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Video: Red Sox Fan Gets Grabby With Girlfriend, Sends Announcers Into Hysterics

David Ortiz & Kevin Youkilis had doubles in leading the Boston Red Sox to a 10-4 steamrolling of the Baltimore Orioles Thursday night, but it was a fan getting to second base that was the most memorable moment for viewers on Boston’s NESN as cameras focused on two couples to start the third inning.

At first, they looked just like announcers Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo described them – happy couples. Just relaxing, taking in a game, including one couple hand in hand. However, the man then exchanged holding his significant other’s hand for…something else. And that’s when the two announcers started laughing so hard they couldn’t even call the game. See what we mean:

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L72XWSJRI2RJ6MFA4LNT4PD244 mad man

    Too funny, Boston has some good announcers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4VX6JT6RSUK4QXSTX7DP7INUQY Southpaw

    Seriously?  Remy friggin sucks.  He can’t pronounce things without adding an R at the end, such as idear, Dustin Pedroiar, and Amicar Insurance.  First off, if I were the CEO of Amica Insurance, I would’ve pulled my ads from Sox games a long time ago because Remy can’t seem to have enough respect for the sponsors to learn to pronounce their names properly.  Orsillo is a friggin lump.  The guy says nothing worth listening to whenever he’s intelligible.  Then let’s touch on the fact that the two of them are clearly Boston fans.  They can’t call a game w/o being obviously biased towards the Sox.  Announcers are supposed to be objective.  You Boston fans kill me.  You just like things because they’re from Boston.  We could sell you a pile of steaming schit if it came from Boston.  That’s why you’ll sit there day after day settling for schitbag announcers like Orsillo and Remy.  Don’t try to make them out to be good announcers.  They’re complete morons.

  • guest

    Southpaw is an idiot.  Home team announcers are SUPPOSE to be for the “home team”.  Ever listen to the White Sox guys?  ”Good guys” every other word when it’s about Chicago.  You MUST be a Yankee fan.  And believe me, Michael Kay and the gang aren’t exactly “down the middle” types.  If it is an ESPN, Fox, etc broadcast, then yes, they should be objective.  NONE of the 30 teams in MLB have “down the middle” guys for their local broadcast.  NONE of them.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Agreed.  Home team announcers are just that, home team announcers.  Please forgive Remy for speaking like…..well a person from Boston.  Oh my god!!!  He has a Boston accent and he lives and works in and for the Boston red Sox.  When will the madness end!?

  • Jupuis

    If I watched this clip I also might “like” watching the clip of a father falling to his death while his son is there? How about this site and all others (and news programs that show him falling 4-5 times in a row) show some respect? Classless

  • Puller Lewis

    u mad bro?

  • Jupuis

    Hey “bro”, I like watching clips of people falling or getting drilled by a security guard while running on the field just like everyone else but, a poor guy losing their life??? Come on. 

  • YH

    ^^^Another Jankee fan.

  • http://twitter.com/ayopez Frank Pezzolla

    what does that have to do with coppin’ a feel?

  • Puller Lewis

    why you mad though?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4VX6JT6RSUK4QXSTX7DP7INUQY Southpaw

    Too funny….All you Boston fans are drunken hooligans.  I’m no Yankee fan either.  I just hate Boston sports fans.  I have nothing against the Red Sox.  It’s just too bad their fans are who they are.  A bunch of dunken imbeciles that fight like girls….

  • Anonymous

    He has a boston accent.. I’m sorry that you don’t like it.. I’m from Maine and have the deep maine accent and add “ah” on the end of words.. Its just who I am.. If you don’t like the Don and Jerry, put the game on mute and watch the game or listen to the game on radio while you watch.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Southpaw. Guess what? You’re a douche.

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