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Here Are 10 Of The Worst New NBA Uniforms You’ll See This Season

The NBA season is upon us, which means it’s time for an acid-tounged SportsGrid editor (me) to acid-tounge the hell out of this year’s crop of new uniforms. Ultimately it’s the basketball that counts, the men inside the uniforms. But sometimes you totally have to judge a book by its cover. And let me tell you, there are some pretty bad covers. We feel particularly bad for the Charlotte Bobcats, who can’t even look good while they suck.

Note: We’ve already gone over the fashion disaster that is Denver and San Antonio if you care for a closer, more acid-tounged look.

  • Ben

    i think the nuggets and thunders are kinda cool actually

  • http://www.facebook.com/DerekBigNTastyWolnik Derek HivamatGuru Wolnik-Hockm

    might be better if they spelled thunder right

  • Shourjo

    This whole article is akin to WAAAAAH WHY SO DIFFERENT!!??

  • Aaron Schain

    this article fcking sucks

  • Carolyn

    I am wondering how they can get these young men to wear such uncomfortable looking and unattractive uniforms. I used to wear similar outfits growing up as a young woman and they were called divided skirts and the undergarments were called girdles! Do they have to pay them more money to wear such awful uniforms? I would hope they would not wear them without protesting at least!!

  • Carolyn

    Oh, and did I mention we wore them with high heels.

  • NoNameIncluded

    clippers, knicks and nuggets are pretty good for my taste.. :)

  • WhyDoYouCare

    It says thudner and not thunder on the jereseys, lol…

  • Cooper

    Whoever wrote this has clinical down-sydrome because all of these jerseys are tight except for the thunders

  • Andy

    portland and sacremento ones are actually good

  • No.


  • Brian Newell

    The new Thunder jerseys are a ripoff of the original Blazers jerseys.

  • Anonymous

    never write an article ever again. thanks

  • John

    The Clippers Uniforms are great. The off center numbers are in style of the dodgers. The Bobcats look a helluva lot better than last year. The Cavs have greatly improved their uniforms, and yellow and maroon is a classic combination (um, USC?) The Thunder is just going for a never done before look and I think it looks pretty good. The Blazers uniform looks perfectly fine, and the Knick’s is barely any different than usual. The Nuggets uniform is a little flashy, but cool at the same time. I will give you that the Kings and Spurs alternates look horrible but this article is horrible

  • Not Denzel

    The Spurs jerseys are ugly. Otherwise you are hating on some pretty cool jerseys. If you actually think these jerseys look as bad as they do, then maybe you need to pay closer attention to what you’re wearing to work everyday.

  • gordon

    very bad judgement

  • Max Keeble

    Why df is james harden on the thunder bench?

  • brobertson

    pathetic article. these are majority of the new uniforms released this year. what a fucking hater.

  • Anonymous

    Why did the Cavs/Nuggets ditch their cool uniforms for their new ones? They had one of the best jerseys in the NBA. Garbage.

    Bobcats/Blazers are actually cool looking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomaz.cottabadaro Thomaz Cotta Badaró

    whoever did this has the worst taste on earth… jesus christs…

  • Dear Oh Dear.

    Why can’t you spell tongue? It’s not a typo. You’ve erred in two separate instances.

  • joey

    I really like most of these.

  • jimmy3025

    this article is a joke. if you all want a more informative and better breakdown of sports uniforms here’s an entire website that is dedicated to it.


  • Whirlwound

    Excellent spot, Del!

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