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J.B. Smoove’s New Show Gave Us This Amazing Story Of How Converse Got Larry Johnson To Put On The Dress And Become Grandmama

If you didn’t know comedian J.B. Smoove had a new show on the Madison Square Garden Network, we don’t blame you — it only came to our attention in a fit of afternoon channel surfing. But “J.B. Smoove: Four Courses” features an eclectic lineup of personalities (Judah Friedlander, Black Thought, John Salley, Larry Johnson) sitting around an ornate dinner table talking shit, and we can dig that.

No idea if this show will have staying power, but it’s already provided one golden Larry Johnson back story that we’d never heard before. It’s about how Johnson became the Converse Grandmama — basically the ’90s equivalent of Uncle Drew.

Apparently, Nike didn’t want to sign Johnson coming out of UNLV because they weren’t convinced he’d be a star. So the number one overall pick and 1992 Rookie of the Year headed to Converse to work with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird on a commercial that never ended up getting made… and the rest is history.

Check it out:

By the way, for all you youngbloods who have no idea who Grandmama is (though Tyler Perry sure does), here’s what we’re talking about:

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