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Jason Terry Slams Matt Barnes: He’s “Soft As Toilet Paper”

Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry got into a little shoving match with the Los Angeles LakersSteve Blake and Matt Barnes. Barnes took things up a notch when he threw L.A. assistant coach Terry Stotts into the bench and was the first of the three ejected from the game.

Today, Terry went on Colin Cowherd‘s ESPN Radio show to discuss the incident, and when asked “Do you think Matt Barnes of the Lakers is the first tough guy they’ve had in years?” he responded by calling Barnes “The Charminator.”

“That is a guy who is as soft as Charmin toilet paper,” Terry said.

Here’s audio of Terry’s comments, via ESPN Radio.

TNT’s Chris Webber doesn’t necessarily agree. He thinks Terry’s Mavericks teammates are the soft ones, saying Dirk Nowitzki and Brendan Haywood “deserve to be fined” for not getting in on the fight.

Meanwhile, to allege the Lakers had no tough guys before Barnes is a little ridiculous, considering they happen to have had Ron Artest—a guy who has been in quite a few scuffles including that one time he ran into the stands to hit a fan—since 2009. This point was not lost on Terry.

“Barnes is a good player, don’t get me wrong,” he said. “He does a great job in his role and he’s trying to assume a role of tough guy for them. But Ron Artest is that guy for them and he’s the reason they won that championship last year, not Matt Barnes.

As TNT analyst Reggie Miller pointed out during the game last night, if the playoffs were to start today, and L.A. and Dallas won their first-round matchups, they would meet in the second round. So, it should be interesting to see how this plays out come playoff time.

[via Chris Manning]

  • Stave

    Lakers and Lakers Fans have NO CLASS

  • Cindys413

    Jealousy is SO ugly! Don’t hate on others because your team can’t get the job done so they resort to pushing people down like kids in a school yard! When you have CHAMPIONSHIPS to speak of then you can call Lakers and Laker fans out! For now STFU and try to control the EXTREME ENVY AND JEALOUSY YOU HAVE FOR THE LAKERS AND LAKER FANS!

  • La La Land

    Go L A, we are tuff guys and everyone should take note, we are no push over.

  • http://twitter.com/cocopuffz Francis Bawasanta

    Pshh. Must suck being a Dallas Mavs fan. Knowing no matter how well your season goes, your team will always choke in the playoffs. I think the punk move by Terry was just frustration bubbling up. He mentioned earlier in the season that the Lakers weren’t gonna catch the Mavs in the standings. Not only have they passed them, they’ve won the tie breaker and will be the Western Conference champs again. Lakers have home court if they meet up. Jason “I’m pretty good for a bench player” Terry needs to shut the hell up, remove a few of the 11 layers of his knew high socks (What is this? 2004?) and play ball.

    Stave said “Laker fans have no class”

    Have no reason to buy the NBA TV package beyond the 1st round.
    Have signs that read “Danger! Choking hazzard” on their playoff tickets

  • LaLa Land

    Love my Lakers. I support you Cindys413.

  • massews

    You’re just mad your team sucks ass

  • Anonymous

    I hope Barnes gets in a real fight. He does have a history of assaulting people that are smaller than him though…

  • Asummers

    I would like to see Matt Barnes and Caron Butler fight! Butler got into a fight with a gangmeber, and was in jail.

  • Fyrfyghter

    and you say such an inane statement why?

  • Fyrfyghter

    The Lakers are the class of the league. They have the second most championships behind the Celtics, and way more than them in the last 40 years.

    Most players in the league would love to play for the Lakers precisely because is a class organization.

    You must be sucking on sour grapes.

  • Anonymous


  • Bradkessler

    Yeah, it really sucks being a Mavs fan. I was looking forward to a great series with LA until you guys opened up a big can of SUCK and ruined it for NBA fans everywhere. Good luck next year – maybe a coach who actually gives a crap will make a difference.

  • Andrewsummers1988

    That’s why that are the world champs, so stop hatin!

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