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Jalen Rose Makes His Case In Defense Of J.R. Smith And The NBA Clubbing Culture (VIDEO)

Are athletes people? Can they party just like the rest of us do after work? As Jalen Rose says, “They didn’t make happy hour for athletes,” suggesting that their schedules often leave them with no other option but to hit up clubs. It’s an interesting point. One that Jalen, who considers himself a social butterfly of sorts, believes is justifiable if not for any other reason than it’s just part of a some guys rituals after they get out of work later than everybody else.

Fine, but that doesn’t account for J.R. chugging bottles of thousand dollar champagne the night before a game.

We understand that some guys have to wind down with some drinking. And going out to socialize and listen to music and meet women is obviously all good. It’s probably why they work so hard to be pros in the first place. But why can’t they just do it in their multi-million dollar apartments/mansions? Just keep it out of the newspapers for Christ’s sake. Stop rubbing it in my face that you aren’t doing your homework before the big exam.

Additionally, a problem with his argument is that he simply doesn’t recognize the fallout from such habits as unacceptable. Volatile relationships, inflated egos, legal issues, hangovers, media attention, distractions, mood swings — no matter how much you justify the life style as a product of scheduling, you can’t justify the baggage it brings. Sure, being a pirate might mean you have to drink rum because it’s the only thing on the boat, but that doesn’t justify shooting your first mate with a cannonball because you were drunk.

There’ll be plenty of time to get fucked up in the offseason, just don’t do it on Instagram when we’re shelling out $500 for a ticket to come see you perform at your peak the next day. What do you think? Tweet your thoughts to @SportsyDad.

H/T Grantland

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-King/100001168724352 Ken King

    Rose may be right, but his ‘Happy Hour’ metaphor cuts both ways. If the average schmo had a meeting at 7:00 in the morning, that decided whether his branch would be open or closed, he probably would not be out at Happy Hour until 7 p.m., chugging from a cognac bottle.

    Hoops players know the calendar when they arrive. In fact, many of them know the NBA calendar while AAU coaches are arranging hookers for them in 9th grade. Every player gets a 90 day vacation in July, August and September. More than half get a vacation in June as well. Some even get to add the entirety of may and make it a 5 month vacation. During the regular season, there are plenty of ‘travel days’ where the entourage can go out and party. Heck, even during the playoffs the TV schedules mandate 3, 4 sometimes 5 days between games. And JR can’t pick one that is not the day before a game to try to hit on Rihanna?

  • CCBanks

    Jalen Rose is a black liberal idiot who is always measuring the “blackness” of a person by their degree of cultural stupidity. He is an ally of Rob Parker the IDIOT who didn’t think that RGlll was “black enough”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jameshazley J Oliver Hazley

    I totally agree with you. The only thing good about Rose off the court is his cool bow ties. But he is one of the loudest cultural examples of the backward attitudes that keep our race far behind all the other immigrants in this country. Why he never accepts responsibility for this is curious.

  • Maurice

    U need help. Idiot CCBanks!

  • Maurice

    No one is keeping you behind but people like you u who try to create a stereotype of how people should be. Stop (race)ing and get into the “walk of life”. Try that.

  • TCorpses

    Yeah…way to stay current Maurice! This shit was like a year ago man. I have plenty of other disagreeable comments from the early 2000′s you can straight feast on!

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