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Watch Nyjer Morgan/Tony Plush Put The Brewers In The NLCS, Celebrate Profanely

It took longer than it looked like it would after they took a 2-0 NLDS lead over the Diamondbacks, but the Milwaukee Brewers are going to play for the National League pennant. And they did advanced in thrilling fashion – a 3-2, extra-inning, Game 5 win punctuated by an RBI single from the Brewers’ most renowned character, outfielder Nyjer Morgan (or as you might know him, Tony Plush).

Best of all, not only did Morgan/Plush give us a great playoff moment with his winning hit, he also gave us a great/terrible TV moment by clearly cursing on live television more than once after his triumphant moment. Seriously, TBS is probably less than thrilled with his postgame comportment. Us, on the other hand? We’re delighted. You do you, Nyjer/Tony…quite possibly all the way to the World Series.

  • Flemingator

    What a typical thug.

  • http://www.facebook.com/egenichlipinski Ericka Genich-Lipinski

    I’ve said Fuck Yeah and I’m not a thug .  I’m a white girl !!  So he swore – big deal … 

  • Poop

    Yeah. A typical thug that’s playing for the NL pennant.

  • Baseball

    Its not a big deal but it’s not good neither. Baseball is a family friendly sport and Morgan should know better than that. Even the fans in the park are reminded from cursing because of the family atmosphere.

  • Jacobmosk

    What a typical racist

  • Gust comment

    Classless reaction .. Act like a human. Prince did’nt do that.. THUG is accurate

  • Justin_b63

    T-Plush is the man. He used to play hockey before baseball, so of course he’s gonna be jacked up. Also, just an FYI, professional athletes in all sports swear constantly. If you hit the game winning hit, in extra innings, in the playoffs, in game 5, in front of 44,000+, I think a proper “human” reaction would be to yell like you normally do on the field when there isn’t a microphone right by you. 

  • Flemingator

    I’m black too, you idiot. Don’t make assumptions.  Did you notice how civilized Ryan Braun’s postgame interview was?  While Nyjer was running around screaming profanity like some sort of animal?

  • Flemingator

    Save it for the locker room celebrations.  When a reporter is trying to interview you, do it like an educated human being (although he probably isn’t) and be on your way.

  • Flemingator

    Yup.  Never said he didn’t deserve it, but he’s still a thug.

  • Justin_b63

    I just feel bad for you if you’re not a Brewers fan.

  • Flemingator

    That’s fine, they haven’t done anything since 1982 so enjoy your moment.

  • Flemingator

    Yes, it is a big deal, because he did it on national TV when some lady was trying to interview him.  A mic was in his face…how much more stupid could he have been?

  • Justin_b63

    Thanks, and I’m pretty sure I’d hate the shit out of Nyjer too if he wasn’t on the Brew Crew lol

  • Flemingator

    yeah hahaha he’s an idiot.  from his days at the nats and pirates, he always did thuggish things like charge the mound and talk trash for no reason…but the second your brewers start struggling he’ll be called a ‘clubhouse cancer’, and until then he’ll be called ‘the team’s energy’

  • morganblows

    Im gonna love watching this dumbass saying FUCK YEAH as hes getting his ass kicked by the comeback cards!


  • Guest

    Agree, but at the same time how are you supposed to control what you say with ALL that adrenaline flowing through your body? He was enjoying the moment — also, don’t you think it’s the reporter’s fault for putting the MIC right in front of his face when she KNEW he was swearing and wasn’t about to control himself? 

  • http://viceroyfizzlebottom.blogspot.com viceroy

    Holy smokes!!  Cursing on national television!!  Will someone think of the children!  Our competitive edge in the international market will go down because of this incident!

  • Jtag017

    Nyjer Morgan can barely call himself a professional. Period. There’s no excuse for his profanity on live tv. Do you know how many children were watching? You won NLDS…. There is a ton of baseball to play. Act like a pro. Some stereotypes always stick.

  • Flin

    What kind of puritans are consuming sports these days. Man. 

  • Matthew

    First of all, as people have said, tons of athletes have cussed on t.v before *ahem* k.g when the celtics finally won.  He’s in the heat of the biggest moment of his professional career and it slipped, he’s already apologized.  I can’t say being in the same position I wouldn’t say worse… I’m not sure how that would make someone a thug.

    Second of all, it’s only americans who think this way, based off of their media system, only a country would allow 4000 people to be brutally murdered in a movie (Rambo!!!!!!!!!!!) but a word uttered from a mans mouth is both “thug-like” and intolerable…. only in america.

    Congratulations to Milwaukee, The Brewers organization, and T-Plush…. you wonder why the sport is dwindling in fan base, it’s because it lacks people like this guy who are not only exiting, but excited and passionate about his sport.

  • Matthew

    Just to clarify about the media system – conversely a film from europe like rambo would get the equivalent of an R rating, where is profanity and nudity are accepted in “pg-13″ movies.  And their film board has it right, two natural human things, vs something that truly is intolerable.

  • Anonymous

    Your entire season comes down to this one play and THAT’S the best throw you can make from short center field? Even a perfect throw probably wouldn’t have gotten him, but you have to try to make a possible play, anything could have happened.

  • Koerdt Phyllis

    People, how can anyone defend this behavior by the player and the reporter and the technicians who kept the camera and sound on this guy? To continue to make excuses for this demonstrates why our problems with children in schools and other settings see nothing wrong with inappropriate language and behavior. Think beyond what you perceive as funny, cool or a snub to acceptable proper behavior. Yes, there are standards and it isn’t old fashioned, just right. Would you go to your boss, minister, parent, grandparent or children and talk this way? OR be proud when you are confronted with your child disciplined at school for following your lead?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3Z7I4YLJPHCN6QKLSQ5I77ZROQ Joseph

    It’s a word. It has a nasty meaning that has been given to it by humans. It also has a string of less nasty meanings also given to it by humans. He said it, it hurt absolutely no one, and its done. Assuming any children were actually watching the post-game interview (kind of a long shot for two reasons – 1) if I’m a fan and a kid, I’m jumping up and down around my house at this point because my team just won the NLDS and 2) if I’m not a fan, I flipped the channel when either my team lost or the game was over). Even if a kid did see it, just explain to the child that the word is not generally acceptable and that Morgan said it in the heat of the moment, you don’t approve of the language, and would not want them using it in the same context. I am so tired of people hanging the problems of children on people who are not the parents of those children. Yes, its an ugly word but that doesn’t make Morgan responsible for the failings of kids. These prudish and puritanical comments are what promotes the type of lazy parenting that would rather blame celebrities and sports stars for your child’s failings as opposed to owning up to the fact that you have not been able to articulate a clear moral structure to your children.

    Morgan has done plenty of things (the fight with Chris Volstad and his taking out of two catchers last year come to mind) that I have more trouble condoning than this. When he was playing in DC (where I live) last year, I wanted him gone because he didn’t fit the culture and, by the end of the year, he seemed a little dangerous. However, he seems to have blossomed with the Brewers. People need to grow up and realize that he is not the terrible human being you are all trying to make him out as. Right now, he is baseball’s Dennis Rodman and that is something baseball needs.

  • don

    I wonder how many people in the stadium were screaming the words “Fuck Yeah” as soon as Nyger made that play. I bet half the fans in the stadium were also piss drunk even with their kids around too screaming profanity.  All you losers bashing him for saying that are some worthless hypocrites, its not like you losers never swear.  

  • http://drbear.livejournal.com/ DrBear

    I’m sure all the “he should have behaved in front of the camera” posters would have done the same thing if a microphone was right in front of them when they hit their thumb with a hammer. Sure, they would have said GOSH DARN POOPIE THAT HURT!

  • None

    FUCK YEAH! FUCK YEAH from a cracker!

  • Anonymous

    There was a mic in his face yes, but she was shoving it in his face.  She could have waited until he was settled down a few clicks.  I have no problem with it.  I don’t think he was intentionally trying to swear on National TV, it’s not as if he grabbed the mic out of her hand and started saying it into the camera… Relax.

  • Steve76t5444

    Morgan is a thug, typical loud mouth. I could see once, but three times, not good. It makes his team look foolish and it takes away from their victory. He acted as if he had won the superbowl. Typical black, not all are like him. He will get his in the playoffs or next season. He has little man syndrome with that thug attitude. We hold sport athletes to a higher standard, will not morgan. Can u say porch mon?

  • Kcwordweaver

    Has nothing to do with being a Puritan and everything in the world with being an adult with ‘adult expectations’ who thinks professional players should have the mature constraint to show some class…Especially when you consider the amount of money they make! Typically after making it big and getting the dollar, there is that mentality that what is good street-lingo somewhere works just as well when addressing the fan base. We as the fans don’t ‘pay’ to see people who behave at a mediocre level. We can get garbage in lots of other places for FREE! Rather, we feel better about spending cash when we get a ‘class act.’ Also increases the probability that someone would spend cash ‘again’…if they are pleased with the product. Nyjer looked stupid. He makes lots of money and apparently thinks it’s okay to look stupid. Everyone can understand being wired after a win. But what flies out of the mouth first is representative of the broader range of his personal character. More of the rich-boy-thug-trash-talkin’ sports figure. Thank goodness they aren’t all that way!

  • Almygosh

    you must not have ever played sports (or if you did, you must have sucked) to know the thrill of victory. The problem is not Nyjer Morgan, but an over aggressive media that is just dying to sensationalize something or somebody. And with all of the analysis by the media today, they should have known that they might want to put Nyjer on a delay. What the he’ll do you expect of someone when they produce that kind of moment. Maybe you should turn your volume down or change the channel when you feel like a “thug” is coming on, you fucking caveman.

  • Anonymous

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  • Flemingator

    Caveman?  If you want to see a caveman, watch the above video again.  He just happens to know how to pick up a bat and swing it.

  • Flemingator

    What, did he not notice it was there? Come on.

  • Flemingator

    It’s her job as a reporter to do the postgame interview.  She couldn’t predict that she’d have to interview some out of control crazy man – it was an awkward moment indeed on national TV.

  • Phil E. Drifter

     You think *anyone* will ever be raised without hearing it? They hear it from their parents.

    What the FUCK do you care? Take care of your own FUCKING crotchfruit, let other people raise theirs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/NsRhea Nick Rhea

    Bitch, this is Wisconsin. If you’re not drinking by age 12 you’re doing it wrong. Fuck yeah Brew Crew going all the way.

  • Flemingator

    I totally agree.  If only everyone on here had the common sense you did. 

  • Flemingator

    By your line of reasoning, all sports tacitly have a G rating because kids watch them so much and are so influenced by them.  As such, Nyjer Morgan stepped way out of line.

  • Flemingator

    We don’t have a problem with swearing in general.  We have a problem with professional athletes, who so many of our kids look up to, swearing profusely without any class or dignity or self-restraint on national TV.  It would help your argument if you didn’t insult the opposing viewpoint, by the way.

  • Flemingator

    This is a stupid analogy, because Morgan was never in pain.  As the owner of the game winning hit, it was logical that TBS was going to interview him, and he completely screwed things up.

  • Flemingator

    Drinking by age 12, huh?  That explains why so many brewers fans are SO smart and why Wisconsin is SUCH A HUB OF INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT

  • Baker7433

    Are you kidding me? “She didn’t know she would have to interview some out of control crazy man”….have you watched any of Nyjer’s interviews this year? She definitely knew what wa in store beforehand. The guy is crazy, and I love it. Go crew!

  • Jacobmosk

    Thug? Animal? I stand by my post.

  • Resiejr

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but he did apologize for the cussing. I mean when you work to acheive a goal and it can go either way in a blink of an eye, of course your reaction is going to passionate and spur of the moment. I felt it was a bit of candor you don’t see much in the world of sports.

  • Flemingator

    Neither of those words has any racial connotations.  I stand by my point.

  • Flemingator

    I’m glad he apologized, good move by him.  It’s understandable that he’s passionate, but you can be passionate without cussing your head off on national TV, you know?

  • Bananakaboom

    So, is he a thug because he is black?  He is a solid baseball player, fiery with passion.  Kinda wish he was a Yankee.  They could use some of that fire.   The only people who don’t like him are people that play against him. 

  • Rfreiner

    Just another typical Nyger

  • guest

    Of course he’s a thug because he’s black.  It’s called racism, “THUG” is the racist’s way of getting around that ”other” word they want to use. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jlittorno Jeff Littorno

    I am a baseball fan.  I enjoy seeing the players get excited about the game.    I don’t really care that much about swearing on tv. I blame the reporter for that.  That said, Nyjer Morgan comes off as  an arrogant little jerk, and I will stay tuned in to the games hoping to see him get knocked on his ass!

  • Mammam

    Thank you to the few people who agree about his using the illiterate emotional vocab! But just to add a little more to his inexcusable language – he  was screaming it several times before he reached the reporter-Read His Lips! Its not the issue of him using the language,its the fact that he is suppose to be a great influence on our youth in the sports limelight, not at all! Hope he saves the video for his children.

  • Dollar69

    He’s a dumb ass chump. Lots of people were watching that…. Lots of kids too…. He’s a LOSER

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