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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Explained Why Dwight Howard Sucks, Skip Bayless Applauded Him, Neither Of Them Made Sense

I’ve seen about 17 seconds of “First Take” in the past three years. But I came across this clip, and it epitomizes what I imagine occurs on ESPN (or is it ESPN2?) every morning.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, by all accounts an intelligent man, goes on the show, says something somewhat inflammatory, exaggerates his premise, and then finally backs it up with an incoherent argument. It’s Skip Bayless, by the book. And of course, Skip is so proud that he literally applauds him.

Just because you’re a good speaker and sound articulate doesn’t mean you can defy the laws of logic. The Lakers aren’t “better off without Dwight Howard.” The Lakers are going to be legitimately awful. Also, you’re brain isn’t a muscle, dude.

So, the argument is: Dwight Howard has no basketball IQ, because he doesn’t have a go-to move, because I SHUT HIM DOWN WHEN I WAS A COACH CUZ I KNOW ALL, but if he gets a few physical skills he could be a consistent contributor, but HE’S A SMART, CHARISMATIC, GREAT GUY, but he’s had lots of success since I SHUT HIM DOWN, YEAH, ME, IN 2009, but that means that he sucks.

Skip: “I’d suck your fucking dick right now. I’d suck. Your fucking dick.”

I’m no Dwight Howard fan, but if you’re gonna shit on the guy, at least make some damn sense.


  • Greatsorfakes

    Love it! Someone needed to say it and you did, perfectly. Too many people now do suck “the greats” dicks. You sir do not and I respect and applaud your opinion. Thank you.

  • Obamaforlife

    LOL Greatsorfakes! Love your post. Everything about his name, Skip – move on, and bayless – worthless, = troll. Spot on mate. Too bad ESPN and the sheep people let him troll all day for ratings.

  • Fullcourtpress

    If you put aside any dislike for Skip Bayless, you may realize that what Kareem said makes absolute sense. Lets not be so literal. He doesn’t literally think the brain is a muscle, he’s simply saying that for as strong and athletic as Dwight Howard is, he doesn’t have the basketball IQ that would truly make him dominant. While he is arguably the best center in the league, it’s more of a default because there simply isn’t that many skilled bigs left. Kareem wasn’t tooting his own horn by saying he was able to stop Dwight Howard in the finals. He was saying it wasn’t a difficult job because he is so one dimensional. He can dunk and make athletic finishes. But if you take that away and make him a half court player, his inability to make the right pass, lack of a reliable post game, and questionable free throw shooting make him what some may consider a liability. Someone with that kind of raw talent should never be considered a liability. If Dwight humbles himself and actually learns to play the game at the center position instead of relying solely on his leaping ability, he may reach his max potential. If not, he will always be a very good player who was one step away his whole career but never takes the leap to champion. It made sense to me.

  • Ray

    How does the man win the DPOY three times without basketball IQ? I believe he is learning new moves with Hakeem and McHale. Let’s be honest, Kareem was just trying to shit on the guy.

  • Johnny

    Umm…have you seen Dwight Howard in the paint?????? LOL

  • Jack Burton

    I watched that and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is as big a moron as he is a low class scumbag. And Skip Bayless is so beyond douchery that he should be in prison. Stephen A. Smith, to his credit looked flabbergasted at what that airhead was saying. That has Kobe written all over it. Kobe is so insecure that I’m sure he had Jabbar twist the knife and the truth. But man. It was savagery and non-factual, the perfect combo for First Take. Applauding the guy after making no sense whatsoever is vintage Bayless, the biggest dope in sports.

  • Jack Burton

    Never make the leap to champion? Get out of here with that ring nonsense. He took a team that had no business being there to the Finals. Kobe couldn’t take a leap to champion without the best big men and best coach in the league. That is the argument of an idiot. The reason they went to the Finals was because Howard WAS passing out of double teams to hit all of those open 3 point shooters. He has plenty of room for improvement but he is a great player. And FT shooting has nothing to do with basketball IQ, nor does post moves. It’s a physical instinct and skill-set. It’s not something you learn with your brain.

  • Jack Burton

    And in fact the reason Kobe is so mad and the Lakers are so butt hurt is because Kobe doesn’t have another big men he can ride to the Finals. Pathetic.

  • Fullcourtpress

    You just made an argument starting by saying “never make the leap to champion?”, then buffered your point by talking about Howard taking his team to the finals. Somebody forgot to tell you that you’re only a champion when you win the finals. Howard lost, thanks in part to the coaching of Kareem, and missing 2 clutch free throws. Your argument will make sense when Howard wins a chip. Until then, he will only rest on his DPOY awards. Which btw, Kareem has 2 championships for every DPOY award he has.

  • Mark

    Dwight Howard is so overrated yo

  • Tom

    Kareem said Dwight is on the verge of greatness, but if he doesn’t aquire certain skills and improve on some, he’ll never be ever to step over that imaginary line to greatness. How doesn’t that make sense? Kareem is one of the smartest players in the history of the league. DH could be considered mentally weak.

  • Arjun Kahlon

    Dwight didn’t carry that team to the Finals. They’re 3 point shooter did. They just couldn’t miss in the playoffs until they reached the Lakers. Also, take into consideration that Kobe has always played in the West, the most difficult conference. LeBrons and Dwight reached the Finals because the East was so weak back then.

  • Arjun Kahlon

    Many posters are here Kobe haters who just bandwagon whatever team LeBron joins.

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