Mat Latos’ Wife Says She Was Attacked During Game In Pittsburgh, Police Won’t File Charges, Twitter Responds Badly

  • Rick Chandler

So the Pirates are in the playoffs, and as we saw earlier today, some of their fans aren’t exactly sure how to celebrate properly. Understandable, since they haven’t had any practice since 1992 (No. 3 hit that year, fittingly: “Jump” by Kris Kross).

But is there really any excuse for this? Dallas Latos, hot wife of Cincinnati pitcher Mat Latos, says she was assaulted during the game by a female Pirates’ fan, who pulled her by the hair and punched her “in the head multiple times.” It happened during an altercation at PNC Park’s Budweiser Bowtie Bar, a lounge located near the right field foul pole. Police responded and several people were ejected, including two people from Latos’ party.

She says the woman who attacked her is named “Danielle,” but today in a press conference police said they will not be pursuing it. Mrs. Latos says she will press charges, though.

Official police response: Meh.

And you can always count on Twitter to rise to the occasion in times such as these, can’t you? Perhaps not surprisingly, Mrs. Latos is being slammed by some (presumably) Pirates fans, who are saying she either made this up, or provoked it:

CBS News:

Police issued warnings to all involved, but more yelling, shouting and shoving ensued, according to the station. Authorities said all involved appeared to be intoxicated to some extent.

Police did not witness the alleged attack and did not make any arrests. There were no visible signs of an attack on Latos and she declined medical attention, police said.

So, no charges, and it’s on to St. Louis we go. Behave yourselves, yinzers.