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VIDEO: Open Mic Catches Jerry Remy Calling Mike Lowell “An Arrogant Athlete”

Former Red Sox star Mike Lowell threw out the first pitch Saturday night in Fenway Park before the Sox’ matchup with the Seattle Mariners, and was the victim of some harsh words by Boston commentator Jerry Remy — comments captured on an open mic during a commercial break.

Remy called Lowell an “arrogant athlete,” and suggested Lowell go home after having thrown out the first pitch. Was Remy joking? Let us know what you think in the comments.


    Remy said it and it sure didn’t sound like he was joking. This after kissing Mike Lowell’s feet during an interview the night before.
    What a two face Remy is!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V2WEWXPUDVVBC66O7F3AJT4CQM RitaM

    Geez Remy show some class

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UW6A6ICPCDQJHJAK2I6BU663CU Bruce

    obviously you don’t watch Red Sox broadcasts, Remy was being a smart@ss. Everyone knows Mike Lowell is a class act. Remy was just being funny.

  • Loosebearing

    The night before during their interview Lowell poked fun of Remy and Orsello saying “…I wouldn’t want to become a broadcaster because it doesn’t pay enough.”

    Remy and Orsello spent the next night poking back throughout the game every time Lowell appeared on camera.

  • Gary

    Are those of you here saying he was not joking serious? You all have no freakin clue who Remy is if you think he was serious. Clean your ears out and listen to the whole thing again you hear Don laughing as Remy is talking because Remy probably has a smile from cheek to cheek as he is saying it.

  • Rich

    Wow, I like Rem, and Lowell, but it sure didn’t sound like a joke. I hope it was, otherwise I just lost quite a bit of respect for “RemDog”.

  • Bob

    he’s joking

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B7LHDXWJO7NUEQNLCNFXAYN6FA Regina

    I don’t think he’s joking at all. He felt insulted by Lowell’s comments about being a broadcaster and the pay cut, etc. That was an awkward exchange, and not the best move by Mike.

    I missed any of their poking back at him last night, but if they did that doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure Jerry doesn’t appreciate someone like Mike, who has made huge sums of money playing baseball, making that kind of comment-when he made relative chump change.

    I’m quite sure that a DVD of Jerry’s off air comments when the mic is supposed to be off would be quite revealing. He can be a bitter guy-it’s no secret.

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  • m

    all you people saying “duh i think he was serious” need to actually hear them talk and joke on a daily basis. this is how they joke all the time, especially w/ each other.

  • m

    start listening to them more often and you’ll know this is how they joke. orsillo laughs like a pig in heat while remy does the stern joking. check out loosebearing’s comment below

  • Sec1208

    Remy is as arrogrant as anyone ive ever seen , at least mike Lowell won us a world series

  • Really122

    A guy who’s played catch most of his life says he wouldn’t work an 8 hour day because it doesn’t pay enough. That IS arrogant!! Not to really shock everyone, but what we have here is two former spoiled, un-greatfull, pampered, arrogant athletes insulting each other. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. 

  • Jim

    REMY is an overated Announcer and was an Overrated Player, Lowell was the W.S. MVP Jerry What did you ever win?

  • Muchadoaboutnothing

    I think remy was talking about somebody else… Sounds to me like he was resuming a different conversation that was going on before the mike Lowell shot. Just my 2 cents.

  • Perrysplace2

    Orsillo always laughs at what Remy says.  His comments about Lowell weren’t funny, however.

  • Hermit Crab

    Remy was joking. Absolutely. No question.

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