the home plate ump? Conspiracy!!

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