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Rangers Fans Catch Ball, Don’t Realize Crying Child Wanted Ball, Become Public Enemy No. 1 And 1a

A crying baby/toddler/small child is a powerful force. It’s a force they need for survival – babies/toddlers/small children can’t really do anything for themselves, of course, so they have to make their needs known somehow – and they achieve it partly through pity. Let’s face it: not many things can make you feel worse than seeing a crying kid. They just look helpless, like their entire universes are crashing around them. You see a crying child, your inclination is to make sure they stop as quickly as possible, because it’s uncomfortable and sad for everyone.

And that’s why the Texas Rangers fans you’ll see below became so widely reviled, and so quickly. They didn’t appear to do anything wrong in obtaining the ball, exactly – though maybe it was meant for the kid – the parents didn’t seem mad, anyway. But to just (apparently) not realize that a crying child is there, and to just keep flaunting that ball, taking pictures with it, etc. – that’s rough, guys. Video via Jimmy Traina:

An angry Michael Kay is truly something to behold, people. (See here.) The rising level of indignation there was truly a vintage performance – as was his “There’s gonna be much worse to come, kids” line. Nothing about there being better days ahead: nope, all downhill. Just imagine if Kay had been the one “consoling” the sobbing kid: “You think this is bad, kid? Just wait until the people you love are cruelly taken from you as they succumb to the sands of time. Enjoy the rest of the game!”

Of course, for this kid, it did eventually get better: someone else tossed him a ball, which appeared to cheer him right up. So everyone involved gets a ball – but that couple gets some internet infamy to go along with it. You have to wonder what’ll go through their heads when they see how things went down (which they’ll have to, and probably have already, right?) – and how Kay tore them a new one.

  • Anonymous

    Whiny brat. Where did this compulsion to satiate kids by giving them foul balls come from? We adults dreamed of catching a foul ball too and nows our chance but because some brat things they are entitled to it we should just hand it over. No cry learn the world doesn’t just work on your whim. There are things that we don’t get sometimes.  And now we vilify people for not spoiling other people’s kids. No it is you the media who is the villain here

  • Beatrice

    I totally agree with theone6643–we have spoiled whiny brats–and they turn into spoiled whiny adults.

  • bogiebj

    i think they should have stopped the game, and all the players line up and give the kid a ball. Then tell him that all he ever has to do is cry to get his way thru life. And when he grows up and plays bb they wont be keeping score because they wont want to further upset kids because 1 team lost. that would be too traumatic!
    (the announcer was an a–hole… the people with the ball didnt have a clue what was going on)

  • Big BABY

    Another agreed!  Why vilify the couple, who spent good $$$ for those seats, for a chance to catch a ML baseball.  Did anybody think, just maybe, they have a young family member whom they will give that ball to?  Maybe the little brat crybaby Dad, should have saw what was going on and gave the little whiner to his mom and positioned himself to catch the ball.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=538585370 Maj Kurt Masterson

    All the people making a big deal about this in Rangerland have no life at all! I find it amazing that the kid would have an absolute meltdown in seconds- the people hardly had the ball and the kid was throwing a tantrum. I have season tickets and these things happen all the time, but this BRAT in the snap of a finger threw a tantrum and the ball WASNT coming at him!!! 

    The brat then gets rewarded with a ball later, so I guess EVERY KID should have a meltdown who comes close to a ball. The announcers were also 100% wrong- that couple didn’t have to do a damn thing with that ball regarding the kid and all of this in idiotic. As I said- EVERY KID should now SCREAM AND CRY and the park if they are within 5 seats in any direction.

  • Thelipstickfemme

    The kid has to learn that he can’t have what is not his to have.  People need to train their children to accept disappointment and not teach them to be grateful for what they have: That ball belongs to the man who caught it fair and square.

  • SomeChick

    He was probably crying because he was scared, not because he didn’t get the ball. Sitting there watching the game and then everyone stands up and yells? He was probably startled and scared, perfectly appropriate for his age.

  • Snoopbobb

    It’s a fucking baseball…just give it to the kid

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VGQRPFJZBVLCUIYTNEWEJTEDQY Martha Washington

    MAYBE the problem was that the “couple” COMPLETELY ignored the kid and sat there flaunting the baseball, hugging, kissing, smiling, grinning. At one point the man is leaning back into the kid, so he can get a better angle on his photo of the woman grinning and holding the ball.  I mean come on!  I cannot stand oblivious people.  

    I agree that kids shouldn’t get what they want just for throwing a cry baby fit. In fact I can’t stand it.  But as an adult I do realise that a child is immature and isn’t going to learn this “life lesson” in 30 seconds, and is going to cry a bit.   If they DID plan on keeping the ball for whatever reason, I could live with that, but the whole flaunting of the ball in the kids face was just uncalled for. So yeah, I think they’re a couple of oblivious idiots.

  • Yakovsmirnoff2011

    But the fact remains – they were NOT deliberately flaunting the ball in the kid’s face.

    They were simply unaware. And besides, kids cry all the time. How was the couple to know that the child was crying over the ball. They can’t read minds!

  • Gunner75

    Future Occupy Wall Street material….

  • Kellyshapiro

    You people are seriously UNBELIEVABLE!!  Give the ball to the kid.  It’s what kids dreams are made of.  Not you loser adults.  Grow Up!  Oblivious A-holes!  (Wasn’t even a foul ball- freaks)

  • Beg2625

    If the. Bile were say seven or older I might agree. But a toddler cannot help himself. He feels sad – he cries. That’s all he knows. At that age he cannot reason and we should not expect him to be able to do so. If he wanted 10 candy bars then there might be room to tell him that he can have one. But in a situation like this, with a bunch of excitement and a huge deal the kid deserved the ball. It is apparent that the feeling of catching it is elating… Just look at the. Our. Ext to him.

  • Gunner75

    Indeed! Make sure they learn at the earliest possible age that crying will get you what you want. The parents should actually gently and rationally explain what happened and teach him a life lesson, it’s never too early to learn. That being said, I myself would have given him the ball only because I am a grown up and don’t really care about an insignificant ball tossed to me after an insignificant play. Now ask yourself this, and be honest, if this is a historic ball, i.e. Barry Bonds record breaking Home Run ball, do you hand it over to a crying kid? I know I’m not that generous, how about you?

  • Bob J.

    Let the kid cry. It does no harm. It is not as though they stole it from him, which would be true if the kid ever had it to begin with. All this hoopla sounds like a case of age discrimination to me.

  • Bob J.

    Perhaps those adults never had a chance to get a ball when they were kids. Have you ever thought about that. Nobody was legally entitled to the ball until it was caught. Sounds like a pure case of age discrimination here, if you ask me. I thought that was illegal.

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