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Joey Crawford Is Refereeing Tonight. The Heat Already Won. There Will Be A Game 7. The NBA Is Rigged.

Two weeks ago, I posed a question: Is the NBA rigged? The answer was inconclusive. Now, it’s not. I’m exaggerating, except that I’m not. We are at Game 6 in the NBA Finals. The two remaining things that David Stern can do to impact the bottom line are: 1) force Game 7, because TV ratings! and 2) have the Miami Heat win the title because merchandise and stuff! Cool. But us educated NBA fans know this, so Stern would have the respect to refrain from rigging, right? Or at least do it discreetly? No.

Tonight’s referee is Joe Crawford. Joey Crawford. Stern’s henchman. The worst referee of them all. Tonight’s game is already decided. The Miami Heat have defeated the San Antonio Spurs to force a Game 7, by a score of Joey Crawford to Joey Crawford. Joey Crawford was named the player of the game. At the postgame press conference, Joey Crawford said:

I wanna give a shout-out to Joey Crawford: he did a great job out there. Joey Crawford was shooting the lights out of the ball, fighting through screens, all of that. And you can’t forget Joey Crawford, running the point like he’s freaking Joey Crawford or something! And without Joey Crawford coming off the bench, we would have lost by 30. Coach Joey Crawford made all the right adjustments and had us fired up from the opening tip. And that ref is goddamn good-looking, too.

Eat mongoose shit, David Stern.

Note: I suppose there is a slight possibility the Spurs win. If they do, tweet at me and call me stupid.

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  • Lasner

    mongoose shit? LOLOL

  • Jane

    Truer words were never spoken. The NBA is rigged. What was once a game won by the most talented team is now won by the team that has the greatest potential to boost the leagues revenues. The fix is in and the fans won’t be getting what they paid to see, an honest game of basketball. Stern will continue to manipulate who wins or loses with the help of his henchmen in striped shirts. Tim Donaghy tried to tell us all what really goes on in the NBA but apparently the right people weren’t listening. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  • Dan

    Do you really like that Jane? I mean, really?

    Memphis, Indiana and San Antonio (small market teams) made the conference finals. I didn’t see New York, Chicago or LA anywhere.

    If you really do, I feel bad for you. Just stop.

  • Lee Harvey

    I never believed the NBA was fixed until Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and Kings. One of the biggest sports travesties of all time.

  • Martin Brice

    don’t be so hasty there. Crawford has had well-documented crazy-ass
    incidents with both of these teams. Ejecting Duncan for smiling, and two
    years in a row fouling Lebron James out of ECF games on horrendous
    offensive fouls (including a few weeks ago). Plus, Tim Donaghy mentioned
    several incidents where Crawford’s hatred of the Heat meant he knew he
    and his associates could safely bet against the Heat. Mickey Arison
    actually tried to have him fired, and Crawford always relishes fucking

  • Anonymous

    he was the ref in Game 6 of the Rd1 Clips/MemFOULS series. MemFOULS shot 31 FTs in the 1st HALF!! the NBA totally rigged that series after they saw their beloved MemFOULS couldn’t beat the LAC unless the Refs called 2x as many fouls on LA.

  • Jack Burton

    Yeah the Heat will win. Crawford is really corrupt. People who are as immoral as Crawford don’t change. Just like Stern doesn’t. Stern will help out his Jewish buddies in Miami once again.

  • Quinn

    San Antonio is a small market team. Really Dan? Are they??

    4 of the 5 of their starters are international sensations that are beloved by the citizens overseas. David Stern’s mission for more revenue has always been to globalize the NBA. While San Antonio is “small market” in the US, they are HUGE internationally. This was planned and bought and paid for by David Stern and his minions.

  • JD

    you called it, nice work man. You knew, as we all do. THE NBA IS RIGGED

  • Numbnut

    Actually you are stupid. A ref can under some circumstances throw a
    game, and people who love to see conspiracies may buy it, but almost
    certainly both the Heat and the Spurs (at least the major players) would
    have to be in on it (quite a claim with no evidence.) That’s because
    the Heat go on runs while the Spurs start missing shots (or maybe just
    better defense on Heat’s part) or vice versa. One ref just won’t do it,
    except for those numbnuts who see conspiracy everywhere. Now if you can
    get a recording of a phone call from the Commissioner to either coach,
    asking them to lie down, then you have something. Until then you’re just
    full of hot air.

  • Numbnut

    I will add refs won’t do it under MOST circumstances, maybe every now and then if you can find certain key plays that were paramount to winning the game that the ref made a bad call the other way. But I seriously doubt it.

  • the future kid

    Yup your right.

  • ceebs

    yeah nba fucking rigged

  • NBAisFakeandGay

    Just finished watching game 6, it’s official the NBA is completely fixed. I will watch game 7, I know the Heat will win but there’s still part of me that hope San Antonio wins. After I watch game 7 on Thursday I vow to never watch another NBA game again….

  • Coral777

    the heat will beat the spurs in game 7 just watch

  • whatever

    cant believe Stern needed to get to game 7, but there were two calls in the last 10 seconds against the spurs (rather 2 no calls). lifelong spurs fan signing off for ever…

  • whatever

    of course, that’s a given – the heat was pre-destined to the title

  • JoeCrawfordcanEatShit

    The end of game 6 tonight was sickening. SA should’ve made their FTs and kept it from going to OT and giving Crawford a chance to royally fuck them, but they didn’t, and they seriously got the dick – those no calls at the end made me physically ill.


    nba is a bs piece of crap. Mano drives the lane his arms get ripped apart yet no call by the refs. Illuminati JayZ does their video. Would you expect anything but bs. Rigged bs worse then the WWE. JOEY CRAWFORD IS A PIECE OF CRAP.

  • Nomer


  • Fluky

    Why would that want La too lose La would bring in more mobey them Memphis

  • Trystan Wellman

    You. Were. Right. Spurs would have won it if they had called a freakin foul against Miami when they OBVIOUSLY fouled Ginnobli at the end of the game. I never believed in tampering until tonight. That was the most obvious thing of all time.

  • John K

    I felt like a sucker for watching this game.

  • Horseshit

    im at a loss for words. david stern as single-handedly ruined the nba forever. college ball FTW!

  • Why ARe Y’all Mad?

    All You Guys Are Just Mad. You have no support to back up your conspiracy theories, and quite frankly, they’re all BS. Now I do not disagree that ocassionally a certain ref might prefer one team to the other, therefore being prejudiced, but come on, if the ref does it continuously over the entire period of a basketball game, which he would have to, then it would be very obvious at which point the commentators would point it out, the coaching staff would notice it, and the game would take an entirely different tone.So all this BS needs to stop

  • Jake

    Maybe Popovich is in on it too. Putting Duncan and Parker on the bench in crucial end of game situations. One was at the end of regulation allowed the Bosh rebound. Then Parker at the end of overtime. Impossible to explain sitting him after what he did in the last minute of regulation.

  • FVCKHowYOUFeel!

    eat a dick…my conspiracy theory was backed up by that remark

  • Jack

    I am done with the NBA. The calls are so bogus. I was a suns fan when they were robbed of a championship. The spurs were robbed tonight. Monos foul? What about Green’s 3 point shot. Last I checked that was a foul. Don’t give me that in the first 3 quarters thats a foul bs. Its a foul every time. NBA is fixed!!!

  • Gary

    Agree about possible calls for Ginobli then Green in final minutes, but those are not bad no-calls as I see it. But what about all the phantom fouls. Leonard made an art of running into players on transition plays and getting calls. One against LJ when it was 7-8 and then the one where he beat up Ray Allen and knocked him into the crowd. What do they see that I can’t see on TV? Is that even the right question. Where was there anything remotely like a foul? So many calls that should be no-calls that I can’t tell which way it’s rigged… or – maybe these refs on a pedestal, chosen just for the finals because of their elite judgment, don’t have the right stuff anymore. I wish there was less head-scratching to be done from the calls than outbursts from really great basketball. I can hardly bear to watch the game 7s – the referee game and the basketball game.

  • Miami Heat Fans Are Idiots

    It is obviously rigged for Miami to win because there were ridiculous no calls in this game. Manu Ginobili was obviously fouled hard when he drove to the goal and Danny Green was obviously fouled by Chris Bosch on the last shot of the game. The NBA just wants the popular team to win and the popular team is the Heat, because they have a bandwagon of fans that are ignorant and don’t even know much about basketball. I honestly think that the Spurs will win in game 7 because I believe that the Spurs can overcome the challenge of having everyone against them. I strongly dislike the Miami Heat and I don’t think that they are the best team in the NBA.

  • TY

    Tim Donaghy was obviously telling the truth. This is the last NBA game that I will ever watch. Anyone who can’t see the NBA is rigged is an idiot. The refs only have to “fix” about 5-7 calls in a game at the right moments to change the course of the game. Most of the current NBA fans don’t seem to notice this because they accept the reality which they are presented. The game is “managed” by Stern and his corporate interests. They made billions off Jordan and since he left, the league has been in decline. They desperately need Lebron to be the next Jordan to make billions more. Since he can’t do it on his own, they have to do it for him. I grew up loving basketball and I truly hate Stern for bastardizing it to a point that I don’t even recognize it. If I wanted to watch professional wresting, then I would watch WWE.
    RIP NBA, it was nice while it lasted.

  • asdf

    if you’re so sure why didnt you bet your life savings on the heat?

  • You’re an idiot

    arguably the stupidest fucking comment i’ve ever seen in my life.

  • adfadfd

    still fixed????? LBJ and RAY ALLENS 3 at the end of 4th, 100% sure to go in? as well as how the ball bounced to Bosh to give him the assist on the Allen 3???

  • John

    not fouls. ginobili traveled and tiago splitter set a moving screen to get green a shot which was absoulutely destroyed cuz it was a clean block. lebron was fouled 2 plays in row before that. can’t hack people in the stomach to hit the ball away and can’t hit players in the head to make head band come off

  • john

    ever hear of a travel he took 5 steps. lebron and mike miller got smacked in the head no calls

  • john

    moving screen on tiago spltter on greens shot, clean block, travel on ginobili . Are you that soft?

  • John

    obvious travel you mean. mike miller get hit in the head no call

  • Rudintsky = Mariotti 2.0

    This article is riddled with the biggest conspiracy crap since those
    that claim that the moon landing was fake. If you seriously think that
    stern is at buffalo wild wings pressing buttons to fix the game than you
    either are dumber than a bag of hammers, another LeBron troll, or the
    biggest sensationalist journalist since Jay Mariotti.

    I will agree game 6 was very poorly officiated for both teams. Bosh
    (Velociraptor?) had gotten bulldozed quite a couple of times with his feet
    planted and never even got a glimpse from refs, there were fouls in OT
    that should have been called against the heat, and Ray Allen had 2 fouls
    that were baffling.

    Just a quick question, do you believe that the only reason LeBron fouled out in game 6 of the eastern finals is because the NBA knew you were hot on their trail? If the answer is yes, don’t flatter yourself Alex Jones.

    To top that off Spurs 21 fouls, Miami Heat
    26 fouls in game 6. With the exception of game 1 where both teams had 12
    fouls, the miami heat have had more fouls than the spurs throughout the

    So stop pandering to NBA fans who want to find every
    single reason to hate on James, stop giving into your emotions, and give
    your resignation to your employer because this is the laziest sports
    article I have ever read. I’d rather watch ESPN jack off to LeBron’s
    picture because at least Tim Legler can create an opinion that actually
    has facts or video evidence to support his reasoning.

    P.S. I skimmed through you’re previous article on this subject. Do you actually think that a ref who was corrupted by gamblers in las vegas, means that all refs in the NBA are being bribed by david stern?

  • John

    wa wa wa Im the spurs and need 30 freethrows to win. james was hacked a few plays earlier by green(clear hack across the stomach) and even got hit in the head without a call before that. Mike miller was also offensive fouled without a call. ginobili also threw an elbow and only a foul was called

  • john

    obvious travel you mean

  • Trystan Wellman

    Travelling? That’s such a ridiculously hard thing to call it never is. Besides three large steps do not count. I watched the Heat do it too. However pushing someone down when they are jumping is…well…textbook deliberate foul.

  • Trystan Wellman

    Actually look into it. Theres a big history of refs admitting to the nba being rigged. Stern himself has hinted at it. Also, last plau of the game tonight.

  • Trystan Wellman

    Look into it. Retired refs admit to it being “as fake as wrestling.”

  • JOhn

    leonard was pushing off on all his shots. how much freethrows do the spurs need

  • Trystan Wellman

    An amount equal to the number of fouls against them, especially on a game winning drive.

  • themiamicheatareajoke

    No one has pointed out how the spurs got screwed at the end of regulation. After Allen hit the obvious three they stopped at let Miami set up their defense to “check the replay”. However league rules state they have to wait for the next whistle to do so. By clearly violating a rule that all of the refs know, the fix was obvious.

  • Toasty

    Really Dan, Really?

    Go back to the kitchen like the uneducated woman you are.

  • Anonymous

    What I could not believe and still cannot believe is that they did not call a flagrant foul on Allen when he wrapped up his man during that fast break!
    I have no love for either team, but that was simply robbing the Spurs!

  • nemesis

    john shut the hell up foreal, heat had so many moving screens it was pathetic..spurs were getting beat up all first quarter with those and no calls and lebron and your precious heat travel so many times its sickening to see no mention of them cuz they are sterns little babies..you can back up the heat all you want but you are not changing the minds of true basketball fans that spurs were cheated, now go back to blowing the heat

  • cbn757

    they do already have some new lebron james shoes that clearly have 2x champ on the inside already……so either Nike jumped the gun and risked mllions or they knew the outcome

  • ronron291

    please the spur gave that game away. hit your free throws boys. now the 2002 season game six (webber) now that was rigged for a seven game that shouldnot have happened. if the spurs loose game seven its their own fault for not finishing them off. that free throw was huge

  • D-Mil

    Y’all are funny. I’m watching nba tv and all the personnel feel that yes, the refs did seem to have a team they wanted to win..yet neither them, nor do I, believe it was the heat. They spent 20 mins on showing replays of heat players going to the hole and getting slapped, punched and all kinds of stuff. Then when Leonard was out on his 4 fast breaks, besides when he killed Mike Miller lol, he pushed off the defender clearly and they called the heat players for a foul.. Bad calls were made both ways but as a player and a fan of basketball, it honestly seemed like the refs lost their vision and whistles when Miami took the ball in the paint. Parker flopped blatantly 3 times and the refs went for it every time. The nba wants the Spurs to win for Tim Duncan.
    Miami shouldn’t have won cuz they played like crap, mainly LeBron. I know the refs were trash as usual, but that man played WEAK, flat out. LeBron thought it was bad when he first got to south beach, if they lose tomorrow he may get ran out the league.

  • L’enfant De Dieu

    The NBA is rigged? TRUE, but not in the way you’re trying to portray it. The Heat won that game by pure luck. First of all, there were a lot of fouls called against the heat the majority of the game, especially in the 3rd quarter. Approximately 11 fouls were called in that quarter. That’s 22 free throws and three of those ,I admit were warranted. AND, why the hell didn’t Ginobili receive a flagrant foul for elbowing lebron in the throat???? THAT WAS NOT A BASKETBALL PLAY. They simply waived it off as a regular foul..WTF? Let Lebron elbow Tony Parker in the throat….He would have been ejected. Ginobili TRAVELED on that last play, yet van gundy stated that he was fouled. He was, but he traveled before the foul occurred. How can you say the NBA was fixed for the heat when lebron threw up a horrible 3pt shot which just happened to be caught by CB. That was all by pure chance.

  • darrell lee

    People like you kill me inside. You just noticed all the no calls for the Spurs.

  • A Might

    EXACTLY!!!! After I saw that I was done. I mean all the Spurs needed was 3 points to put the game in overtime, and Green gets fouled while shooting a 3 and there is a NO CALL WTF! And I mean Tony Parker misses a lay-up at the end of the game that could have won the damn series and he doesn’t get upset???? Come on. Im sorry, Im a Spurs fan and this shit pisses the hell out of me.

  • L’enfant De Dieu

    THANK YOU! I don’t know what people were watching last night. If anything, the refs were helping the spurs out. Don’t forget when Ginobili threw his elbow out and hit lebron in the throat. That should have been a flagrant foul! If lebron did that, he would have been ejected for sure.

  • A Might

    News flash, EVERYONE TRAVELS in the NBA. I mean traveling hasn’t been called within the last 10 years. So please stop that foolishness.

  • a might

    Not to mention Lebron’s many grand flops last night, that provided him with nice foul shots.

  • you’re fake quit watching

    until the spurs win then it won’t be rigged

  • LeBath Salts

    It’s rigged, folks. Those that were calling it rigged (BEFORE the series started) knew that it would go 7. They also predicted Crawford would be involved in at least one game that ended on an officiating controversy. All that’s left is for the Heat to win in 7 to prove how rigged this all is. What’s the point of watching if we know what the final outcome will be? It’s not different than the WWE.

  • Anonymous

    clear foul on Manu in last minute that wasnt called. def rigged if ur lettin guys get mauled on the way to the basket

  • a might

    Tony Parker got hit like that plenty of times and calls are never call. Also, when Ginobili hit him Lebron got fouled. Where was Ginobili’s foul at the end of the game?

  • mrbigA47

    Missed free throws and turnovers (Ginobili) hurt the Spurs, but so did Ray Allen. If I were playing against the Heat last night, Ray Allen would have been knocked out cold for his flagrant fouls.

  • LeBath Salts

    There was a definite bias for the Spurs going into the 4th quarter. And that is exactly what proves how rigged it was for the Heat. As soon as the 4th quarter started, the game was officiated differently. All of a sudden the Heat could mug and trap without getting called for fouls. This is the style they are used to winning with. So the bias for the Spurs early only shows how scripted the final outcome was. And Allen took 3 steps without dribbling on the 3 pointer. I once almost got laughed off the playground when I scored by taking 3 steps without dribbling. Spurs won this game (barely) in regulation.

  • D-Mil

    You speaking the truth, radically about LeBron being elected if he elbowed someone. I like the heat, and have been a heat fan ever since wade got in the league..I also like LeBron, more so when he played like a monster in Cleveland. But I do like the Spurs as well because they just play ball, ALWAYS. I try to be unbiased when watching and commenting on games. I think that saying a team was cheated because it’s a favorite of that person is very groupie like lol. But you seem like you on the same page as me. I saw plays that Miami made and thought a foul should’ve been called on them, some with the Spurs too. But ppl saying it was rigged for the heat seem a bit crazy to me, or die hard spurs fans. The game was won by luck on Miami’s part. They really should’ve lost in my opinion. I mean, how can the “Nba” rig a shot going in?? LeBron missed the first 3 then hit the second. Bosh snagged that rebound and Jesus Shuttlesworth made a big play. Idk how that was rigged for the heat, they had luck in their sides. And as far as the no call for Manu or Green, I saw clean swipes at the ball on Manu and he also traveled lol; Green wouldn’t even get that call in San Antonio. It was a foul for Green that wasn’t called imo, but the league does that bs at the end of every game. If someone gets Shot, the refs vow to not call anything. I’ve seen every team go through that, but to me a foul is a foul end of the game or not

  • Zeke

    he traveled first. Please know the game before yapping on social media.. Yes I hoop.

  • Gee

    All of y’all sound like some bitches,and the faggot who wrote this post,Lebron loses a game then he’s garbage etc,soon as he win the first thing y’all faggots do is cry David stern and the refs name..if I knew something was preordained I would have been stop watching.. Lebron Damn sure wouldn’t have been down ten and almost having the spurs beat him twice if SA hit FREETHROWS and doesn’t give up OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS … Y’all faggots get ya panties out a bunch and stop bitchin cuz u hate Lebron and gotta get rid of them old ass jokes

  • Zeke

    guess the refs made tp forearm LeBron in the neck. No call. Guess the refs also jumped into ray allens body and made him make one of the best three point shots in nba finals history. The refs also made leonard miss the biggest shot of his life? interesting

  • Zeke

    not to mention ginobli and leonard hit the free throws ball game. Refs cant control that period

  • mrbigA47

    They should save the wear and tear on the players and just award Miami the trophy now. Questionable calls (or no calls) went both ways, but the Spurs were ultimately robbed to extend this series to seven games. Consistent officiating was non-existent. A foul is a foul whether committed during regulation or overtime. Since there is a game seven, lets see if they will finally play this one straight. Either way, NFL pre-season begins next month. GEAUX SAINTS!

  • Zeke

    he took 4 steps idiot stop trolling

  • Zeke

    the same way they make championship shirts…idiot stop trolling.


    OK! We all know JOEY CrawforD hate the heat, mANU ACTUALLY HAD WALKED COUN THE STEPS. Green was all ball and then body. But lets be real how many overhte back call that was not call on Duncan or Parker. Parker a Flopper. James got hacked up so much I see no complaining. Just say it that you area heat HATER!


    OK! We all know JOEY Crawford hate the heat, MANU ACTUALLY HAD WALKED COUNT THE STEPS. Green was all ball and then body. But lets be real how many over the back calls that was not call on Duncan or Parker. Parker the shooting Flopper. James got hacked up so much I see no complaining. Just say it that you area heat HATER!

  • Zeke

    when all else fails haters pull the ” hes not Jordan card”. Illuminati .the whole thing

  • mrbigA47

    LeBron is not Michael Jordan. However he is the NBA’s current poster child thereby warranting as much exposure as humanly possible. In this case, another chance (game seven) when the series, by all rights, should have been over with last night.

  • momodacommando

    yes tell this dummy it aint fixed……all sports outcomes can be partially persuaded but not fixed like how he said…..Spurs just let the championship go in the 4th quarter…and ray hit that three with cudda easily bounced out….that wudda been game ..

  • momodacommando

    Tell em son….3 steps and the strip was clean….the other contact was forced by manu …..good no call

  • True viewers of basketball

    This is all stupid… Just so everyone is aware the foul count was 26-21 for the spurs. They shot 28 free throws to MIA’s 21. That means the spurs shot more free throws then fouls. You all sit here and blame the refs but realistically the spurs had the game handed to them… Did David stern make Khawi Leonard miss his free throws? Did he make Tim Duncan go cold at the end of the game? Or does the ball have some pre-programmed technology so that Ray Allen’s shot went in. It is sad to see how many men have become clueless sports fans. The spurs lost enjoy good basketball and stop being some hateful, conspiracy paranoid viewers. And to the writer Joey Crawford didn’t give the heat any good calls all night. San Antonio go all of the tick tack fouls to be at the line. Get over it they lost…!!

  • True viewers of basketball

    exactly no one see’s that MIA was getting the short end of the stick all night

  • True viewers of basketball

    exactly!! Mike miller gets full on slapped, no call. Lebron gets elbowed which was clearly a flagrant and there was no call…. People need to stop making excuses

  • True viewers of basketball

    you’re actually oblivious because out of everyone Mario chalmers gets called with a travel while khawi Leonard travels every time she gets the ball. You had the game handed to you if khawi Leonard and Danny green weren’t scared (it was written all over there faces) you would have won. You guys had 28 free throws to MIA’s 21 get over it. The heat got beat up all game no one on the spurs was getting slapped in the game. Get over yourself and appreciate a good game

  • Viva

    I don’t know what a woman has to do with a) the kitchen b)uneducated. Its 2013 dumbo… If you’re gonna insult someone use your brain and not thousands of years of stupidity…smh

  • TruthSerum

    I doubt they’ll miss you Mr. Whatever, cause your handle exemplifies your thoughts exactly!!! Whatever!!! Lol. It’s amazing the Adults on post everywhere CRYING about their loss!!! Lose with phucking dignity that’s what champions should exhibit not whine whine whine!!! There were so so many fouls all night in that game that were not called on the Spurs! So don’t bitch when they aren’t called on the Heat!! Talk about the missed free throws (CHOKE THROWS) or bad coaching at the end! That’s what stole ya game!

  • Bob

    This article is just plain wrong. This is coming from a completely neutral fan of the 2 remaining teams. There was not one poor call in last night’s game that could have possibly changed the outcome. NBA isn’t rigged, the Spurs just let that one slip away. This article is the sole reason people like Matt Rudnitsky will never be a respectable journalist in sports, and that’s just the cold hard truth.

  • YO Momma pays great

    people see wtf they wanna see anybody wit half a brain could see that MIA stole that game it was ment for the spurs to win lastnight the refs basically put the game in they lap they just CHOKED!!! look at all the fouls on LeBron that was no calls nobody saw that thoe bt every little bit on contact on the spurs was a foul (beside the last few sec) if it wasnt for that 3 LeBron & allen took the nba’s modal franchise would’ve had the chip

  • AHunter

    people keep bitching about how the heat were getting bullied by the spurs and refs. first of all kawhi leonard did not foul mike miller because miller initiated the contact first. Manu was defeinitely fouled on his drive. It was not a travel because he was fouled before taking all the steps. I didnt see the block on Danny green because i turned off the TV in disgust. It made me sick to know that basketball could be so rigged. Some of it was bad play on the spurs part but it was those key moments that prove that it was rigged. Even before the game started and i saw joe crawford was the ref i knew that some shady shit was going to happen. Worst, most corrupt ref there is.

  • AHunter

    Joe Crawford was have a laugh with Mario Chalmers. When does he ever do that. This is how it went down.
    Mario: hey, why you call that foul on my
    Joey: Dont worry i got you later
    Mario: For real.
    Joey: Stern told me to get em good later. You guys are gonna win dont fuck it up.
    Mario : Oh goody hahahaha
    Joey: hahahahaha

  • True viewers of basketball

    exactly everyone wants to talk about the phantom “fouls” on manu and green but everyone is forgetting that it WOULDN’T MATTER if Leonard could make clutch free throws. They handed the spurs free throws to win the game and they didn’t what more do you need. Ray allen made his free throws to seal the game and they won..

  • BigDswinginThug

    Really viva? Really? It is 2013, but that has not changed a woman’s natural place in life (the kitchen), or the fact that women are the physically and intellectually inferior gender, I’m pretty sure Susan b Anthony made that pretty clear. So don’t be so inconsiderate to astute scholars such as Toasty, respect your superiors.

  • True viewers of basketball

    everyone wants a conspiracy. just give credit where its due the heat pulled out a spectacular win

  • yosockytimbo

    this sounds so stupid….. lmffaaaooooooo……. ok lets say the refs were on Miamis side, can you explain to me how that referee had anything to do with Lebron Making that three point shot with 20 seconds left, and then Allen making that three with 5 seconds left? those games are live you idiots… people are sitting in the stands. you mean to tell me that Lebron and Allen making those threes were set up because of the reff?? how ignorant and stupid could you possibly be to actually think that? i could understand if the heat won by a few points… but that game came down to the last shot. you people have no knowledge of basketball if you have the nerve to say it was rigged. if miami came out on top by 6 points i could understand you saying it was rigged.. but that came down to two lucky ass three pointers that actually went in. the whole entire game was full of bad calls on miami and the spurs. they missed allot of calls on Lebron. smh i really feel bad for some of you people. lol.

  • Jay

    No no no!!!! You are soooo fucking right!!! I have been saying the same thing for years. It’s all about money. Lastnight game show me all of that. Bullshitt!!!!

  • Steven

    This is clearly coming from a Spurs fan. I think people forget the fact that there are 3 referees on the court and that Joe Crawford has a history of making bad calls against Tim Duncan, and as well against LeBron in key situations. Let’s leave the bias out of it. Nobody would be saying the NBA is rigged had Ray Allen’s desperation 3 not gone in last night. Danny Green’s swipe on LeBron as the ball went out of bounds was the same play as Ginobili coming down the lane. Manu has a history of over-exaggerating calls, and in some cases it hurts him because he doesn’t always get the call when refs assume he magnifies contact. 50/50 calls don’t make the NBA rigged, if there were obvious BLATANT fouls not called, I would be saying otherwise.

  • I’ll Be Alright

    Phuck the spurs #HeatNation

  • Dwillbtuff

    Game 6 was fixed for the spurs. But Ginobli played for the heat. The refs played for the spurs. Even Crawford. How is it possible for Labron not to have any foul calls or for ABC not to show the foul on Labron by Kawhi Leonard that caused the air ball late in the forth. Im not a heat fan but they are the better team for beating the refs and the spurs. The foul calls the heat are not getting are real.

  • Tito

    I agree that the refs have been terrible but they have been equal. People talk about the foul on Ginobili but it was on the 3rd and travel step. Many calls had no contact at all. Refs have been bad on both sides.
    Sporstra(?) is by far the worst coach I have ever seen though. Maybe Rich kotite.

  • Anonymous

    i believe the nba is kinda rigged too guys, plus im a knicks fan, and the refs cheated the knicks this year in that indiana series. all i know though is the refs had nothing to do with that shot ray allen hit at the end of regulation omg.. but stern had it go to 7 games for profits and revenue and he also needs lebron to win more rings because he’s the face of the nba, and to do that he has to have a “couple” of rings not just one.tim duncan got 4, but he’s not as appealing and flashy like lebron he’s to calm and what some might consider boring.lol so he cant be the posterboy for the nba like lebron james….also lebron is gonna be on the cover of the new 2k14 video game also

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    exactly, One ref couldn’t throw a game alone! some of the players would have to be involved!

  • Anonymous

    Man I tell you! the heat came back and won! Now if you guys/girls tell me that Ginobli and the dude with the braids missed the free throws on purpose than… If one of those guys make one more free throw the game is over!!!! Crawford couldn’t control them missing free throws!! Get out of here with the RIGGED!

  • Yemil Velez

    That was a gr8 game. Now on to game 7. Nobody should be surprised that there is a game 7. And folks are acting like the Heat already won the championship. Don’t forget, the Spurs pretty much dominated most of the game, the Heat got lucky at the end. You can clearly see the Spurs are a better team. But that’s why you try to get enough wins during the season to get home court advantage. That’s the reason the refs look crooked because most of the time they’re influenced by the home crowd. All the Spurs have to do is keep their composure and they’ll win it.

  • Anonymous

    david stern needs lebron to win because he knows that the nba can make more money off lebron than any other super star.

  • Michael Dresslar

    Please point me to just ONE video of an NBA player being called for a travel on a gather play like that. Just ONE video. I mean it was obvious right? Should be an easy thing to find.

  • Be Real

    THANK YOU QUITE OBVIOUS IT IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REFUSE TO WASTE TIME WATCHING GAME 7. RICH ARE GREEDY!!!

  • I. King

    LMAO one ref could not change the course of a game. AND umm what game were YOU watching? Crawford may have let some slide for The Heat.. but from our end Crawford was CLEARLY favoring the spurs… please refer to Ginobili traveling!


    Point is the game could be rigged.. or it could not… but if you think that the last moments of this game was rigged then clearly you are just a conspiracy theorist looking for a scape goat.

  • BGLT

    TP traveled in the game too..

  • JA

    All these morons saying they’re done with the NBA will be planted in front of the tube on Thursday night – guaranteed!!!

  • Pak

    For Real?…..lebron GOT that call where he ran up and tried to overpower manu who is about 3/4 his size.I would have thrown a elbow too.. And mike miller got face slapped because he was late on the jump and couldnt get up with K.Leonard when he got hammed on. LISTEN to the announcer ref they had, he explained why it was no foul! Crawford won this game for the heat.He has a dislike for Lebron , but a Hatred for the Spurs! He has admitted it himself. Do a little research and tell me why these refs were put in game 6. Crawford and the other ref who is known for (and been suspended for) betting on home teams…This is how stern appointed Miami to take game 6 and force a game 7 to bolster the NBA ratings and revenue plain and simple, regardless of what player did what and at what time. lets say,Leonard happens to make the freethrows, then theres another foul on the inbound which forces miami to shoot. There is no telling how this game would have actually went if there was HONEST officials. Thank you Stern for making game 6 such a cheap experience for the true fans who watch because they love the game! And truthfully im not supporting on team over another. Lebron has been shooting poorly this series and has put his team into this situation. So has Parker and Manu. Duncan has been great in this series but K. Leonard has came from no where and holds Lebron James to the worst set of stats in a series yet?…Where is his credit for D’n up on “King James” the supposed best player in the NBA. D. Wade has performed amazing. Having injury issues and still taking the team on his shoulders and performing like he is, that is what a veteran supposed to do. And major props to Green for makin it rain 3′s. Gratz on that record! So lets just hope that the NBA will let a champion be decided on the court, not a board room.

  • sac kings

    even though he was a cheater donaghy came out and said this game was rigged. it was so obvious it was. Its obvious they played a part last night as well.

  • Pak

    Crawford won this game for the heat.He has a dislike for Lebron , but a Hatred for the Spurs! He has admitted it himself. Do a little research and tell me why these refs were put in game 6. Crawford and the other ref who is known for (and been suspended for) betting on home teams…This is how stern appointed Miami to take game 6 and force a game 7 to bolster the NBA ratings and revenue plain and simple, regardless of what player did what and at what time. lets say,Leonard happens to make the freethrows, then theres another foul on the inbound which forces miami to shoot. There is no telling how this game would have actually went if there was HONEST officials. Thank you Stern for making game 6 such a cheap experience for the true fans who watch because they love the game! And truthfully im not supporting on team over another. Lebron has been shooting poorly this series and has put his team into this situation. So has Parker and Manu. Duncan has been great in this series but K. Leonard has came from no where and holds Lebron James to the worst set of stats in a series yet?…Where is his credit for D’n up on “King James” the supposed best player in the NBA. D. Wade has performed amazing. Having injury issues and still taking the team on his shoulders and performing like he is, that is what a veteran supposed to do. And major props to Green for makin it rain 3′s. Gratz on that record! So lets just hope that the NBA will let a champion be decided on the court, not a board room.

  • Steve

    The NBA is definatley fixed. Stern wants his boy Lebron to desperately be a hero and win it. He keeps pushing Lebron and the Heat on everybody when nobody likes them. The owner in Miami must be Stern’s girlfriend. We all know the Spurs and Pacers were the better teams.

  • Littlecell7

    It’s Miami’s finals NBA called it that from the beginning so give these assheads more fame than what they deserve.

  • Adam Schlitter

    game 6 without a doubt was the largest hose job I’ve ever seen. it confirmed it to me that there is some “behind the scenes” stuff going on. the spurs are too good to have allowed what happened to actually happen. LeBron tosses the headband and the plan goes into action.

  • vesuvius

    if the game was rigged,they did a good job choreographing it!you guys are just looking for the next scandal!Its just a game!

  • Anonymous

    how do you know. somebody said the same thing to me until i has to inform and shut their ass up and let them know people have been heat fans since i moved to miami in 1991. even before that i didn’t even care for the sport. i take it your team is at home. takes a bitch to know a bitch…..check out your name, lmao. THAT IS ALL

  • Anonymous

    finally somebody with a brain they use on a daily basis and can comprehend very well. everybody upset team is sitting at home

  • YoursoStupid

    Those of you who feel it is fixed are the stupidest people on earth, So let me get this straight Tony Parker played his ass off not to win? Lebrone James faked missed a 3 pointed, then managed to get it back through the ball purely being fumbled and then hit the 3. Is what I am to understand is that is all made up? That is so stupid anyone who plays basketball knows that, that shit happens and that is basketball. I am not saying referees are not bags of shit at times. I watched the game and there were more fouls called on the Heat and more turnovers and oh ya, the guys shoe comes off and then he hits a 3, all planed, lol. It is insulting to the game and to those players who do this for a living. You don’t like it, don’t watch

  • Anonymous

    if the spurs were like you say they are they wouldn’t have let last night happen to them. lebron said damn a headband. he and his team mates felt disrespected as they saw they were getting ready to bring out the trophy even before the game was over. what you’re upset at is he hit a clutch 3, then bosh got a clutch rebound and dished it to allen to tie the game with a clutch 3( what he is known for) leading to overtime. but what you forgot is how wade was on the bench as lebron said it was all on his shoulders and he went crazy in the fourth. THAT’S WHAT ALL THE GREATS DO, DIG DOWN DEEP TO TRY TO SURVIVE ANOTHER DAY. maybe the spurs shouldn’t have started smiling and smack talking as if the clock struck zero and they were in the lead. YOU HAVE TWO CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS GOING FOR THE TITLE WHERE BOTH TEAMS HAVE PLAYERS THAT ONE DAY WILL GO IN THE NBA HALL OF FAME!!!! did you think it was going to be a cake walk or are your parents also brother and sister?

  • Anonymous

    you’re right because ginobli took like 82 steps

  • Anonymous

    i know right. everybody talking shit team is at home. that’s even if they qualified for the playoffs. everybody talking are wizard fans

  • Da Don (Givenchy Lifestyle)

    this is why I don’t like or respect david stern. everybody knows pat riley is in his pocket.he’s always bribing the referees… so that they can help the heat win

  • Terry Berry

    I couldn’t agree more. Did you see those last two, blatant, hard missed calls, in the final minute. Ginobolli was hacked to pieces, in the midst of his drive to the hoop, then Green is knocked out of bounds, via full on body contact, as he attempted his 3-point shot with a second left on the clock. What B.S.!! I can’t wait until NBA Commisioner David Stern is out of there, Feb 2014!! Why doesn’t he allow the press into the drawing of the balls in the NBA draft?? Shady as all get out!!

  • Anonymous

    The NBA is rigged/”managed.” Lebron James is the NBA’s franchise player so they are determined to make sure that he wins another championship. All this back and forth winning and losing just keeps the interest up and the money flowing. The refs are all involved in stirring the game in the direction that they need it to go and I’m starting to believe that the coaches and a hand-full of the players are involved in the scam. Anyone who doesn’t believe that it’s a serious possibility that these games are fixed is in denial. When huge money is involved in something the possibility of corruption is almost guaranteed…especially when you have someone like Stern running things!

  • Oshay Morris

    So David Stern had Ginobli and the young boy miss those Free throws as part of the fix right?

  • Clarence McCall

    Yes, and you know Ray Allen’s three was all orchestrated. If you look closely you can see the rim adjusted automatically to catch the ball.

  • 9 9 9

    Well for one the sports and sports figures are for children…Hellooooo.,…Haven’t you all noticed that their charities are always directed towards children or the handicap. Why are adults still looking for hero’s in sports instead of becoming that hero! Its entertainment and that’s all it has ever been. So should Stern be removed for staging games? Why? Don’t some of you all stage a christmas for your children under the guise that it was all santa’s doing? It’s still staging an event isn’t it? Grow up is what I say to this story.

  • Ryan Haney

    Who cares if the spurs are a small market team . They deserve to win the championship, not the heat who bought there team

  • Oshay Morris

    If they don’t miss them free throws there is no 3 pointer by Ray Allen lol

  • tatiana lainez

    If the Spurs win it will be because too many pro-heat calls would be too obvious… If you watched the end of game 6 you know for sure the NBA is rigged. I do not like eitherof tthese teams especially but in the playoffs we’ve seen too much of these biased announcers,refs even sports writers. I don’t know why I keep watching… Maybe ithink the underdog will still prevail and David stern can suck it and lose tiny bit of profit. Greedy mother%&#$%@

  • mike

    you mean like when ginobili got fouled right in front of him when they were down 1 in OT and there was no call??

  • Numbnut

    That’s not a conspiracy, dude. That’s a mistake. They happen all the time in sports from the NBA and NFL to soccer. They are part of the game. And people who support one team or the other are very sensitive to missed calls against the other team or bad calls against their own team, but tend to ignore it when it’s the reverse situation. Still NOT a conspiracy.

  • bicker_man

    think about it, all the star players were injured in most major city teams (kobe & nash in LA, westbrook in okc,etc.) except san antonio. so whos gonna create the most hoopla across the nation than a team thats on the verge of its 5th championship? a dynasty vs an up and coming dynasty. San Antonio is small compared to cities like LA sure, but its definitley not the smallest and there are reasons Stern would rig it the way he has.

  • Jazzy

    Your name shall now be dumbnut. Did you watch any games this year? Just watch the final minute of game 6. Two easy calls in any game. yet go uncalled. NBA is about money, whoever can make the league the most money. Smh #watch some games

  • Bud Bundy

    this playoff and championship was rigged

  • Bud Bundy

    no joke. after what i saw with the bulls. no way this shouldve happened. the nba is a lie. it is staged. i knew it. ive seen real games. these games today are staged. the refs are liars and call false calls. the whole game is fake.

  • Bud Bundy

    the refs let them know when you need to stop making points or make them. it’s rigged.

  • Bud Bundy

    this garbage was so rigged.

  • bosshowtime

    i hate the f—–up nba. This is unbelievable everybody know the heat did not win this series. At the end of game 6 we all know that was a foul. It is hard to play against the referees,the opposing team, and the crowd. The heat really did not get much respect from fans last year and i really believe this it is going to be worse. David Stern is an idiot. This is going to be the last year for this heat bull—-. Clearly the nba is rigged.

  • bosshowtime

    I am not a heat nor spurs fan. But i have watched the referees cheat for the heat the past 2 years in the playoffs. This is ridiculous james is the most arrogant black idiot i have ever seen. They bought this again. Now its over for him you know how this game is. Next year when they lose the media is going to rip james to pieces. Besides they lucked up because alot of key players were hurt. And yes crawford is an idiot. The reason the spurs lost is because of bad referees bottom line. nba suck. I’d rather watch football anyday. I hope it poor down rain the day of there parade. Better yet I hope there float for the parade get flat tires. Miami is one of the worse places to live. Unemployment and home foreclosures are at an all time high. They pay school teachers shit for pay. But they will spend millions on a parade for a team that really did not win shit. And jobs want to pay you 7or8 dollars and ork you like a dog. The james 2x shoes were made because they knew the referees was going to throw the series. How you going to make something of that magnitude if you dont already know the outcome.

  • Don’t

    Texas has some of the highest sales lol. In both the NBA and college (texans, mavericks, etc.). New York was good. All pro sports are rigged, do you really think they are not? Hell, even the last Super Bowl had a black out because a blow out was happening and people turned their TV’s off. So the Ravens let them back in it. only too win with a retiring Ray Lewis. The Broncos game was rigged horribly. It’s all about the money man and if they can add another franchise (the heat) to the list of high driven sales, then they will…Pacers do not and Memphis does not. however, San antonio does and the Lakers kind of sucked so who are they going to pick? the better team of course. They are also trying to make another Michael Jordan to add another icon too the game which is very obvious.

  • Don’t

    Quinn the idiot doesn’t know what she is talking about

  • Don’t

    yes that she was a low blow at Dan, because even Jane knows more than her.

  • Coral777

    Told you the heat were going to win, the NBA is a sham. You’re better off watching college b ball.

  • Kelsene kelly

    The game was rigged, both team were fighting for championship, this have to be a joke.

  • karter

    they need a legend for this decade and it is lebron james – so when it comes to crunch time key players in the opposing teams will go out and take rest from the opposing team or just act like they don’t know what’s happening:

    1. roy hibbert went out during game 1 – in the eastern conference semi finals

    2. nba finals 2013

    game 6 – spurs up by 6 – duncan goes out – lebron james and ray allen score points like there’s no tomorrow and the spurs don’t even attempt any blocks / no where near the shooter – and there’s a game 7

    game 7 – spurs just stop playing towards the 4th quarter end

    They will make lebron the next jordan – with fans saying no he isn’t and yes he is or better.

    With Stern going out – there is some hope this might come to light. Is match fixing really corruption ? its entertainment after all.

  • Numbnut

    This is on the same level as the faked moon landings and the CIA killed Kennedy. Some people always see conspiracy and they are never true. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Bad calls happen in all games. That doesn’t mean it’s intentional! The Spurs still had to miss the shots. And the Heat still had to make them. People love to see conspiracies just because they are wining about their team losing. Just because the NBA and NFL are money making machines doesn’t mean they’d risk their reputation by rigging. They simply couldn’t keep someone from talking. Or are they killing the people who know so they won’t talk? Idiots and morons believe in conspiracies.

  • MRF

    To All,

    I am a Spurs Fan, but I have to say that everyone has made a good point and is entitled to their opinion. I don’t believe the NBA is rigged, but David Stern or whoever is in charge of assigning referees to these Championship games should think of the ramifications of letting Joey Crawford ref an important Spurs game, because of his past history involving Tim Duncan.

    I watched game 6 on TV and I couldn’t see where Joe Crawford was on the last 2 plays involving Manu and Danny Green, but both players were fouled. Now there were calls that weren’t made both ways and the way Duncan was playing I am sure there were fouls on Miami (as far as pushing Timmy that weren’t made) that weren’t called. With all that said, if Joey Crawford was in the right position to make either call he might not of intentionally not called a foul, but I believe psychology deep down inside he still has a dislike for Duncan and the Spurs and didn’t call the fouls, because of the counseling the NBA made him go for after the Tim Duncan incident took place a few years ago.

    The last thing I want to add is that there is something going around on the internet saying that games that Joey Crawford refs involving Miami with Lebron on the team they are 23-8 and games that Crawford doesn’t ref they are 40-31.

  • Orly MacGregor

    Two words: Tim Donaghy

  • Brian Macpherson

    anybody who knows basketball knows stern wanted a powerhouse so to speak the NfL does fine with parity but its not in the best interest for the nba my son is 15 and he still remembers the 2006 finals when dallas was up 2-0 with a big lead in game 3 and then a ton of phantom fouls were called i cant stand the miami cheat as we call them as far im concerned labrick is the most not clutch shooter in nba history overated and he isnt the sharpest tool in the shed unlike mj and kobe in my mind he has no rings no titles and his stats are skewed!

  • Anonymous

    get wade’s kidock out ur mizouth fukk boy

  • Jammer777

    I don’t think you know what the hell you are talking about. When a ref calls a phantom foul on team A, then the teams run down to the other end and the refs allow team B to swipe, claw, strip, trip, and molest team A, it has a bit of an effect as far as team A’s shots. On one end, they get called for fouls and on the other, they can be punched in the gut repeatedly while shooting and no call happens. Do you think that’s fair? Does team A have to be in on that? No, they have no choice. They can’t shoot very well with a bunch of no-call fouling on their shots. Refs can totally swing a 10-point or greater lead in almost no time if they want. Open your eyes.

  • http://www.Top10BasedNigga.com/ ♛♕♛King Of Cali♛♕♛


  • Dan Tanna

    Kinda funny, but two days ago, I was talking with my stepbrother’s 9 year old son. We were at a family function watching the Spurs win game 5. I told him “This is the last game the Spurs are going to win this year. The Heat are going to win the championship. Next time I see you, I’ll tell you how I did it.”
    He could not figure out how I was so sure the Heat would win.
    Last week, I told him how I did it. I told him the NBA was rigged, and that the league would never let the Spurs win game 6. I also told him that I did not know for sure if the Heat would win game 7, and that they were only guaranteed to win game 6. But I was confident the Heat would win the championship because home teams with the home crowd almost never lose game 7 at home. He was impressed, and I hope he learns a lesson about pro sports and NBA basketball from me.

  • Dan Tanna

    I actually first talked to him not two days ago, but during game 5 of the Finals

  • Dan Tanna

    I can actually prove the NBA is rigged at a certain level. I caught the NBA purposely pushing the Lakers into the playoffs and pushing Utah out. This is my argument. It is kinda lengthy, but it is all true. You can go back to the previews and recaps on Yahoo sports, look for my name, Daniel, check my posts to see that everything I am about to post is true. All my posts on Yahoo have time stamps to prove that I predicted what I did ahead of time. You can also see by the comments around mine that my predictions were posted before the games were finished.

    Here is my argument:

    It is a connect the dots argument, but their are a some dots
    that are welded together pretty tight.

    I assume you understand how the NBA, in many peoples opinion, are convinced the
    Lakers beat the Kings in game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals because
    of the referees purposely calling fouls on the Kings to extend the series to a
    game seven. I really started to wonder if the game was fixed after I saw it.
    When Tim Donaghy said under penalty of perjury said that it was rigged, that
    made me believe the NBA was rigged. I am not using that argument as proof.

    I also have been able to predict this years playoffs with accuracy, because I
    use my opinion that the NBA is trying to maximize profits, and I was correct
    with every prediction, except for the one which I predicted Miami to win game 3 of the Finals. They won
    game 4 instead. I am also not using that argument as proof either, because they
    are not proof.

    Where I get my proof from, and it is circumstantial, is how I was able to
    predict many Los Angeles Laker victories the last 2 months of the NBA season.

    I noticed early on, that the Lakers were pretty bad this year. They had bad
    team chemistry, Kobe
    seemed to be the only player who really cared about winning, and the Lakers
    were a mess.

    I hate the Lakers, always have, and really wanted them to miss the playoffs.

    That’s when I came up with a weird prediction. I believed since this year was
    David Stern’s last year as commissioner, that somehow, someway, the Lakers
    would make the playoffs. I have no proof of this, and I may be completely wrong
    about it. I just had a hunch. Actually,
    to be completely honest, I believed that David Stern was looking for a Kobe vs Lebron finals.

    So beginning if February, I started watching the Laker games, reading their
    statistics, and commenting on Yahoo comments after every game.

    The Lakers were below .500, and about 5 or 6 games out of the playoffs at that
    time, and I made my best guess, as to how the league would help the Lakers into
    the playoffs if that is what they were going to do. I figured if the league
    wanted the Lakers to make the playoffs, they would have to make sure the Lakers
    started winning every game against the weaker teams, and a few tough teams, and
    they would also have to keep the Rockets, Jazz and possibly the Warriors from
    getting too hot so the Lakers could catch one of them. And how would the league
    accomplish that? In my opinion, by giving the Lakers free throw advantages, or
    at least a well placed call or non-call or two.

    Sure enough, The Lakers started to get miracle wins against teams like Atlanta and New
    Orleans. They got on a roll, and were beating every
    weak team. I also figured the league knew the Lakers weren’t very good, and
    they would lose to good teams anyway, so they had to beat almost every weak team.

    I also noticed the Lakers were getting free throw advantages in many games in a

    You can look this up, it’s true. At one stretch from Feb to Apr, the Lakers had
    a free throw advantage in 32 of 33 games. This is an amazing statistic, but I
    don’t consider this proof either, although it makes the officiating in my eyes
    look very fishy.

    Then came the Portland game in Los Angeles. The Blazers played a great game,
    and the officiating was clearly one sided. I saw several people post Youtube
    videos of all the bad calls, and to me this game was obviously rigged. I don’t
    consider this game proof, either. (Continued, next post)

    After a few more miracle wins, the Lakers were closing in on
    the 8th seed. The Rockets had gotten hot for a few weeks, and the Jazz had
    gotten cold. At this point, I was convinced the focus was placed on targeting
    the Jazz, and slipping the Lakers into the 8th spot. I noticed also, that
    although Utah
    was in the top 8, I believe in free throw attempts per game through the first
    half of the season, they were consistently being out free throw shot in most
    games. I don’t consider this to be proof, either.

    I had been all along throughout February and March on Yahoo comments saying how
    the Lakers would keep beating bad teams, and make the playoffs. You can check
    the comments after the recaps and previews to see what I posted. I was able to
    predict just about every Laker win before it happened. I was able to predict
    the Lakers would beat the Kings, because I saw a blatantly bad call against a King,
    and a blatant no call against Dwight Howard.

    I also don’t consider this as proof either. This is just circumstantial.

    What I do consider proof, is The Lakers-Warriors game, right after the Kings

    Going into this game, I knew a few things about the Warriors. I knew they were
    better, younger, and hungrier than the Lakers, and I knew they needed a win,
    since they had lost the night before. I also knew that the Lakers needed a win
    even worse, because they were tied with Utah,
    or 1 game ahead, I can’t remember. But I watched this game closely, because I
    knew that the Warriors would probably outplay the Lakers, and if I was right
    about my theory, that the referees would have to basically cheat to give this
    game to the Lakers. This was the game I
    circled on my calendar as possible proof the refs were helping the Lakers, thus
    my prediction.

    Sure enough, Stephan Curry was on fire that night, and the Warriors were
    hammering the Lakers. While this was happening, I posted on Yahoo comments that
    this would be the game that proved my theory, that the referees were fixing
    this game for the Lakers.

    The Lakers did win, and they out shot the Warriors at the free throw line
    50-16, I think, or something like that.

    I was able to post on Yahoo comments that the game was fixed, and that the
    Lakers would pull out a miracle win, before it happened. If you go back and
    check my comments, you will see I predicted all of this. All you have to do is
    go to the Yahoo recap of the game, look for my name, Daniel, and see the time stamp
    so you know I was not lying. Also go to other Laker wins, and see how I was
    able to predict this. 95 percent of what I was posting was coming true, and the
    Laker-Warrior game proves it in my mind.

    There are also many other basketball fans who also are convinced the Warriors
    Laker game was rigged too.

    Any Questions? That’s my proof. Free throw advantages in 32 of 33 games.
    Miracle win after miracle win which I predicted ahead of time. Maximizing
    profits. It’s all true, my friend.

  • Still suffering

    Hi Matt. You were spot on. I can’t even enjoy my favorite sport this year because last year was rigged and I hate the Heat to begin with. Ginobli was fouled by about 3 guys during the final (would have been) winning possession in regular time. The Spurs won the championship last year. The previous year, the Celtics beat the Heat but the officials would have non of that. I can’t watch anymore. I hope Pat Riley gets hit by a bus.

  • Still suffering

    p.s. Matt, you probably have the means to get a documentary made about these critical games. If you know any of the Spurs or their coach, please tell them somebody out here knows they were the champs in 2013. I don’t even know how they can stand this.
    Incidentally, I live in NJ and the Spurs are not my team. I just love sports – unfortunately, fairness and good sportsmanship are far too often lacking.

  • Karim

    what kinda jackass are you stop disrespecting women u dickhead you wouldnt even be here without a woman! women r Gods gift so hve some respect

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