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Here’s The List Of MLB Players Getting Suspended For Their Biogenesis Connection [UPDATED]

nelson cruz

Suspensions are being handed down by Major League Baseball to the players implicated in the Biogenesis scandal. You’re familiar with the saga of Alex Rodriguez, but a lot of other good players on contending teams are also going to miss time. Here’s the list so far, reported by Ken Rosenthal of MLB on FOX:


All told, there will be 13 suspensions today, and a single appeal, assuming A-Rod finally gets the call himself.

As Rosenthal notes, guys such as Cruz are accepting their 50-game suspensions without appealing, hoping to be back to their teams in time for the playoffs — and to not miss time next year, which would jeopardize their chances at big contracts. A-Rod, of course, will try to get into the game as soon as possible.

UPDATE: And now, A-Rod officially joins the ranks of those who have been suspended.

The suspension takes effect Thursday, Aug. 8. So, uh, see you tonight, A-Rod.

Photo via Getty

  • MrsMo

    if alex is suspended why should he get paid anything? seems to me that team lawyers would be smart enough in this day and age to make something like this a deal breaker. IMO he shouldn’t get a penny while he’s suspended. in fact, i don’t think a lot of these guys should be able to play again period. they obviously have no respect for the game, their fans, nor their team, so why allow them to continue on? this is just sad.

  • alainmora18@msn.com

    We are such hypocrites!! This has been going on for ages! You think that if Babe Ruth didn’t have the option to use ped’s that he wouldn’t of..? Hah!! What about Hank Aaron and the greenies? Ex players have said that it was like driking gatorade back then… EVERYONE did it! Including Mr. Aaron, (who you can tell is a bad liar when asked on camera). People, this is a sport!! And athletes, competitors, have always and will till the end of time do whatever it takes to get an edge. It doesn’t mean their not working hard! It just means that they using what evolution is offering them. I wonder whats gonna happen in ten years when these milionare athletes wont be able to take suppliments everyone else in the planet is taking to live longer and healthier, and they wont be allowed to because someone may just hit 80 or 90 bombs in a season..? Look none of this would even matter if the McGuire Sosa generation wouldn’t have been breaking all these old records left and right. But really Bud, what you think your “cleaning up is only creating a mess… watch. Players that grew up in the early 90s came up juicing. ALL OF THEM!! Well maybe not ALL, just about 75%! Fans wake up!! Dont let them lie with their ridiculous numbers. Get off their case! Move on. Let grown men do what they want to do and lets continue to evolutionize. Tom V, you need to shut up you unathletic man you, Harold Reynolds, you shut up too! You weren’t the type of player to benefit very much from steroids. Because the only thing they may have done for you, would of been that ALL your bloop singles (ALOt of them too), would have become shallow fly balls right into outfielders hands. So shhhh Harold, your boe Ron Gant (along with others employed by MLB), were BIG TIME JUICERS. Everyone was back then. Remember the Texas Rangers that were owned by our ex president? Julio Franco, Canseco, Juan Gonzalez, Palmeiro, Rodriguez, Sierra…?? Common wake up people! How about the Hawk Andre Dawson?? Whatever..
    Only last thing… I begun all this with calling us hypocrites… How about how we ALL find it so amusing and joke and laugh about it, when we speak of HALL OF FAMER Gaylord Perry scuffing and cutting and vaselining balls for years but not getting caught. Yet we KNOW he CHEATED..? He shouldnt be in the Hall then? Leave Barry and Roger alone they they just guilty for beingbthe best in their time!

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