Doc Rivers Becomes First Coach In NBA History To Lose Multiple Series After Leading 3-1

  • Rick Chandler

So the Rockets beat the Clippers today in Houston 113-100, coming back from a 3-1 deficit and collecting their prize — a Western Conference Finals berth vs. the Golden State Warriors. Game 1 is Tuesday in Oakland.

Today’s matchup was the 30th time in NBA history that a team down 3-1 has forced a Game 7. Only eight of those have gone on to win it — and these Rockets now make that nine.

Let’s board the Wayback Machine to 2003, when Rivers coached Orlando. The Magic led the Pistons 3-1 before losing three straight by a combined 61 points, all double-digit losses. So this makes Rivers the first coach in NBA history to lose multiple 3-1 series leads.

Interesting move by the Clippers within the last two minutes — Chris Paul climbed Dwight Howard’s back on a Clippers’ free throw attempt, stopping the clock and sending Howard to the line for two shots. Howard missed both AND LA got the ball back. ABC’s Jeff Van Gundy called it before it happened, by the way.

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