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REMEMBER WHEN: Mike Francesa Falls Asleep During A-Rod Interview

Major League Baseball handed down a reduced, though substantial, 164-game suspension for Alex Rodriguez, who’s playing days may very well be over. The end of an era? No — players will always juice — but it’s a start. Here’s our favorite moment from this most recent A-Rod steroid circus, despite being something we completely made up. The original post:

Mike Francesa totally whiffed the other day when he refused to confront Alex Rodriguez about the ridiculous inconsistencies of his PED suspension story and/or blatant posturing as he sat across from him and lied clearly to his face. Francesa seems to give other similarly egotistical public personalities a pass, yet berates his callers for having harmless opinions. Why wouldn’t he press A-Rod on his B.S.? Is it because he works for YES? Or is it because he’s a sycophant who arbitrarily respects certain New York athletes too much?

And why was he sleeping during most of it?

  • Rick Chandler

    Outstanding. I think that this wilsjjj ZZZzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

    I think this sums up what everybody thinks about A-Roid. Do you think A-Roid might get the hint? Time to move along, nothing else to see here folks, just some guy trying to hang on to the spotlight for too long. Either retire or shut up and take your medicineLOL.

  • Anonymous

    Funny as shit…
    When he finally wakes up is priceless…..LMAO!!!!

  • 808JJ

    he wakes up at “Weiner”

  • Anonymous

    “Talkers” magazine picked Francesa as the NUMBER ONE SPORTS TALK SHOW HOST IN AMERICA! I’m not making that up. Google ‘talkers magazine’ and ‘sports talk shows’ 2013′.

  • DJ

    You know this is fake, right?

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