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Tim McCarver Is Often Wrong, As Brandon Inge’s Homer On Wednesday Night Reminded Us

It’s no secret Fox baseball analyst Tim McCarver makes a few mistakes on his broadcasts — we highlighted many of them earlier this season. But it’s rare to find him proven wrong mere moments after he makes a baseless claim, as happened Wednesday night when Detroit’s Brandon Inge pulled a home run to left field… right after McCarver said he’d definitely not do that.

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It was apt for a national TV audience (who hadn’t already mentally tuned him out) to see McCarver in action, but don’t expect him to be replaced any time soon — remember, this is the same company that puts Joe Buck on every major broadcast.

Video from Fox.

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  • http://twitter.com/Hef0 Hef

    I hate McCarver as much as the next guy but in this case what he was saying makes sense.  You wouldn’t expect Inge to try to pull a ball with 2 strikes on him, with two outs in the inning of a make or break game.  You would expect him to try to protect the plate in that instance and probably go the other way.

  • http://twitter.com/kenosando Ken Sanders

    … I grow tired of the non-stop bashing toward Joe Buck, and now McCarver. Not even a terrible call,  McCarver was reading the infield alignment, and Inge got a hold of a fastball. Big deal.

  • Dorothy_mantooth_isasaint

    mccarver also said he wouldn’t pull it “down the line.” inge did not pull it down the line, so mccarver was correct.

  • Rowland

    Sorry Mr. Burke, but I’ve got to defend McCarver here.  First he stated “odds are…”  followed by “it would be very unusual” .  Somehow you make the leap to: “right after McCarver said he’d definitely not do that.”  Sounds like you’re just out to criticize because you just don’t like the guy.  So just go on record as not liking him and stop making $h1t up! 

  • http://www.milena-velba.de/ Anonymous

    Yeah, McCarver can be a doof… but you’re REALLY reaching here. He said it was unlikely (not that he WOULDN’T, just that it would be unusual) Inge would pull a ball down the line. Inge didn’t. Inge homered to what was almost left-center.

  • upy3rz

    The worst from McCarver last night was his need to explain to everyone what “the black” after using the phrase to describe a pitch on the corner. He continually blathers explanations like everyone tuned in to a playoff baseball game is watching the sport for the first time. Most annoying.

  • DCM

    Timothy Burke = fail

  • TigerFan2011

    Inge doesn’t protect, and he rarely hits to the opposite field, thus Beltre’s position.

    Rangers are smarter than McCarver, as are fans who’ve watched Inge for several years.

  • bigjimmcbob

    He didn’t pull the ball down the line.  He hit it to (the middle of) left field.

  • thatguy

    people are hating on McCarver because he is always saying the dumbest thing possible in the most ridiculous situations of the game for roughly 140 of the 162-180 games that can possibly be broadcast. every time he is in the booth, baseball fans love to hate on him almost as much as the love to watch the game. dudes an idiot

  • Dale

    Timothy Burke is often wrong, as this article reminded us!

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