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Is This Chris Bosh Flop The Most Egregious Flop Of The Season?

Thanks to new rules that fine NBA players after their second flopping offense, the art of faking fouls has certainly taken a hit down this season, but it is definitely not dead. Take, for instance, Chris Bosh.

You don’t get a great look of how painstakingly awful Bosh’s flop was until the last few seconds of the video, but make no mistake, it was pathetic. Reggie Evans makes little-to-no contact near Bosh’s midsection, and for some reason, Chris is compelled to flick his head back.

This is just silly.

[Getty Images]

  • Miguel Bordalo

    It’s not true. At the end, right about the time Bosh releases the shot, Reggie makes the contact. It’s a foul and no flop.

  • John

    You are dumb

  • Winz305

    Lol… Your a joke dude. You have the most enormous flopper on your team in Reggie Evans (i can tell your a huge Nets fan judt by this article) but you put up a video of Bosh getting fouled on a jump shot? Just for the record , Bosh did get hit by that dirty player Reggie Evans. Why didn’t you put up the video of Evans almost falling on his backside while trying to set a pick on Mario Chalmers. He looked like he got shot by a .50 cal with the way he was acting, or should I say “flopping”. Know what your talking about before you write a BS article like this again. It makes you look very naive.

  • DMadd

    Wow, that was terrible! I guess all of the posts below me had Chris’s pants in they’re mouths…clearly a flop.

  • rockersdash

    This is what every superstar in the league does, agreed not a lot of contact was here but Rose, Durant, Cp3 and Blake have all done this.

  • Jaime

    worst flop of the season hands down

  • Miguel Bordalo

    I think i’m going to cry… without floping – just like Bosh.


    No u are…bosh got hit prior to jumping at the elbow…he exagerated it but was clearly a foul.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.bravo.94 James Bravo

    It’s probably a better idea to focus on that 20 pt defeat then what Chris Bosh is doing. Just saying.

  • illz

    Its a bad flop guys, stop making excuses for other shit.

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