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David Stern: Dennis Rodman May Have Been ‘Blinded By A Flash Of North Korean Money’

NBA Commissioner David Stern weighed in on Dennis Rodman’s most recent junket to North Korea, and spoke like a man who knows the former Bulls’ forward all too well. Speaking earlier today to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Stern said that Rodman’s frequent trips to the rogue nation may be less aimed at diplomacy and friendship and more toward monetary concerns.

“Dennis will be Dennis,” the retiring commissioner said of Rodman’s now fourth visit overseas to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday. “But I think there’s a lot at stake here in terms of a country that has — a very dangerous country.

“This one I believe was a little bit blinded by a flash of North Korean money,” Stern said of the former Bulls’ forward.

And, be careful when trying to spend that money at your local strip club back in the states.

Stern further warned that whatever money Rodman may have been given by the young leader to visit the impoverished country could be counterfeit with the country being “the leader in producing counterfeit money.”

Earlier today Rodman became a bit unhinged, spewing near-incomprehensible rhetoric in a satellite interview with CNN from North Korea, where he was seated with five former NBA players prior to Wednesday’s exhibition basketball game there. Details here.

“Dennis had a meltdown,” Stern said of the earlier CNN interview.“They need food. They’re the most malnourished country that we don’t do business with,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain took to “Piers Morgan Live” to say of Rodman: “I think he’s an idiot. I think he’s a person of not great intellect who doesn’t understand that he really does provide propaganda for this very brutal, ruthless young man. … This isn’t a child’s game.”

Video here.

And so we see Rodman providing a dual purpose: Propaganda for the North Korean government, and pretty much the same back here in the states. Blasting Dennis Rodman has become out new National Pastime: something we can all agree with. So get ready for every politician and celebrity who would benefit from a little TV air time to jump on the bandwagon.

Why Rodman’s trip wasn’t conceived as a reality series is beyond me. He may be an idiot, but somehow we can’t turn away.

  • Anonymous

    Dumbass. Getting kicked out of Mark Cuban’s pool-house for being a lazy bum was funny. This is just pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    No sheeyat, Sherlock. What does this fool do for money these days? Anything and everything (just as long as it doesn’t involve work)

  • mezeus

    Wasn’t he ‘screwing’ Modana a few years ago? Doesn’t say much for here choices in men does it…
    Rings in his lips, tongue, eyebrows nose etc. and he enjoys wearing women’s cloths and underwear!!!!
    This person is in serious need of psychiatric help. Dr. Phil please call Dennis…

  • Jerry Baustian

    Since Dennis Rodman has no credibility, political or otherwise, Kim Jong Un is not getting very much for his money. On the other hand, Rodman has nothing to lose — he’s getting publicity and money, which are two of his very favorite things. (He’s probably not sleeping alone in his luxurious Pyongyang hotel room.)

  • Anonymous

    *Madonna, *her, *clothes

  • opecbull

    Him and Donald Trump !! it’s a shame that the media keeps putting a microphone in front of them and then calling it news ….. Both are MUTTS !!

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