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Dirk Nowitzki Marries Kenyan Wife In Traditional African Ceremony, And The Wedding Photos Are Spectacular

If you could pick one NBA superstar to have a traditional African wedding, it would be Dirk Nowitzki, right? He’s 7-feet tall, so he stands out as it is. But when you throw in the fact that he’s a blonde-haired white guy who also happens to be 7-feet tall, and is also generally pretty awkward, and, by God, you’ve got a recipe for some fantastic traditional African wedding photos.

According to Newstime Africa, which has a quote from Dirk himself, the Benevolent German Giant wed half-Swedish, half-Kenyan girlfriend Jessica Olsson (who, as you may recall, became a bit of an internet star when she showed up on Dirk’s arm at the 2011 ESPYs) in a traditional Kikuyu ceremony.

We’re happy, because we get to see Dirk in traditional African garb. More importantly: Dirk’s happy. Most importantly: the bride’s happy. Photos, here.

Photos via

  • Ben Tyson

    Husband chameleon!

  • juan


  • Dcarruthers

    Damn she is sexy as hell.. go ahead dirk.

  • Anonymous

    So black players marry white chicks and white players marry black girls, do white women have the same outrage with that, like blk girls seem to have with black guys going white?

    She is smoking, well done Dirk Diggler, well done Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder your one of my favs: GER, Sweet Game, Gave Heat some humility &  Smoking Hot Wife.

  • Guest

    @Roboshow. I wonder too. Im a black girl and I really dont understand why a lot of black women get offended by it. But I guess its because I’m english and a lot of our black sports stars marry white women so I’m used to it. BUt congrats to Dirk, he is a lucky man.

  • Amer Syed

    Dirk seems like a genuinely nice guy.  I’m glad he got his title and now his wife.  Good luck to them both.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWCYRW5EE45XTNS2JPEKXUU26Y Tank

     go jump into a lake somewhere with your trolling @$$

  • Anonymous

    There is a lake nearbye, maybe I will go for a dip, thanks.

    Troll, oh no, next make a comment about me living in ma’s basement. Not sure what about my comment offended you, but play on playa, go start a comment fight somewhere.

  • corri anderson

    Great to see, not only inter-racial marriage, but embracing other cultures.  Makes the world a better place.

  • Justinblake

    she’s a sambo!

  • Smiller2

    Love is love it doesnt matter what your nationality is, thats whats wrong with people just love someone and be happy your loved….

  • R Smith_sr

    Point blank,congrats and may God bless you both

  • Dr.FeelGood

    It could be partly statistics? 39% of black women in america are obese and 80% are overweight. That’s 10% more obese than Hispanic women and 17% more than white women. That being said, there’s a much smaller percentage of fit athletic trophy wives usually suitable for big time athletes. Not saying that looks are everything, but in the media, image means a lot to the people. If he had married anyone fat with less than Adele status, Dirk would get a lot of crap for it… despite how shallow that sounds, you know it’s the truth. America has a huge growing obesity problem going on. Those statistics I listed above were from 2006-2008. I’m sure it’s grown even higher since then. 

  • Anonymous

    this is disgusting. fuck dirk, shes not even attractive. you embarass your german ancestors. rassenschande.

  • moonoi

    you’re a piece of shit – you are a rassenschande yourself.

  • moonoi

    iblewbubblesinthebathtub – i am a white arian! and you are a lo-so motherfucker.i am married to french african woman and she is brighter . more talentent and more BEAUTIFUL than any woman i met before and YES she has a muslim father and a jewish mother and i enyoy every second with her. and i hope she is doing the same with me, she’s a high class babe from Paris, and i am just a farmer boy from northern germany and im proud she picked me. she’s pretty smart, she has the SS now as her bodyguard, (her mother wasn’t that happy to be honest. BUT, you leave a rassist remark on her and you won’t do any bubbles no more – got it scum!

  • monoi

    was quatscht du von deutschen genen, du penner. die deutschen sind mischvolk seit tausenden von jahren, ev das ist das ja ihr erfolgsgeheimnis. ein arschloch doofer als das andere!

  • bertram cooper

    may God’s wrath be upon you if it be His will…YOU are what’s wrong with the world.
    In the Name of Jesus…

  • Anonymous

    are you 7ucking retarded? this is straight up bestiality, sh1ts enough to make a man want to vomit.

  • Anonymous

    seeing this has made me lose total respect for dirk. he embarrasses his German ancestors by marrying such sub-human filth. Rassenschande.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for voicing the real conservative opinion.

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful. And he’s nice looking too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/towanda.savage.5 Towanda Savage

    And now a baby on the way how blessed she is among women. The comfort level has to be through the roof and over the top Peace.

  • omay

    Robo, I don’t believe there is more outrage among black women than white women — certainly not from me or other black women that I know. People need to be free to choose their loved ones. Perhaps those black male/white female couples would like for the black woman to feel rejected, jealous and humiliated, but we are not.

    I was married to a Black man for 23 years and then I married a white man in 1974 and we were together till he passed away in 2009. Neither of my husbands were athletes.

  • Nene

    Sooo are you a first cousin of Adolf Hitler, or would that be a second cousin?

  • Nene

    Sooo are you a first cousin of Adolf Hitler, or would that be a second cousin?

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