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Think Hitting One R.A. Dickey Knuckleball is Hard? Try Hitting Six At Once

What makes a knuckleball knuckle? Drew Shepard over at Fangraphs gave the question some study, and came up with a pretty interesting piece. Included is this trippy GIF, showing a bunch of different deliveries by Blue Jays’ knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

Ever have one of those dreams when seven knuckleball pitchers are all throwing at you at once? It’s like being attacked by bees. Yikes.

RA Stromotion


The ideal knuckleball makes just 1 to 1.5 rotations (~150 RPM) between release and home plate, causing the drag on the ball to shift significantly mid-flight as the leading seam of the ball rotates slightly, resulting in unpredictable and uniquely sudden movement.

Fun facts: Dickey is a born-again Christian who loves Star Wars, names his bats after swords from fantasy movies, chose the theme to Game of Thrones as his at-bat walk-up music.

  • Anonymous

    That’s an awesome visual.

  • Will Rogers

    When the smoke clears R.A. Dickey WILL be contending for the 1913 Cy Young Award. And the Wilpons can kiss my royal irish ass. I saw my first major league game at age 10 in Ebbets Field in the year 19 and 46…….that’s “46 boys and girls.

    After my beloved Dodgers left, never to return, I became a N.Y. Mets fan since their inception and took up temporary residence at the Polo Grounds. I stuck with them through thick and thin (mostly thin), put up with some pretty randy owners, until these
    latest robber barons, THE WILPONS. Dealing away my man Mr. Dickey was the last straw. It was one of the worst fan hating moves I can ever remember ( Walter O’Malley being the exception). Until the Wilpons are no longer associated with the N.Y. Mets
    the Mets cannot get deep enough into last place to suit me. And R.A. Dickey cannot win enough games on the Blue Jays march to the World Series.

    Uncle Will

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