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The Unfortunate Outcome Of Red Sox Fans Showing Up To A Yankees-Tigers Game

Yankees and Red Sox go together like oil and water. More specifically, the fans of both teams don’t get along (the players, who switch sides depending on who will pay them more, probably don’t care as much). And when they cross paths in the upper deck of Yankee Stadium, after a few beers, during a Yankees-Tigers game where Red Sox fans are guaranteed to be in the extreme minority, there are going to be problems.

In the video below, a fight breaks out between one (or two?) Red Sox fan(s) and an entire section of Yankee fans. This fight would be one thing if the Sox were visiting the Bronx for a weekend series. But since the Tigers were the opponents, we are probably looking at the only people wearing Red Sox gear in the entire stadium. And for one reason or another, shit starts going down.

(Warning: this video is graphic and unpleasant, and contains images of people getting beer poured on them and falling head first into a guardrail. It’s not for the squeamish.)

First thing’s first, this is something that never makes sense: wearing the hat of a team not present at the game you are attending. Especially when that hat represents a hated rival of the home team. The first reason to attend any sporting event is to see your team win — not the other team lose (that comes second). So, to walk into Yankee Stadium, basically alone, with a Red Sox hat on, for no discernible reason — that’s like attending Black Bike Week in a Klu Klux Klan robe. That’s like walking into a synagogue wearing a Nazi flag. That’s like saying you love and respect Fidel Castro in Miami. Basically, you’re asking for trouble.

That being said, this clearly represents the ugly side of sports rivalries. Whether it was the alcohol, or the pride, some personal insults being lobbed back and forth, things got way out of hand here. Imagine taking your son or daughter to watch a ballgame and seeing this break out. In fact, the fight continued, with a hair-pulling finish:

It would be hard to explain to little Billy or Samantha what was happening here. “You see, my child, this drunken woman likes a team that plays in Boston. She likes them so much, she’s going to fight a bunch of drunken strangers. I know that doesn’t make sense, but once you head to college and start going to keggers, you’ll understand the pull of a blind allegiance to a sports team/club/fraternity, and how beer can make you do some crazy things in service of that allegiance. Alright, go to bed.”

[h/t BroBible]

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOVGSJTBPYXEE5CBYYD2OJS6FI Jon

    Studies show that 100% of Yankees fans are like that. 

  • http://www.madcharles.com/ MadCharles

    You call that a fight ? hahaha

  • Anonymous

    As a Yankees fan, that is embarrassing, and should be.  I think the Yankees fan that comes in to (at least) ask the girl if she’s alright after that nasty fall deserves a little praise, but overall that is just sad. I hope there is a way to prevent these “fans” from gaining access to the stadium again, even if it’s a long-shot.

    “Funny” thing is, Yankees Stadium really doesn’t stand for very much Red Sox bashing these days, as I’ve had friends kicked out for nothing more than chanting a players name; literally, just his name, and nothing more. Maybe there is heightened security during Yankees / Sox games, and that’s why.

  • Yyy

    That stupid fatso is lucky that’s all she got, she deserved a much more severe beating.

  • Kidroyzer

    Let me see if I’ve got this right: you warned us that video of one chick getting her hair pulled by another chick was “not for the squeamish”, but nobody warned about the pic on the link about Guy Mezger’s cut. You know, the one where with the gigantic open wound??

  • Giants2468


  • Giants2468

    For starters, I am a Yankee fan.  It appeared to me that those Boston girls were minding their own business and then got beer thrown on them for wearing Red Sox caps.   When the Boston girls went to confront the Yankee girls, the Yankee guys prevented the Boston girls from striking the Yankee girls all while the Yankee girls were teeing off on the Boston girls (viscious hair pulling, pushing one down the stairs onto the cement pavement).  I truly wish someone would of twisted those Yankee guys necks and paralyzed their asses.  As for the fat ass Yankee girls, I truly hope someone rips their scalps clean off and tosses their fat asses face first down the cement stairs.  On a more civil note,  I hope Yankee management identifies these animals and prohibits them from ever entering Yankee Stadium again.  They could of crippled that Boston girl and they showed absolutely no remorse what so ever.

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