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Hot Sports Take: Kevin Durant Is A LeBron-Copying Fraud

This is a guest post written by* Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take. This may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear.

Remember a while ago, when everyone hated LeBron James because he was a bandwagoning wuss who couldn’t win an NBA championship by himself? And when Kevin Durant was a humble, lovable superstar? You guys weren’t seeing the whole picture. You were misled by a stinky con artist. LeBron James is a great guy. A man of the people. Kevin Durant is just an unoriginal clownfraud.

You remember this, right?

How authentic! How original! How cool was that?!

That was about two months ago. This was from last night.

Kevin Durant, your halfcourt shot reaction game is fraudulent. Durant is a LeBron wannabe, and he is unlikable. This is indisputable. He is Dwight Howard, a media-hungry, me-first, three-card monte dealer. He is a fraud.

*This wasn’t actually written by Skip Bayless. I was pretending to be Skip Bayless. Kevin Durant is the best.

  • DennisM

    Jeez guys, relax.. it’s satire.

    Sorry, just an anticipatory response to what will surely be all the ridiculous “you guys suck” comments sportsgrid seem to always get from these mouthbreathers.

  • Anonymous

    None yet on this one!

  • bob

    the fan wanted kd and westbrooke to tackle him…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Clay/1527949638 Sean Clay

    I was pissed til I read the last sentence lmao. It’s good for the game. It’s fun and supports the idea that the NBA is the most interactive professional sports league there is.

  • A. Bowse

    One might be tempted to believe the content of this article if they had not watched the full clip AND the interview of the fan who made the shot who ASKED Durant to do that. This is sloppy, war-mongering journalism, wanting to make an inflammatory headline.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yes good observation

  • Anonymous

    Never mind that LeBron has aped everything Michael Jordan has done and always seems to have a comment that will inject him into a conversation he wasn’t involved in to begin with.

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