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Heat Release Statement On Dwyane Wade’s Suspension In Apparent Attempt To Make Everyone Hate Them

So you know Dwyane Wade kicked a guy in the groin, and you know he got suspended for it. Perhaps you were pleasantly surprised by this message sent from the NBA that even a superstar can’t get away with a groin kick. Or perhaps you were unpleasantly surprised with the league’s decision, as the Heat franchise seems to have been. And they weren’t going to rest until we all knew it. They released a statement on the matter, which reads:

“While we accept the decision of the NBA regarding Dwyane Wade, we do not agree with it. In his 10 years in the league, Dwyane has never been suspended, and has been an exemplary player and positive influence to his teammates and fans and we have been honored to have him as part of the Miami Heat family.

Unfortunately, he is the type of player, along with other players on our roster, that defenses take privileges with. We stand with Dwyane and support him in this situation and have made our feelings known to the league office.”

No one would expect the Heat to come out and say they agreed with the NBA suspending one of their best players. But it was they did it – specifically the “privileges” line – that got some people real riled up. A sampling of the reaction:

As for the guy whose original tweet led many to find out about the statement, Brian Windhorst…

You get the idea. It’s like the Heat thought to themselves: “Hmm, people don’t seem to have as much fun hating us now that we won a title and LeBron’s less easy to rag on. We miss being the butt of everyone’s jokes. How can we get that feeling back?” Well, bingo. And we at SportsGrid fully support this kind of everyone-trolling by the Heat. Twitter is never more fun to follow than when large masses of people are all making fun of a deserving target at once, and the Heat’s statement gave us exactly that.

Hey, we enjoyed LeBron shutting doubters up as much as anyone, but sports needs villains to be at its most compelling. As long as the Heat don’t get too obvious with their trolling (releasing a statement protesting LeBron getting called for a foul when his foul-less streak ended would have crossed that line, we think), they’ll be a fun one.

  • corri anderson

    I was wrong, thought he’d get away with it. Good for the NBA.

  • Anonymous

    The Heat are now like Republicans–allergic to facts.

  • Anonymous

    You mean democrats; As in the LAWS don’t APPLY to THEM.And yes there are some bad republicans(McLAME,Grahm,Snow,)But even they are better than Pelosi,Reid,Sheila Jackson Lee,Hell you guys voted in 2 KNOWN CONVICTED FELONS(IL)

  • Ping

    Wade seems to think that he is the superstar and should be above any rules by kicking someone’s groin. Is kicking someone’s groin a lower-class, street-gangster’s act ? If NBA can ignore it and tolerate it, no civilized citizen would like to watch any NBA games any more and NBA games should be rated R like the movies for our children. We congratulate NBA to be fair and just. All civilized fans would condemn Heat management for their official statement to cover up the ugly mistakes by their players.

  • Ping

    NBA Championship of the Heat means nothing with such ugly act by Wade ! Our parents and teachers should advise our kids not to watch games by Heat if such ugly act can be supported by the Heat management !

  • Ping

    Is that bullying by the superstar of the Heat ? Should our kids learn from it ?

  • Educator

    Wade owes an apology to our young kids who admire him as a NBA superstar !

  • Fuck you

    Shut the fuck up, seriously

  • Jack Nickolson

    Should have gotten suspended for breaking Kobe’s nose in All star game…Really?! All star game?! Really?!

  • Skip55

    Did you feel the same way about OKC when Perkins kicked Wade in the head (on purpose) and the NBA did nothing?

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