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NBAThey Said What?

Can The Anonymous Person Who Wrote An Article About An OKC Cheerleader Being “Too Chunky” Step Forward, Please? [Update]

Yesterday, an article was posted to the CBS Houston radio website without a byline. Why would someone pass up the chance for their name to appear in (digital) print? Maybe because this person knows that he/she is a troll and is simply spewing the first dumb thing that popped into his/her head, with little regard for its implications.

I’d rather not even go into the details of this article, for fear that posting the words again will give them power. But I’ll recap: this anonymous person brought up allegations against an OKC cheerleader named Kelsey, which criticized her for “pudginess.” They also put “too chunky” in quotes, as if someone in real life had actually said it, without citing sources. Who said that? Was it someone around the CBS Houston offices? The author’s personal blog? Their mother?

The author continues by stating their own personal preference, including: “I wish she had a little more up on top, if you know what I mean…”

I can say with full confidence that I have no idea what you mean. Bigger boobs? A bigger brain? More hair? Yes — it’s a shame she isn’t smart enough to be, say, an anonymous “reporter” troll. Some of us are born unlucky, I suppose.

This person caps their performance with a disclaimer:

We think she’s beautiful. What do you think?

I see. So you’re not saying she’s ugly, or fat, or not good enough to be a cheerleader. You’re saying somebody else is saying that, and you’re just reporting the facts. Well, thank you for this thorough investigation, anonymous person. We appreciate you bringing this up. Surely, no young women will read these musings and doubt their own self-image. That’s not a problem we have in this day and age.

In closing: If you’re going to say stupid, inflammatory, baseless, degrading and cruel things that have far-reaching consequences, at least put your name on it. That’s what we do.

You can read the whole “article” here, if you’d like. It’s short, mercifully. [UPDATE: That link is dead and now redirects to the homepage. Guess somebody got wise to it. The Lost Ogle has a screenshot of the original, along with the author's true identity. But do the world a favor and don't follow her on Twitter -- that's exactly what she wants.]

[Busted Coverage]

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  • NC

    There are some pathetic people out there…..I’m pretty sure that this woman is WAY out of the anonymous author’s league……Thank heavens she doesn’t look bulimic, etc. —BUT there are other “sports” related things that are truly pathetic, also –(i.e. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, for instance)….Not sure what sport these women represent?

  • Big Mook

    She’s beautiful. If most guys were being honest, they’d say they prefer a woman with a more “normal” body instead of the ripped, body builder type cheerleaders that have become the norm.

  • Kryptoniteking

    The article had the name Claire Crawford as author of the article before it was removed.

  • Eric Goldschein

    When I first saw the article, it appeared without that byline. But thanks for the heads up, that’s been added to the post.

  • http://twitter.com/Danielle_Ari Danielle Davis

    Ugh it’s bad enough that an article like this exists, but the fact that it was written by a female is even worse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leanne.m.doyle.5 Leanne Meadows Doyle Andrews

    Yeah, this was stooping to middle school level. I think they should make a public apology.

  • Petey_Bird

    I used to work there. Look know farther than their Director of Digital Content, Anna-Megan Raley.

  • http://www.facebook.com/philinzinga Phil Inzinga

    Here is the PM conversation I had with Director of Digital Content, Anna-Megan Raley https://www.facebook.com/philinzinga/posts/10201017285819226?notif_t=like

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005334631319 Kate Smith

    Kelsey is gorgeous! The bloggers real name is Anna-Megan Raley … Her pseudonym is Claire Crawford.. google her real name! Lol

  • Fernando Azcons

    FYI the author is a WOMAN.

    Please pause before you comment.

  • Astonished

    I think Kelsey is georgeous. This hating reporter is obviously out of touch with what “Real Men” like in women. As a man, I am astonished at the way one woman treats another. Perhaps the author is or has been scarred by someone with similar attitudes in her past. Still, NO EXCUSE for this ugliness.
    i was very impressed with the graceful response Kelsey has given. This is the proof of a “REAL WOMAN” any man would want & be lucky to associate with. Kudos Kelsey!!!!

  • Nelson

    People are not allowed to have opinions now?

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