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Keith Olbermann Explains Why Baseball’s World Series Ratings Have Sunk So Low

Sometimes, Keith Olbermann just explains it better than we can. That’s probably because he has a high-paid staff of people to help him put his thoughts together on a nightly basis, but that’s another matter.

We’ve been discussing the MLB’s poor World Series ratings this week, and Olbermann, on “Olbermann,” has figured out the root of baseball’s problem: While the NFL has been building national franchises, the MLB has been trying to level the playing field. That means today, 70 percent of NFL fans will watch games their team is not in — while 50 percent of MLB fans will only watch games that their team is in.

Take a look:

As always, well said, Keith.

  • Ted Tidwell

    The season is too damn long. The games are too damn long. The schedule is chaotic…lots of afternoon games or games at inconvenient times in the middle of the week. Who the hell wants to watch 3 consecutive games with the same two teams facing each other on multiple occasions during a season?

    Opening day and the few games centered around the pennant race are enough for me…everything else in the middle is boring drudgery. By the time the world series is here everyone other than the fans in the respective team’s cities are fatigued.

    People have established appointment viewing times for football. Baseball has diluted its own value with sports fans.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about beisbol (and I live a half-hour’s drive from Boston when Route 93 in clear) but I’ve always been a Keith Olbermann fan because he’s a truly GREAT broadcaster. The Mayah has made bizarre observations like that throughout his tenure in office.

  • Lee Tanner

    The networks already have “national” teams, or am I just imagining that the Yankees and Red Sox are on 40-45 times a year in national TV games EVERY YEAR. Meanwhile, most other teams are lucky if they’re on 10 or more times.

  • Patrick

    Ted- people who are bright enough to appreciate the game.

  • Anonymous

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