Carmelo Anthony’s Noche Latina Commercial Displays His Rhythmic Dribbling Ability, This Face

  • Jake O'Donnell

With the “Ene-Be-A” season almost “terminado,” the half-Puerto Rican Knicks star is probably wishing he was on an island somewhere instead of in New York right now (also an island, coincidentally). That’s because the Knicks are one of the three worst teams in the league — with no playoff hopes and even fewer prospects for improvement (no cap-space, 2014 first round draft pick was traded to Denver for you-know-who). But before he inevitably walks this offseason for greener, more star-studded pastures, let’s make fun of this promo, which is a few Big Macs and a fedora shy of an early 2000s McDonald’s commercial.

Or a Dave Chapelle sketch. Oh, and this face…

Hey, at least we know he won’t be going to L.A. to start an acting career. Here are the modified uniforms that six select teams will be wearing during NBA’s upcoming “Noche Latina” games…

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