Allen Iverson And The New York Times Dissect The Moment He Crossed Up Michael Jordan

  • Mohammed Rahman

Remember that amazing moment on March 12th, 1997, when a young Allen Iverson crossed over arguably the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan? Years later, it’s still one of the better non-playoff NBA highlights you’ll ever see. But how did it happen? How did Jordan, nine-time all defensive first teamer, end up on the other end of a highlight?

In a New York Times piece chronicling the history of the crossover, Iverson, naturally, was a crucial interview. The conversation quickly turned to that famous crossover of MJ, a moment which Iverson himself admits he spent a lot of time visualizing in his pre-Association days. Fast forward the following video to the 1:59 mark.

There are so many great things about this video, chiefly: Phil Jackson imploring Jordan to check Iverson, and Iverson himself being amazed that, even after giving Jordan his best move, the GOAT still almost blocked his shot.

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