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The Man Who Captured Muammar Gaddafi Was Wearing A Yankees Cap

The biggest world news of the morning: former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was captured and reportedly killed by rebel fighters. Though the Gaddafi regime was already effectively over, his death is still a momentous event considering the power he wielded over the nation for four decades. We’re not here to talk about the implications of Gaddafi’s death, though: we’re here to talk about the guy credited with capturing him, Mohammed al-Bibi…and specifically, what he wore on his head:

Yes…a Yankees cap. A camo Yankees cap, it appears, but a Yankees cap all the same. Pretty good publicity (and of course, if there’s one thing the Yankees need, it’s publicity). Oh, and al-Bibi’s also brandishing a golden pistol he took from the former ruler – Gaddafi had a thing for golden guns, which is really a perfect crazy dictator quirk.

A class=”related-post” href=”http://www.sportsgrid.com/mlb/new-york-post-gaddafi-a-rod-cover/”>RELATED: The New York Post had its fun with al-Bibi’s choice in headgear. Oh, it had its fun.

You can see the video from which we took the above screengrab here, and below is a report on al-Bibi aired earlier today on BBC. We still can’t get over the Yankees cap – we didn’t exactly expect the Arab Spring to generate much of a sports angle, but here we are. Sure, the Yankees aren’t in the World Series, but one need look no further than al-Bibi’s head to see just how wide the team’s reach really is.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5WT5WVXQCNZMDRC35TQMVV4QNA Stoney81

    That Yankess cap means nothing; I bet he doesn’t even know what it means or the first thing about baseball…it’s a trend overseas to wear things that say America, USA, or NY on them just like it’s trendy to wear Aeropostale or other certain brands.  Trust me, at least when I was in Wales in ’03 and ’05 there was ZERO interest in any American sports just like most Americans have zero interest in soccer/football.

  • Anonymous

    It may well be true that the guy couldn’t care less about the Yankees (clearly, he’s had some other things on his mind, like dictator-toppling), but it still shows the power of the brand if that logo is being worn around the world…whether people care what the logo means or not.

  • Emil Castillo

    Big baby you’re correct,people who hate the Yankees always trying to downgrade anything and it’s funny because anyone can tell right away when you hate the Yankees,they win the world series,something we see very often them do,haters immediately say yeah but they spend a lot of money on players,this young man kills gadaffi with a Yankees hat on I see this lunatic saying that no one knows overthere what the hell is the new York Yankees,come on men,seriously

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