JaVale McGee Sums Up The Afternoon By Missing Easy Put Back And Cursing Loudly

  • Eric Goldschein

When JaVale McGee messes up in the regular season, it’s cheeky and fun. When he messes up in the playoffs, it’s rough. He’s not alone today — the Nuggets were outplayed in every facet of the game by the Lakers. But this blown tip-in by McGee, followed by him screaming “Fuck!” as loudly as possible, is pretty much the game in a nutshell.

Whether they were getting swatted at the rim, missing open lay-ups, or taking ill-advised threes that lead to easy fastbreak points, the Nuggets looked basically inept against the massive L.A. front line. Even when they had a clean look at the basket, from six inches away, for points they desperately needed, they couldn’t finish. Exhibit A — McGee, below:

“Fuck,” indeed. And though those two points would have made little impact in the overall game, it certainly didn’t help.

By the way, ESPN was a little lackluster with the sound delays at the Staples Center today. That wasn’t the first time a curse word managed to slip through. See if you can hear what Kobe Bryant has to say about missing a free throw earlier:

And that’s the difference between Kobe and JaVale: Kobe cursing, even in the playoffs, still cheeky and fun, because he’s Kobe. JaVale just looks like he sucks at basketball and is mad about it.

Videos by CJ Fogler

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