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These Indians Fans In Redface Have All Of America Now Rooting For The Rays

Look, I’ve always lived by one simple rule: don’t paint your face. You avoid so many problems this way.

First, painting your face is stupid, no matter what the context. Also for some it’s unhealthy. But mostly, if you don’t paint your face you avoid inadvertently proving to the entire world that you’re clueless/racist/both. It’s beginning to look like Cleveland’s flirtation with the playoffs is going to end after one game — Tampa Bay is up 3-0 after six in their Wild Card Game at Progressive Field. Practically no one is sad about this, considering the scene above.

What prompted these bros to go redface at a time when Native American-themed sports mascots are such a divisive issue? Would blackface also be OK? These guys just made sure that Chief Wahoo is next on the hit list: we are THIS CLOSE to banning the nickname “Indians” from SportsGrid. Don’t test us, mister … we will do it.

Having both a long face and a racist face at the same time? Not recommended.

Also, THIS:

  • Ben Tyson

    Don’t be so sensitive. If people were this sensitive in the 1600′s there would be no America.

  • Lazyhorse

    Thanks for pointing this out. Having followed the name issue from well before it was vogue; I’m amazed at how much ire is directed at Washington. Let’s not forget how many other options their really are. Red faces or not chief wahoo is no worse than the Blackhawks or the Chiefs. But let’s not let Washington off the hook too easily; lest we forget that, while the Redskin name is too sacred, the Bullets were simply too offensive for the murder capitol of the country.

  • Bon

    Why are you people so sensitive? It’s like you think it might be racist so you have to make sure you point out it’s racist so that unracist people don’t think you’re racist. The word “racist” is used too liberally these days. Punch somebody and steal their money because they’re not the same color as you in your store, that’s a racist, not some fans supporting their teams. None of these tweets are from actual Indians, it’s the other races tweeting that are butthurt by the team spirt. If you didn’t know better you’d think they were being violated against lol.

  • Dapandico

    Lighten up Francis.

  • Alan

    This article is so stupid! While I agree the Indians mascot is alil iffy it is a red Indian if I were a phillies fan an painted my self green an like the phanatic am I being cruel to galapogos island animals ? I agree it should be changed but to call out people for team pride in what is there mascot seems you should be writing about the Indians not the fans my dude

  • Bob vistas

    It’s obvious they’re painting their face exactly like the mascot, how is that racist? You can argue that the mascot is racist but it is still currently in use.. So I guess the guy who walks around in the Indians costume at the game is also racist? Get real. You may have actually had a claim if their faces were just red and didn’t resemble the logo.

  • Drew Swanson

    It’s the logo’s face with the triangle of white around the eyes and the big smile.

  • DollySosa

    There is no “guy who walks around in the Indians costume at the game.” The organization has been in a gradual process of making the Chief Wahoo symbol less prominent, by using the block C on hats more often, etc.

  • DollySosa

    Having watched the pregame coverage, I can add that these guys were not the only ones with faces painted as such. There were 2 or 3 young women as well and however many weren’t shown on screen.

  • AmericanHorse

    Bon-sorry you’re wrong there are a few if us actual “Indians” as you like to call us. Spend a day on a Rez and see if you still think that the word “racist” is used too liberally.

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