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MLBShut Up

Keith Olbermann Destroyed MLB For Its Greed Regarding The Washington Navy Yard Shooting

If Keith Olbermann keeps this up, he may make our “Shut up,” feature obsolete. He already destroyed Pete Prisco, earning the “Shut up,” spot once, and now he has done it again, taking MLB (and to a much lesser extent, the Washington Nationals) down for its handling of hat-wearing in the wake of the tragic Navy Yard shooting.

It’s a long clip, but worth your time, and you’ll almost certainly agree with Keith and be really angry at Major League Baseball.

It’s hard to poke any holes in his logic, and this is a really bad look for baseball.

  • Ted Tidwell

    I don’t think it was an intentional sleight by the Nationals. Lets face it, a majority of people/organizations only ask permission for what, in their mind they think the other party will be willing to offer. People just don’t effectively communicate anymore…they react to a construct of a position. Clearly the Nationals screwed up by not asking but I really think it was based on how they thought MLB would answer. Olbermann should give them a break.

  • christina

    Who is he to tell us how to grieve? What is he doing for the victims in our city? Where is his navy hat? We had a mass shooting two blocks from our stadium, we’re reeling, the last thing we deserve is some tool like Keith Olbermann in his suit and tie in his safe broadcast booth in some far flung state telling us how to feel, how to act, what hat to wear—
    For using our tragedy to rant on the Nationals to get headlines and improve your ratings while our victims haven’t even yet been buried, Keith Olbermann, you are the worst person in the world.

  • Anonymous

    with all due respect, did you watch the whole clip? i don’t think he was telling people how to grieve. the main point was that MLB is being greedy for exploiting tragedies for profit, and its policies have discouraged teams from grieving how they wanted to.

  • Anonymous

    agreed. he probably should have been a bit easier on the nats, though i thought he was pretty clear that it was mainly MLB’s fault and they look far worse here.

  • Ted Tidwell

    Yeah, MLB sucks. Seriously a 162 game season is long enough…I think you can spare a single game to let the team appropriately pay its respect, and show its support to the Navy and the community at large, by letting the team wear the cap for an entire game/both ends of the double header.

  • Loch Ness

    Christina missed the entire point of the clip.

  • Tree

    He is an ass. How dare he tell the Nats how to suffer with their city. I would give a personal thank you to the Braves for supporting us in our grief. Many were impacted directly or indirectly. He has NO idea and has NO business on the air in any capacity!

  • Tree

    I owe Mr Olbermann an apology. I read a slanted story in the paper and I have personal involvement with the WNY incident. I was upset and reacted. I have since watched the clip and have nothing but respect and thanks. I am angry, tired, hurt and sad and I appreciate everything the Nats did and Mr. Olbermann said. The company I work for lost two people and a friend of mine was hurt.

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