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Larry Bird Is Also Laughing At Kobe Bryant Over His Dream Team Comments

Apparently, the Kobe-Bryant-led “Could the 2012 version of Team USA beat the Dream Team?” debate is the new “Could [dominant college team] beat [terrible pro team]?” A fair number of people don’t even seem to think it’s worth debating: and wouldn’t you know it, there is a remarkably high concentration of those people on… the Dream Team. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley responded to the comparison of the two squads by laughing, and from the looks of things, Larry Bird did pretty much the same:

There’s a line – the exact nature of it varies, but it’s always attributed to Ty Cobb – involving Cobb being asked, long after his retirement what he’d hit if he played the game “today.” He said he’d hit about .300, and the person who asked was surprised he guessed an average that low. Cobb’s response: “You’ve got to remember – I’m 73.” Clearly, that caustic streak is alive and well in sports’ living legends of today. (Of course, Jordan might be mad Bird even conceded that.)

[SB Nation]

Getty photo, by Gregory Shamus

  • Mrodney5040

    once again kobe shows good at basketball . but not too commonly BRITE

  • Rodrigofrancisco


  • NC

    Kobe needs to grow up –NO WAY could they beat the Dream Team

  • chris

    Kobe never respected anyone in the league, he thought he is better than anybody else, he and Lebron can never win a championship without any big stars around them. Larry Bird did, Michael Jordan did as well as Tim Duncan. Larry Bird’s answer was an insult to him but in a very honest and professional way,, learn from the ‘real’ great players Kobe…

  • assassin

    kobe is just like a child compared to michael and charles…kobe and his dream team couldnt beat the 1992 dream led by MJ and charles..listen kobe respect the one whom you learn your basketball career and be a professional basketball player and remember when MJ was still on the court your name was not even mentioned so kobe shut up your mouth Michael dream team could’nt beat anyone they are best among the best…

  • assassin

    i agree chris, without oneal, pau , lamar, horry and world peace kobe didn’t win a single championship is his career and even lebron james …

  • Anonymous

    The NBA will be a better place when Kobe leaves and that day is getting close.

  • nbafollowr

    If the dream Team was in their Prime against Kobe and his team there’s no DOUBT the Dream Team would kick their Asses up and down the court. But that’s Kobe being an Arrogant ASS thinking he’s above anybody who ever played the game. I wish this guy would just retire and leave the game. Hell even Magic or Julius could beat him in their prime. I am just so tired of his mouth and him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1097077309 Carlos Mencia

    SO larry Bird didnt win a championship without the greates front line ever? played with 3 hall of famers, MIchael didnt have 2 hall of famers by his side either? That winning alone argument is ignorant and shows you never watched basketball.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1097077309 Carlos Mencia

    So larry bird winning, with Kevin Mchale, parrish, vinnie johnson, bill walton, means what? that those players were scrubs? ignorant statement by your part assassin. Every team has to have minimum 2 star players to win a championship. Look up any team that has ever won a Championship and those facts cant be manipulated , as much as people who dont understand the game try to do ASS assin.

  • Marcus Haskins

    kobe bryant answered correctly. i hope every athelete would. if imma play you, whoever you are, i have to think I’m superior and think we can win, or else why would i play?? kobes confidence is what makes him great. he didnt disrespect anyone by saying ” ya i think we could take them in a game” all of you bellow who sat here and bashed this man are pricks, and at the end of he day your opinion is irrelevant .

  • Marcus Haskins

    btw whoever that chris dude is. you have never watched basketball in your life dude. because if you have, youd know that jordan had HOF players around him, so did bird, and tim?? haha broo like i cant stress how idiotic you sound. no player can win without people around them, no one. without pippin, micheal jordan wouldnt be sitting at 6 rings like he is

  • http://twitter.com/Alex_AZCRO Alex Hearn

    I’m not so sure Bird’s not serious :)

  • http://twitter.com/Alex_AZCRO Alex Hearn

    I bet they would give a game right now! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/Alex_AZCRO Alex Hearn

    You’re correct! Plus they all love the Attention! Who’s kidding who?

    If they put a Dollar on it, I’m taking any team Birds on~~~~he’s got to be the cheapest guy in the world! Ask Kevin Mchale ;)

  • http://twitter.com/Alex_AZCRO Alex Hearn

    Vinnie Johnson?????? I think you mean DJ Dennis Johnson, CMOM man either know what you are talking about or STFU!

    DJ was truly one of the greatest Point Guards of his time!

    True story of the Day; Pepperdine Coach says to a scout, “Want you to come see this Red headed Freckled Faced Kid that plays CENTER for me and is a monster around the basket? He’ll probably project out a little smaller in the pros?”

    Dave Cowens being one of the dominant centers in the league at only 6′ 8″ the scout thought he was going to see the next Dave Cowen’s

    That scout was shown DJ @ 6’3″ Seattle Drafted him in the 2nd even though he was said to have a temper and before he left the Sonic’s they went to the finals twice and won once…

    Picture the MOST Raspy Gravely voice you ever heard:
    “Now there’s a steal by Bird! Underneath to DJ who lays it in! Right at one second left! What a play by Bird! Bird stole the inbounding pass, laid it up to DJ, and DJ laid it up and in, and Boston has a one-point lead with one second left! Oh my, this place is going crazy!!!”

    This might be the MOST memorable play~But DJ had quite a few steals himself while with the C’s!

    How about a couple of bounces for DJ one of the greatest free throw shooters to ever play the game too ~ he liked to BOUNCE the ball a bunch of times before he shot!

    R.I.P #3 You were amazing to watch!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Lynch/100001588398865 Jerry Lynch

    NBA = No Balls Allowed

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Lynch/100001588398865 Jerry Lynch

    See the Washington Generals and say that.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe is not even qualified to “hand wash Michael Jordan sweaty jock straps” He’s a Rapist on everybody’s book. He has the audacity, which reflects his mental incapacity, to compare himself and his Olympic team to “The Dream Team” of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and the likes. He must be on Drugs!.

  • veteran97

    You all need to stop crying, Kobe is one of the greatest of all time. His has the hardware to prove it, so STFU. And here we are again, another chance to take the championship again, with or without help. Lakers are winners.

  • Guest

    Gotta love Larry’s sense of humor!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryj.hynes1 Mary Hynes-Dow

    I love Larry Bird… <3 there will never be another :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jun-Endozo/1397575091 Jun Endozo

    hold your horses there… kobe just gave an answer to a question posed to him, it was not as if he was the one opening that idea… of course, if you are a pro player and was asked if you can beat somebody, you will definitely say yes…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jun-Endozo/1397575091 Jun Endozo

    admit it or not, kobe ranks highly among the nba greats.. love him or hate him, he is one of the greatest ever.. it’s just that many people cannot stand his very high self-esteem, but that is how he is.. he should be judged by his accomplishments, not so by his personality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jun-Endozo/1397575091 Jun Endozo

    as if mj was the one who thought kobe how to play…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jun-Endozo/1397575091 Jun Endozo

    because basketball is a game of five players on each side. mj would not have won without scottie, rodman, even bj armstrong. he needed teammates like anybody else. larry had kevin and parish, tim had robinson and avery in his first title, then manu and tony parker in his succeeding rings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jun-Endozo/1397575091 Jun Endozo

    just as there will never be another magic, another mj, even another kobe.

  • http://twitter.com/marcsammomarcus marcus

    I think they stand a great chance beating the dream team. Both teams were loaded with the best nba players of their time. International basketball teams are much better now than they were when the dream team won the gold. I am a huge fan of both usa teams.Whats so hard to understand that, the two teams were great. marcsammo@aol.com

  • http://twitter.com/marcsammomarcus marcus

    Why not? Both nba teams were loaded with the greatest nba players of their time.Kobe has proved his self for a long time. He will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play the game.You know I am right , you must be a Kobe hater.

  • http://twitter.com/marcsammomarcus marcus


  • http://twitter.com/marcsammomarcus marcus

    Very well said, and nothing but the truth.

  • http://twitter.com/marcsammomarcus marcus

    dont sneak around and watch him.

  • http://twitter.com/marcsammomarcus marcus

    ( so kobe shut up your mouth Michael dream team could’nt beat anyone they are best among the best..)( note wrtten byassassin) what are you talking about? you make no sence.

  • http://twitter.com/marcsammomarcus marcus

    Mj never scored 81 points. mj and kobe are my favorite players.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.e.lloyd.5 Michael Hahn Shredder Lloyd

    Dream team 1 didn’t grow up in the internet era. They were much tougher. Didn’t play video games 1/2 the time.. They were outside playin sports. Society has gotton pretty happy these days if you know what i mean. Lebron always makes faces like he’s takin it up the butt. Jordan looked like a killer from cook county in chicago. The government dropped a gay bomb on it’s own citizens. A bomb in the form of The internet. It is making people gay. So the 99% never threaten thier power. Because a bunch of pansies can’t. The nba was way more physical in those days. Kobe cant take a hard foul. The bad boy pistons of 1990 could take out kobes dream team. Make em cry like bitches.The internet even pussified the nba, now the nfl and nhl. The bulls dynasty was dream team 2. sssshittttt.

  • Billy Grissom

    The dream team with Jordan would beat them by 40 even at thier age.

  • Anonymous


  • Leroy Jones

    Kobe Bryant is a cry baby and a rapist………….not even in the same league as the Dream Team…………..might break into the top 100 players, certainly no higher than 50.

  • johhny q public

    MJ was just as arrogant as Kobe-probably even more! It takes arrogance to play in the pros! I would take Kobe over MJ or Bird or any of those fools in their primes in a game of 1on1

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    You must be a kobe dick-licker. But it’s obvious you’re a dumb-ass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    Heya… Bird is 10x the player Barkley ever was. You could mention him instead of Charles. Or are you just black?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    STFU, you racist ass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247940578 Tony T. Tony

    AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a moron!!! 1 on 1?? You’d lost TONS of cash, fool. wow.

  • george geo

    You better check out the Celtics record the season before they had Larry Bird Larry Bird’s impact on the Celtics was immediate. The Celtics were 29-53 during the 1978–79 season, but with Bird the team improved to 61-21 in the 1979–80 season, posting the league’s best regular season record. That 62-21 record was before they had Kevin McHale or Robert Parrish.

  • jcminthe805

    wow so many people bashing on kobe why because he’s good at what he does ,works hard and has how may rings?????? get off ur nuts and change ur diapers peeps

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004192322569 Juanito Juanito

    and you are kobe gay lover, to said that

  • scootie

    Kobe’s a porch monkey.

  • scootie


  • scootie

    nowhaeyemsayin mf?

  • scootie

    Learn how to spell, dude. Sentences begin with a capital letter…

  • Ray Arocho

    Most definitely. 10x better.

  • HaterAide

    Tony ur a fuckstick

  • Mike

    And the gibberish you have been writing does make sense?? I think you’re late for your GED class.

  • Mike

    Apparently you’re not too “brite” either. You know that little squiggly red line underneath a word? It’s not there for decoration, it’s telling you you can’t spell.

  • mj1385051

    Kobe couldn’t carry Larrys jock strap.

  • Sam Fisher

    Kobe and his team shoud be called the “Dream On” team. No way, with both teams in their primes, does the Dream On Team beat the Dream Team. NO WAY!

  • George Geo

    M.J. played in 6 NBA finals and won 6 Championsdhip rings..6 for 6

  • George Geo

    Too bad the NBA games are 5 on 5 not 1 on 1..

  • http://www.facebook.com/alfonso.rivas.52 Alfonso Rivas

    You are so full of shit its pitifull! Kobe is in the same class as all these players you mentioned. You probably hate him because he beats the shit out of your team every time he plays them!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alfonso.rivas.52 Alfonso Rivas

    Another Idiot!

  • Anonymous

    funny that you were hollering at someone else for being racist… seems like you have a personal problem… here is a thought: post an original comment about how you feel about larry bird instead of scouring for things to play an off chord on your racist heartstrings

  • TexasSheepdog44

    Kobe sucks , He should be thanking Magic and Bird for their
    accomplishments to the game ! Never heard about them raping any one , he is a drama queen !

  • Anonymous

    Thats why God spared Kobe by having him arrive on earth when he did,Cuz if he were around at the same time as the real Greats like Jordan,Magic and Bird he couldnt even carry their jockstraps!

  • old oil

    is white pride the same as racism ?

  • old oil

    Don’t play the game unless you’re sure you can win ? You’re pathetic!

  • bill2222

    I must be getting old but can’t understang why Dr J doesn’t get more kudos. The Sixers set up play by putting all but the Dr on one sideline and giving him the ball on a regular basis. Noone could stop him. He INVENTED the acrobatic above the rim game being played by Jordan and still today. Give the man credit,
    He is also a class act and knew when it was time to step down in order to make way for the SUPERSTARS (?) that preceded hiim.

  • TarHeel

    Thanks for this. DJ was not flashy, but smooth as silk. I remember that play you mention. Most satisfying was that Detroit had the game won and all Bill Laimbeer had to to do was inbound the ball. If you look at a replay you’ll see DJ streaking to the basket early. It was a set play! As for the Dream Team 92, they did it mostly without Bird who was injured. It was frustrating to watch him lying on his stomach, ice on his back. Had he been in his prime, this thread wouldn’t exist. MJ was a beautiful player to watch. Bird not so much. But who cares, both of them could put a stake in your heart in a split second. And by the way, Kevin McHale doesn’t get much ink. A killer in the low post, maybe the best ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Mamelson/100000827970546 Dennis Mamelson

    And could Mike Tyson have beaten Joe Louis? Could the SF Giants have beaten the ’27 Yankees? Could the current Packers have beaten the 1940 Bears? Could the …… You get the point. What useless drivel for Kobe Bryant to even consider.

  • Marcus’ brain.

    why not? Because there are only three players on the 2012 team that would even make the 1992 team: Kobe, Durant, and of course, Lebron. And only Lebron could start on the 1992 team. 1992 team was that good. Kobe and Druant bench players, Lebron a starter. Everyone else from 2012 could be on the 1992 practice squad, and that’s about it.

  • Matt

    There are only three players on the 2012 team that
    would even make the 1992 team: Kobe, Durant, and of course, Lebron. And
    only Lebron could start on the 1992 team. The 1992 team was that good; Kobe
    and Druant would be bench players, and Lebron a starter. Everyone else from 2012
    could be on the 1992 practice squad, and that’s about it.

  • Marcus’ brain.

    are only three players on the 2012 team that would even make the 1992
    team: Kobe, Durant, and of course, Lebron. And only Lebron could start
    on the 1992 team. The 1992 team was that good. Kobe and Druantwould be bench
    players, and Lebron a starter. Everyone else from 2012 could be on the 1992
    practice squad, and that’s about it.


    after Bird, Magic and Jordan stopped playing ball I thought they dissolved the NBA? You mean they are still playing?

  • fernando

    would you compare as a point guard Russell Westbrook with the best point guards in the history, Stockton, Magic, etc., just the speed and the quickness of Rusell would destroy thpse slow players even on their prime.

  • John

    NO WAY the 2012 Team could beat the Dream Team.
    The 1992 team had better players. There had 11 Hall of Famers, and they were a REAL united team when they arrived in Barcelona, players that care more about winning and dominating the game that they cared about media attention, minutes played, and so on. There was no jealousy on the 92 team. Even when they had huge egos.
    Annnnnnnnnnd, they had two captains that not only were team-oriented players, but also truly respected leaders. They convinced everybody that winning, and only winning, was important. They did it. And HOW they did it.

  • guad


  • dayali_correlas

    you must be a bitchmade faggot i can tell by the way your hating on one of the goats, you revert to childish insults, so you should treated like a bitch ass child fucker

  • Russbro

    Kobe! please take your head out of your ass. Your embarrissing yourself. You and your Dreaming team played the Dream Team you’d be down by 30 at the half. Thats real talk son. Ask Chris Webber how good that team was.

  • huskerpr

    Kobe and Lebron are the only two on the current team that could have made that squad…..they could have replaced Lattner and Barkley with those two and been even better….Barkley was overrated, he rode the coattails of his friends to get on the team and the HOF…what or where did he ever win before the dream team…he was acancer on most teams….Bobby Knight cut his fat rear end suring an olympic try out…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696787149 Ot To

    there is a difference between having high self esteem and being a prick. if you have high self esteem you don’t need to flaunt it and attack other territory.

  • tied for 11th

    how’s that workin out for you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.allan.9216 Michael Allan

    I don’t think Jordan would let them lose the game. Neither would Magic. Bird might still be sidelined with that bad back of his, but could come in and trash talk LeBron out of the game.

  • NBA today

    how is he attacking another territory? You don’t even make sense! They asked him could they beat the dream team and he said yes. There is nothing wrong with that. How is it being a prick having confidence in your own era of basketball?

  • NBA today

    you sound stupid af!

  • NBA today

    He is in the talks of the greatest of all time, he has every right to say that. You idots don’t realize he was asked the question by the media and he gave an honest answer. How is it wrong to think your team can beat theirs? These guys from the past arent Gods wtf! Lebron agreed with him and so did Chris Paul. How is it wrong to have confidence in your era of ball?

  • NBA today

    and what the fuck is all this rapist talk, like being a rapist has anything to do with playing basketball. First of all he didn’t rape that girl, he was found not guilty. He has no reason to rape anyone, secondly none of these guys were saints off of the court, kobe cheated on his wife, so did Magic Johnson, who caught the Aids virus from infidelity. does that damage his hoops legacy? Michael Jordan had a gambling problem, which led to the death of his father, does that damage his hoops legacy? Hell nah! hypocritical ass people man, smh

  • brew73

    In all honesty, I’m confident that the Dream Team, all in their prime, could outdo the greats of today. The game may be different, but the skills are the same. And, frankly, the Dream Team had better skills than those of today. Just look at some highlights and you’ll see the difference.

  • JomoDaMusicMan

    wHEN u say best point guard in history, don’t include stockton because he is a step or two or three below several others. THE BIG O, THOMAS, WEST, ROSE, PAUL AND MANY OTHERS. HE WAS JUST AN ASSIST MAN

  • JomoDaMusicMan

    The dream team would have its problem with today’s all stars. Kobe & LBJ at guards, KD & Griffin at fowards and Dwight Howard at center. with reserves such as Derrick Rose, Westbrook, Paul, KG, Wade, Mello, K Irvin, Duncan and several more athletic young players of today’s game. Only one problem that I see, today’s players would have most of its problems matching up with (DA DREAM) Olajuwon at center, who could jump, and even hit fade away jumpers which is still unheard of at 7 ‘ tall. i’M 67 YRS OLD AND HAVE SEEN THE BEST OF THE BEST PLAY THIS GAME ,THEREFORE, YES, TODAY’S PLAYERS COULD BEAT THE DREAM TEAM. Big Liability on defense on the Dream team against today’s team would be Bird, he was slow and couldn’t jump, DURANT, would eat him alive. Jordan would have to eliminate his EGO, and allow Isiah Thomas on the team & drop Stockton (who was only put on the team to replace Thomas cause Jordan refused to play if Thomas was on the team). I would pay big bucks to see that game. All politics aside, placing the best of the best of each era against each other would make a great game

  • JomoDaMusicMan

    If politics were not involved Bird would never beat out Griffin or Durant on an all star team then or now. A coach would have a hard decision whether to star Bird over Garnett or Tim Duncan also

  • nicky boo

    besides shaq nobody else is a hall of famer that kobe won with…. magic, bird , jordan, duncan, all had hall of famers on their teams…

  • nicky boo

    bird is small forward… the only small forward on ur list is durant…. the rest are power forwards…. and please dont mention blake griffin in the same breath as larry bird…. its not even close.

  • nicky boo

    leroy, please tell me ur kidding about kobe not being in top 50…this has to be a joke….right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawnmdelgado Shawn Delgado

    Greatness requires more than athletics. It also requires skills that Westbrook’s still developing. Please, let me know when he can pass half as well as Magic. Also, let me know when he stops taking more shots than his teammate and scoring champion.

  • dpd363

    When basketball was a game and not a show. B-ball sucks today. I saw the Celtics beat the Lakers in game 7 at the Garden in ’86. That was the last time I gave a crap about the game. Now it’s all about the players and not the team. No finesse, nothin. Makes a man sad.

  • Yewboat

    You didn’t see that game because the Lakers weren’t in the finals that year. Perhaps you’re thinking of 1984?

  • dpd363

    You are correct, sir/madam. Damn brain just turned 50.

  • kelly

    Larry could lead the ’92er’s on a SLOW break and still beat their azz.

  • http://twitter.com/golferwils Wils

    racist? serious?? no comment about the ignorance of Mary’s comment? someone please tell me who there will be another one of??? Mary, there will never be another you either!

  • http://www.dadoftheday.blogspot.com/ Sanford Hall

    Larry has always been ove rrated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jr-Krikorian/1302045835 J.r. Krikorian

    @ Jomo U might be 67, well I’m 52. Perhaps Bird cound’t jump but he was a GREAT defender and played with more heart and determination than anyone ever. Do I detect some racism here? Either that or your smoking some distilled buffalo shit. Hell griffin and Durant have been in the league for how long? Bird was winning championship(s) pretty much when he hit the floor. Don’t throw me this I’m 67 shit. Hell Bill Russell would eat these big men alive today. I do however agree the games would be close. The dream team would win 7 out of 10 times. How you leave Bird out of the question when even guys like majic and MJ give him his due just sounds stupid. BTW.. I do agree with you about Olajuwan however. Bird was a basketball player not a freak dunk show. THERE WERE NO WEAKNESSES in his game. NONE!!!

  • and sons

    Underrated maybe.

  • Kobe is a ball hog

    Kobe is just a ball hog. He takes 50 shots in a game and the rest of the team take 20 combined. Hell, If I took 50 shots in a game, I can put in 15 and be a 30 point/game player. He might have 4.8 assists per game. He’s not a team player. He just cares about padding his own points stat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.roach.393 Paul Roach

    Ur an idiot. Kobe is definitely a rapist, an asshole, and a world-class douche-nozzle, but he is also one of the Top 10 greatest players of all time. No argument can be made against his greatness on the court. Saying he is maybe a Top 100 player, Top 50 at best is an insult and wreaks of your ignorance and hatred towards him. You may not like him, but he is that good for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.roach.393 Paul Roach

    You sir are an absolute jackass. Playing dirty does not equal playing well. Your qualifications of great teams are ridiculous. You sound like a person obsessed with gay. Its ok if you are. Its actually quite obvious that you are. Its ok, anyone with 2 middle names is bound to be a pole-smoker. Accept yourself. Embrace your queerness. Fag lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.roach.393 Paul Roach

    Kobe’s name wasnt even mentioned when Jordan was on the court cuz Kobe wasnt even in the league yet jackass. Kobe didnt play in the league til ’96. He played only at the very end of Jordan’s reign in the NBA. They are compared only by their positions, scoring ability and number of rings won, but they literally never faced each other on the court for more than a few minutes. Their careers can be compared objectively by their on-court accomplishments and records, but subjectively is where the eternal debate will lie, as to who is the greatest of all-time, setting aside all verifiable records and achievements and basing opinions solely on what people think is the most important qualifying measures… Who knows..

  • Larry Legend Rules

    Actually, that was Stan Musial who said that – not Ty Cobb.
    Get your facts straight. You just really upset this Cardinals fan. But I’m also an Indiana resident – and Stan Musial’s quote was the first thing I thought of, too, and obviously it popped into Larry Bird’s head, too, since he grew up in Cardinals Country, too.

  • Clyde

    The Jordon, Magic, Larry Dream Team would certainly easily handle the current Dream Team.
    But this is not saying Kobe or Labron are not great players. Kobe, at the end of his career is certainly at least a top 50 or the greatest 100 players ever, but where he lands is up to other people to determine. Labron still needs to make his legacy to see where he is placed in the list of all time greats. But at his current rate he will right up there at the top somewhere.
    The real difference I see in today’s players compared to those of the Magic/Bird era is the desire to win, the heart, the refusal to lose. Ability wise there may not be much difference, but when it comes right down to crunch time, who do you want with the ball, who do you want making that shot from wherever. My first choice is Jordan or maybe Bird. Not because they were more gifted but because they refuse to lose.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1146707132 Raymond Law

    So many people seem to have so much to say but no real knowledge of basketball. MJ was the greatest player of the era and at least 5 of those players will go down as top 20 all time. The current team may end up with 2 or 3 at most. Barkley was the best player during the 1992 Dream Team statistically and he wasnt even one of the 5 best of that team. No team will ever be loaded like they were and no team in today’s league will ever mesh like they did. Players are far more selfish today then they were 20 years ago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.carpenter.1023 Kevin Carpenter

    Jordan, Magic, Bird > Kobe, Lebran, Durrant in every way possible it isn’t even worth the debate. Then you add the rest of the 2 teams in and it becomes a land slide for the Dream Team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.borskie Richard Borskie

    If Jordan didn’t ‘retire’ to play baseball, it would have been more. He missed the season the Bulls went for their fourth straight and came in the middle of the next season. If not for that, the Bulls would have won 8 in a row, probably nine, they would have kept the team together for that record.

  • MikeBos

    Kevin Durant is a great SCORER, but the ONLY thing Kevin Durant has over Larry Bird (and not by much) is that he’s a better scorer. Bird was the far superior player, in passing, rebounding, making his teammates better, AND shot a higher percentage too.

  • MikeBos

    Vinnie Johnson?? I think you mean Dennis Johnson. The year before Bird joined the Celtics, the Cs had the second worst record in the league. When Bird joined the team–before McHale, Parish or DJ came aboard–it marked THE greatest W-L turnaround in league history.

    The team was basically the same team, but because of one player (Bird), the next year the Celtics had the best record in the league, Bird’s rookie year. THAT’S how nasty Larry Bird was!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kim.patrick.52 Kim Patrick

    Marciano or Ali? It is pointless to argue these topics.

  • Antygrvity

    You can’t be serious. What did MJ win w/ out Scottie Pippen (top 50 greatest of all time & arguably one of the most athletic & versatile of all time), Dennis Rodman (one of the best rebounders of all time), Horace Gant (one of the best defenders of his era, Tony Kukoc (best European of his time).. What did Larry Bird win w/ out Kevin McHale (top 50 Greatest of all time), Robert Parish Hall of famer, Dennis Johnson, was much better then what he showed in Boston, he led the Sonics to their only NBA championship & when he came to Boston, he change his game to blend in w/ the Celtics. Tim Duncan, learned from & won his 1st NBA championship w/ one of the 50 Greatest of all time in David Robinson. Like it or not, believe it or not, GREAT players do not win championships alone.

  • Antygrvity

    You might want to take a look @ what else took place that year. McAdoo was a cancer on that team & never wanted to be a Celtic, he was traded for M.L. Carr who the Celtics needed as a defensive stopper @ that time. Most people only remember him as a towel waving bench player, but in his day he was an athletic defensive stopper. They also grabbed Gerald Henderson that year, a point guard they needed @ the time to run the show again because Tiny was on his last leg the year before. W/ Gerald Henderson, Tiny didn’t have to be the work horse, him, Ford & Henderson was one of the best backcourts in the league during Birds rookie year. Starting 5 of Larry Bird, Dave Cowens, Cedric Maxwell, Tiny Archibald Gerald Henderson or Ford was a very good starting five w/ M.L. Carr coming off the bench as a defensive stopper.

  • Antygrvity

    MJ did have two hall of famers in Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman.

  • Peoplekillme

    Who and the hell was they going to sit for his ass…and that’s if you even know the starting lineup



  • http://www.facebook.com/nocent.kansas No Cent Kansas

    The greatest of all time was the Big O. The most dominant was Wilt.

  • Yup_Uh_Huh

    he was great, but also the beginning of the end of the nba with that showtime bull’ish…good thing the league also had other great players that weren’t in Hollywood at that time, or the nba would’ve never seen the money it did. so sad, yet true.

  • Steven Hill

    which brings up another classic by Bird……
    Just prior to that game Issah had suggested that if Bird were black he would be just another average player.
    After the Celtics won (due to Birds last second steal of Issah’s in-bounds pass) Issah apologized to Bird who stated he didn’t mind the comment but that “his mother was very upset”. LOL…. Issah than apologized to Bird’s mom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jules.winnfield.9674 Jules Winnfield

    Say what? Did you forget that Bird is a 3 time MVP? Not beat out Griffin? Making jokes today huh? And he was all around a better player than Durant is

  • Anonymous

    Everybody, I enjoyed the earlier players and am enjoying the modern players. They were and are now tremendous athletics and give me much pleasure in my golden years.

  • Joshua EducatedThug Brown

    Chris you are stupid undoubtedly for that comment, first off, Jordan never won any championship by himself, neither did anyone else, you are a true fool to believe that.

  • Joshua EducatedThug Brown

    You are stupid too, what do you mean Kobe’s named was not mentioned when Michael was still on the court….”some of the stupidest ass people ever call themselves real fans”! If you just stop and think for a few moments, you’ll soon realize that yourself and a lot of others do not like Kobe for reasons outside of basketball, which makes your comments biased and totally ridiculous….find the sharpest point in your house and just run into it, a few times.

  • Joshua EducatedThug Brown

    Stupid ass people such as yourself should not exist in this world.

  • Anonymous

    Wholly crap, does this picture of the Great Larry Bird, NOT look like “Blaster” from the “Master Blaster” duo from Road Warrior Beyond Thunderdome?

  • mjs1productions1

    That’s not true…..You have to remember …Bird was protected on the Defensive end….Bird was a 3….But he didn’t guard other 3′s (Irving,Wilkins,King,Worthy)…He couldn’t guard those players…..McHale & Maxwell(Cedric) Guarded those guys while the Celtics protected Bird by keeping him on the Weakest Frontcourt guy….Go Back And Look At The Film…

  • mjs1productions1

    Also think about This….How many All Defensive Teams did Larry Bird make……Lets Open This Discussion….All A Round Player is Offense To Defense….In That case…..Larry Bird is not (In My opinion) among the Top 10 Players of all time…

  • mjs1productions1

    I’m a Older guy….You have to Understand the D E V E L O P M E N T of basketball….Understanding Matchups……Lets start getting to the point…

  • mjs1productions1

    You are correct there Carlos Mencia

  • https://www.twitter.com/JRTuttle4 Jeff Tuttle

    Duh-Da-Duh! Dude, you really posted again after you thought Vinnie Johnson played for the Celtics??

    “So larry bird winning, with Kevin Mchale, parrish, vinnie johnson, bill walton, means what?”

    The Microwave did win 2 Championships, but he played for the Pistons!!



  • Rogier

    Hey Mike, fukk you

  • Rogier

    Shut the fukk up

  • peter kenneally

    Ted Williams after a fishing expert asked him to answer only one question re/baseball because after he stopped managing refused to talk baseball,agreed but only one!he was asked how much he would be making in todays economy.Ted answered W/a too low a no. for the man to imagine . he said for the greatest hitter who ever lived?? Ted replied Well im 75 yrs old! Loved the answer and Teddy Ballgame. fenway nut


  • Garion

    Both teams won ” Gold Medals for the USA” that’s all that counts!

  • KGino

    He was great defensively actually… averaged over 10 rebs a game for his career too… grab a book homie

  • Anonymous

    Your brain is over-rated.

  • Anonymous

    lol….hilarious response by Bird. btw, kobe’s washed up. its time from him to hang em up.

  • Roger

    Hey Rogier, there’s a squiggly red line under your name and what is a fukk mean?

  • http://www.facebook.com/yardpenalty Brian V Streeter

    Kobe also said Bird was money on the court….and he was!

  • Auggie Doggie

    Mike brite is a word and he spelled it correctly.

  • Anonymous

    Quote from Dominique Wilkins, “When you looked into Larry’s eyes they were the eyes of an assassin.”

  • Anonymous

    The so called dream team would get beat easily by an all star group today’s players. It’s called human progress, better training, medical care, more experience. Talent is always there. The MJ dream team would have beaten the previous dream team too.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe can at least spell bright.

  • Anonymous

    Bird is an exceptional person. Imagine having to look at that face everyday in the mirror and still working so hard to get to the top as a white guy in basketball? Self dedication is a remarkable skill. if only he could package it.

  • CS Mike

    Kobe’s good at being a superstar, meaning he scores high for the current Lakers. He would have ridden the bench for any of the 80s Lakers teams and would have been cut from the Celtics. They wanted winners only.

  • stahp

    That was such a great series.

  • Todd

    Everyone should take a page out of the Dream Teams book and stop the trash-talking. Just because Kobe doesn’t know how to show respect, it doesn’t mean everyone else should follow in his footsteps. All of these NBA players are great, the only difference is some do it with class & some don’t.

  • Chu

    youre a moron Mike. You don’t know what brite is? LOL

  • Chu

    Kobe cant play point guard and lebron cant be shooting guard idiot

  • Chu


  • Chu

    Michael had Pippen. Duncan had Robinson,Manu and Parker.

  • Chu

    Brian Scalabrine can beat both Kobe and Jordan anytime.

  • Chu

    Team Pilipinas is still better

  • Anonymous

    Larry Bird had Kevin Mchale, The Chief, (2 hall of famers) and Dennis Johnson, Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen, Tim Duncan had David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobilie…pleasssseeee

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Johnson/100000200112663 Michael Johnson

    The ’92 guys were much more accurate shooters.

  • Anonymous


  • Dubywa

    Bird was always ugly, now he is fat and ugly

  • Ragamistic

    Kobe and the Lakers needs to think about who will be on the team come next year
    why do you Kobe think that you could do the whole season by your self your are a dumb ass to loose all the good players you’ve had Lakers is dunnnnnnn.

  • Jabbar, highest scorer in NBA

    Baloney.. all of them are so unique players. I love these players and any game of Basketball. Without a ball or a basket, a set of two players on any court, there is no game that can be played in its name of Basketball.

  • David Canady

    I wrote this by myself in the name of basketball and I love u all players the same (D.E.C.) Jabbar w/ most points is a leader and nothing can beat that.

  • Hammer

    Hey Chu-Chu, mikes a moron? it’s “you’re”, (the contraction of you are)…
    i know what brite is Chu-e, and its not you!

  • Jesse Crandall

    Kobe runs his mouth B4 his brain has had a chance to “speed up.”

  • PAUL


  • Mike

    brite is not a word idiot

  • Kobie

    Larry is the greatest….always had that dry sense of humor and very witty…you have to be with ah face that’s uglier than a donkeys or rosie odonnells

  • Kobie

    mike you like it up the butt don’t u

  • Turtlehands .

    Bird was a great player…. MVP talk every year he played nearly… he didn’t guard his player very well, but he rebounded well to make up for it. His defense was a b- and his offense was a+.
    I hope that helps describe him for those who missed the joy of seeing him win championships.

  • mikeyd

    Got news for you Kobe, Durant, LeBron, could not hold Bird,Jordan,Dr. J.’s jock strap

  • gerard mijatovich

    No……no no no no. People please remember. This is not even a possibility. Hmmmm…ultimate heartbreaker Michael fucking Jordan!!!!! It has not been that long guys. Just remember who would have had the ball with 5 seconds left in the gamw

  • gerard mijatovich

    Michael Jordan..enough said…..and also, regular fouls back in Jordan’s day would be considered flagrants nowadays, i’ve seen mj drive the lane and get piledrived to the court. Something like that happens today, and they’d be pressing charges, getting the media and government involved. A nation divided type thing cuz this country has turned weak. No question about it. An mj led team of any kind versus any other destroys 10 outta 10. Article and debate concluded. Over and out. MJ

  • domo

    ok jomo you homo…………….you know nodo about basketballo…………..griffin and Durant could not hold birds jock on their best day

  • Anonymous

    As a fan of basket ball, the first dream team is miles and miles (more than a million miles) above the 2012 team in terms of character, charisma,energy. The world may never see such a lineup (the 1st Dream team USA) for the rest of the life of this planet, period.

  • RMFS

    Larry Bird not one of the top 10 players of all time? Really? How many other players in the NBA almost averaged a triple-double for their career? 24.3 PPG, 10 RPG, and 6.3 APG while shooting almost 90% from the free throw line!

  • steve v

    three their coach.

  • Anonymous

    You might be 67, I’m 53. I started watching pro ball when Chamberlain, Russel and West were playing. I don’t want to disrespect you but if you know as much as you profess to know you would know that NO ONE would ever “eat Larry Bird alive”. Are you out of your mind? I hate the Celtics, always have but Larry Bird was one of the greatest players of all time. These guys you’re talking about are All-Stars who in 20 years will be forgotten (except for LeBron and Kobe). Larry Bird and Magic are whats missing in the NBA, that competitiveness. And your comment about Jordan and Thomas? Thomas is a jerk and I’m sure Jordan wasn’t the only one who didn’t want him on the team. I’m guessing you’re a black man who can’t except the fact that a white man can play the game. Newsflash pal. I saw a white guy play who came out of Raleigh NC, played college at LSU and then for the Jazz. I’d put him up one on one against anybody.

  • Anonymous

    Heart and determination is great, especially WITH THE REFS IN HIS BACK POCKET, but I want the best skills added to this. If Bird was black, he would have just been another good player. so don’t give me that b.s., because u and all the white commentators try to instill in the minds of the fans that Bird was the best in his day because he wasn’t. He was not better than the Dr, Magic, MJ, Da Dream. He was not better than Jerry West or the Big E, or Jabbar or Ewing or Rick Berry. The Big O, averaged a triple double for a season & barely missed on a couple others. Elgin Baylor, had more points & 3,000 more rebounds and he was 3″ shorter. So White Boy, don’t u tell me about the game, I was there then and I am here now. I didn’t have to listen to the lies the commentators are planting, I can put my TV on mute and listen to my R& B

  • Anonymous

    There was always one white guy, who u all think was better than any black player. Quit, fantasizing because every one that u think could have competed, there was a thousand more black guys we all know could have competed with the Big O and the Dr but they were either black balled or had bad habits therefore they never got to the league. Don’t think the league called the NBA or NCAA was completely fair. There were dozens of white players that were in the NBA because the fans in the stands wanted to see people that looked like them there, and the fans in the stands were & still are at least 90% White. And this mysterious white player of yours would have been eaten alive by the Russell’s, Wilt, Da Dream, Thurmond, Jabbar, Ewing, Dr and tens of thousands more great black athletes. And the only thing Bird could do against Olajuwon was to push and shove and not get called for the foul. I used to watch Chocolate Thunder, beat him to death and the refs always called the fouls on Dawkins. Dawkins fouls out and Bird is called for one foul. If u think all games are called fair, U are a damn fool

  • Anonymous

    You’re the idiot if u think the Black Mamba & LeBron could not play together. they do it for the Gold Medal. LeBron can play either point or shooting guard

  • Anonymous

    Bird was 6’9″ and that don’t make him no small forward. Elgin Baylor was 6’6″ and weighted around 200 lbs so that made him a small forward and by the way. Baylor ended up with over 11,000 rebounds and about 24,000 points, beating out Bird in both those stats

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the 1996 team was probably even better than the dream team. Look at who was actually on the 1992 and 1996 gold Medal winners.

  • Anonymous

    how in the hell, would Stockton at 5’11″ & 175 lbs check and guard 6’6″ & 210lbs Westbrook who could twist and turn, stop on a dime get 9 cent change. Only a fool would even think of this match up.

  • Anonymous

    It’s always called rape when some White Whore sucks and then screw some black guy. You Racist Red Neck Cracker Bastards just can’t stand the thought of some lily white whore screwing a black guy whether he’s an athlete or an everyday guy. It’s always the same, when someone see her, she says it rape and then the white establishment goes along with this lie

  • Anonymous

    You’re a fool if you can’t figure out who “my mysterious white player”is you racist SOB. Since you’re so mentally handicapped, ill give you a hint. He averaged over 44 points a game in college. And I saw him play when I was young and he was the real deal.

  • Anonymous

    As I told you I didn’t like the Celtics but this crap about token white players. Bird, McHale and Ainge all started. They have more championships than any of the hot dogs you are talking about. Mello , how many championships? You’re funny and stupid at the same time, stupid ass.

  • Anonymous

    One thing no one has mentioned was Bird’ s ability to pass the ball. Him and Magic were two of the best at no look and behind the back passing. That’s what a lot of these comments don’t mention. Yea the guys today have a multitude of talent but they lack the heart and competitiveness of the 92 team. Basketball is a TEAM sport. 5 ego driven hot dog superstars will never beat 5 all stars playing as a team.

  • warren

    He’s probably thinking of the toy “Lite brite” or some other advertising gimick that has “brite” in it.

  • tj

    What else can you call him other than a sf since Birds pf was KM & his center was RP that only leaves him the 3 to play, right? LBJ is almost 6’9″ and KD is 6’9″ for sure and they’re both starting @ the sf.

  • Michael Bowling

    You are obviously a racist, who will only accept the theory that a white man could play better than the black men you’ve mentioned. You’re a RACIST asshole. Go back to the 50′s PRICK

  • Hmmmm

    Everybody thinks the players they grew up watching are the best, the game is evolves every year, players get better every year. thats 20 years of getting better since the dream team. true bb fans would appreciate that

  • Phinneus

    Of course the Dream Team did not have a rapist on the roster…Kobe fills that role nicely on his team…. Wonder how that victim that he destroyed physically and mentally, is doing today. All badness to Kobe in his future.

  • Ray Poirier

    I think all these arguments are rather childish. All of the players mentioned in this back and forth bickering are, or have been great players. I feel special to be old enough to have seen all of those that were mentioned, as well as many who did not make it in to the disagreements stated. They all Love the game, and they all play to win. So just be happy that we have been given the opportunity, to have had and still have so many great athletes,also please get over the color barrier, we are all human, we have but one place to live,and that is here on Earth. Life is much better when people smile,and get along, It would make for such a wonderful life if people would learn to just to get along.

  • Anonymous

    What Kobe is really saying is that 5 Kobe Bryants WOULD beat the Dream Team. And he’s right.

  • Anonymous

    There was never another team like the 1992 Dream Team. Come on! The three greatest basketball players of all time were Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird (in no particular order). All on that team. The greatest two-man combination ever on any team was John Stockton and Karl Malone. Both on that team. Centers David Robinson and Patrick Ewing? Awfully good.
    The closest thing to that team I can remember isn’t any of the more recent “Dream Team” successors. It was the Lakers in the late 1960′s: Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Walt Hazzard, Jerry West and Gale Goodrich. Three Hall of Famers and two other guys who were among the best at their positions at the time.

  • Seraphique Vox

    Pistol Pete?

  • leitskev

    Bird was declining in 92, but in his prime he was light years better than Griffin, Garnett or Durant. Duncan plays a completely different position. For half a decade, Bird was easily the best player in the NBA, at a time when Magic was in his prime and you had Erving, Moses Malone, Kareem, etc. Politics had nothing to do with it. The guy was simply the best for about 5 or 6 years, then injuries started the decline.

  • Peter Kidd

    factor in basketball I.Q., in which Bird was a genius. Ask Magic? Prolly never been a funnier or better trash talker. His ability to make everyone playing with him better is only surpassed by Bill Russel. Factor in his bad back, and ability to play thru it. Add to it a lion’s heart, and what you have is a basketball phenom. Very few with no vertical leap dominated the backboards via positioning like Larry. He was beloved by team mates as well as the fandom.

  • Rich McCormack

    I’d agree with that only because Larry was at the end of his career in ’92 – back problems etc.. If there had been an ’88 Dream Team, he’d have beat out any other forward for the spot.

  • Rich McCormack

    Now it makes sense: jomodamusician is actually Isaiah Thomas!

  • guest1

    Who run Bartertown? Larry run Bartertown!

  • Jasoturner

    It was spelled in all CAPS for a reason…

  • justfunnen

    none of those three would start, they were not old enough in 92 to play.

  • Robert Gaynor

    Larry Legend, one of the GREATEST shooters to ever PLAY!

  • David Weaver

    The 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team, nicknamed the “Dream Team”, was the first American Olympic team to feature active NBA players. Described by American journalists as the greatest sports team ever assembled,[1][2] and called by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame “the greatest collection of basketball talent on the planet”.
    I’m Still waiting for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame to tell us what the 2012 team is. LOL…..that’s ok, I’ll name them. If the 2012 team thinks for one second that they are as good as the original dream team they are the greatest collection of Retards on the planet. It’s just totally disrespectful to even call them the dream team. There was and always will be only one Dream Team. how were these guys going to defeat Jordan at basketball; they can’t even beat him selling shoes. LOL

  • David Weaver

    Dude I could set the dream team aside and still pick an NBA squad from 1992 that would desrtoy the 2012 squad. these players today coudn’t hold a candle to the NBA players from back in the day. Men played ball back in 1992. Today all we have is a bunch of selfish, self centered, greedy, spoiled, angry cry baby kids playing the game. “Come On Man”!

  • David Weaver

    You are certainly right Ray and I agree with everything that you said. But with that being said; that still doesn’t change the fact that the 1992 team was far more superior than the 2012 team does it Ray?

  • David Weaver

    When the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame said that the 1992 Dream Team was the greatest collection of basketball talent on the planet, they meant this one place that we all have to live, and that’s right here on Earth Ray.

  • YouAClown

    nahh brahhh, kobe and shaq > john stockton karl malone for two-man combination any day son.

  • juan

    The only player that would have kept up with Kobie , Lebron & Durant would be Jordan, other than that they would have been unstoppable. Johnson, Bird, Ewing, etc… Com’n people, be realistic & hell yes they would have given them hell. Todays game is a lot Faster than back in those days. Kobe has a very Legitimate Point !

  • B F M

    r u talking about Pistol Pete!

  • kit

    Marcus are u a no brainer to think that kobe will not make the 1992 team and lebron a starter are u mad

  • Paul Barsalou

    How do you know he’s not the most educated NBA player AXE HIM

  • Paul Barsalou

    The 1992 team wouldn’t play with him hi’s EGO”S TO BIG

  • Paul Barsalou

    why not he’s a rapist” money cant take the fact away”

  • Quentin Raffensberg

    Kobe was set to go to Duke because of his skills and SAT scores… Duke doesnt accept dummies. He might say stupid things, or make stupid decisions but he’s not an airhead.

  • frizank

    Do you mean bright?

  • Rwatkins

    much to do about nothing; reverse it and Jordan, Magic, Bird, etc would probably say something similar. No player, who’s considered amoung the “greatest” would say anything different that what Kobe said. He meant no disrespect

  • rgorr

    never a better clutch player than Bird! Ok maybe Jordan.

  • magic8ball

    Chu – this must be a joke. Scalabrine was a water boy for the bulls for two years. He was lucky to have a roster spot for that long.

  • magic8ball

    The rules of basketball have changed completely from the 1992 era to today. The big man ruled basketball prior to the contact rules changing taking away hand checking. It is really difficult to compare eras. In the Olympics, records for speed, jumping and overall atheleticism get broken so there is really nothing different that today’s players are more athletic but the craft of shooting, dribbling, rebounding, passing has taken a backseat to pure athelcticism. However, pure athlecticism doesn’t guarantee success in the NBA or winning championships. You have to have both the skill set and athleticism to succeed. Some of the team game has been lost in the last decade. It takes a team effort with stars and role players willing to work together. I think the 1992 Dream team had better skill players and a willingness to play as a team but the 2012 group definitely has better atheletes. I think the 1992 team would win in a 7 game series assuming the rules were consistent with the rules in 1992 but would lose under the current NBA rules. I don’t think Lebron or Blake Griffin would be driving to the lane as much knowing he would get horse collared and thrown on his back like MJ did against the Pistons. The game has changed too much for any of this to really matter. Kobe played at the tail end of the ear and the during this era so I respect his opinion. I played street ball and organized basketball growing up and you cannot compare the two. It is almost like two different sports and comparing the two eras is like doing the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    I think its Swedish

  • Anonymous

    Only id f he is spotted B-R-I-G-H

  • coco

    Don’t knock it til u try it…lol

  • jason benn

    baylor was a pg

  • jason benn

    larry bird would never beat out a power forward who cant shoot wow! read this out loud this next part I am SOFA KING WE TARDED. lemme guess if politcs werent involved jordan would never beat out kobe or lebron either right??? larry LEGEND was one of the clutchest players ever this hick from french lick didnt even bother to take off his warm up shirt to win the three pt contest and held his finger up before way before the final shot went splash…..he also went in the locker room stared at everyone and said just want see who is coming in second….get the people who up voted you together and then kill yourselves so the average iq can raise like 20 pts

  • Dave


    variant of bright. It figures in English phonetic spelling reform from at least the late 19c.; as an advertiser’sword it dates from at least the 1930s.

    To be or become overripe, as wheat, barley, or hops.

  • Skipwave

    Really,” So like my neighbor Sandy Brite,..or the Game/Toy, ,Lite Brite The word Brite is just not really there..They use to say “Ain’t” was not a word because it was not in the dick show nary….But I’ve never been a dick and never needed to show that I nary smart enough to understand English is a living language and the Dick show nary is only good as the last update,Thou’st understand thee not, Nay I say ! Thou is like a winter storm in a field of cold and gloom, t’was thee free of ye ignorance, Thee could see! O’ Thee of rigid thought , A Lite Brite can still be bought,,,No that’s right, Brite’s not a word….So they must not exist,

  • tmaguire18

    “…what is a fukk mean?”
    I don’t think you would be the one to consult about grammatical errors…

  • Blah

    How about Paul Pierce?Why isnt in his prime T H E T R U T H better than Bird?He had KG and who else?Rondo was not a big star yet.THE TRUTH punished both Kobe and James on the way to that championship.also this team usa lost to us Greeks in 2006 so no it cannot be better than the undeafeated dream team also kobe disrespects no greats he has been asked if he thinks he is the GOAT and he said Michael is the best ever.

  • b-rukus

    hate to tell you … Kobe is one of the best single player talents to ever the play the game. Only Jordan can make an argument, and though it might succeed … Kobe spanks all others by a long shot. In his prime, Kobe would have spanked Jordan a few times.

  • Blah Blah

    The Dream team was far better it simply had more talent.team usa has kobe Lbj and Durant nothin else.Melo is an overrated ballhog he isnt in the top 100 if i was allowed to shoot 30 shots id make 5,he barely makes 10.Russell is good but no where near magic or Allen Iverson,DHoward is no Hakeem Ewing or Robinson,when he gets an mvp award start making comparison until then Griffin is no Barkley.Kobe maybe be in the top 10 of all time but he is dead wrong about this one.

  • Don Stand


    variant of bright. It figures in English phonetic spelling reform from at least the late 19c.; as an advertiser’s word it dates from at least the 1930s.

    Brite Brite, Bright Bright, v. t.
    To be or become overripe, as wheat, barley, or hops. [Prov.
    [1913 Webster]

  • Keith Alberson

    Kobe is starting to sound and act like Brett Favre. It’s a joke, were talking about Larry freaking Bird, Michael “all word Jordan” the round mound of rebound Barkley, come on man! Be quiet Kobe, Retire and start an Airline, ha, ha, lol.

  • Louis Becker

    I think David Robinson and Patrick Ewing were also on that team. Carl Malone, Chris Mullins. Hell the 85 Celtics or Lakers could beat today’s Dream Team.

  • Fred Crow

    Just like Magic said, Larry Bird was the best all around player he ever played with or against including the dream team. If you wanted to build a team and pick one player to build around, someone who could score, be a team leader, rebound, take that last shot, and deal out enough assists to make all his teammates look like All Stars, Larry Bird was the man to pick. He could be guarded by nearly anyone and he was smart enough to let his brain and body movements throw opponents out of position to make fools of them. He had more guys looking for their jocks on the court while he was flipping in a basket and they couldn’t find the ball. Yeah if you wanted rebounding, pick Wilt or Bill or Lew, if you wanted a shooter, Michael was the best, a playmaker…lot of them there including Magic and others, but if you wanted a player who wasn’t fast, couldn’t jump, had little physical ability, but could do it all and build around…theres no doubt it was Larry Bird.

  • steve–

    What an absolute brain dead fool. You need to step back and let someone with some brains in their head represent your race. Some people might get the false impression that all blacks are as moronic as you.

    Just a note to end on. Even Michael Jordan says that Larry bird is by far the best sf to ever play the game.

  • Steve–

    The reality of the situation is that you weren’t there, and therefore have absolutely no idea what happened one way or the other. What I just said is an indisputable fact, so you so confidently declaring what you just did as fact clearly demonstrates your bias and racism. You’re a pathetic fool, and everyone here sees it. I’d slap you around a little if I ever met you in real life.

  • Paul Schall

    Kobe is neither bright or as elite as he would like us to believe.


    OLD BUZZARD would get his ass whooped.

  • Bill Clinton

    Bird could shoot

  • Bill Clinton

    Kobe made his team mates worse and had a terrible shooting percentage

  • Bill Clinton

    Not that different. Dream team would school them.

  • Bill Clinton

    He played the game with his brain and without physical skills. Yet he still dominated.

  • Bluesjunke

    All you Hoosiers can love on good óle Larry all you want. But, I have met him and he is a dick…..period.

  • Brandon Moser

    I had the hopes that I was going to see an intelligent debate in this thread about the ABOVE ARTICLE but it turns out it’s just the usual – a bunch of retards humping doorknobs.

  • ditkoasmpages .

    I have seen every player from 1969 to today play live. I have seen all the tapes of those that played prior to 1969. Bird is the greatest player to date, period. It is not even close. I have also been in the locker rooms. If you are asking who was the nicest to talk with, Bird would finish near last in that category. But, I have no bias for who is 1st in the prior one.

  • Anonymous

    Bird was named to THREE NBA ALL-SECOND DEFENSIVE TEAMS (that’d be three more than Durant has ever made). I’m a big fan of Durant, but to put him in Bird’s class is laughable, insofar as all-around great players.

  • Anonymous

    Badda bing! Not to mention Bird was also responsible for THE greatest W-L differential in NBA history from the previous year, with basically the same team the year before (McHale & Parish weren’t even on the Celtics during Bird’s rookie season, when he was named Rookie of the Year).

  • Anonymous

    Exactly right. Not to mention Bird had won three straight MVPs WITH MICHAEL JORDAN IN THE LEAGUE. Chronic bad back (and later ankle) injuries is what brought about Bird’s decline.

    Even Jordan and Pat Reilly both said if they had to have one player take a game-winning shot, it would be Bird. He didn’t get the name “Larry Legend” without being money.

  • Anonymous

    And even though I agree w/ most of your comment, Bird was also named to 3 NBA All-Second Defensive Teams. It’s just that Larry was soooo deadly a clutch shooter, great passer, great rebounder, and making his teammates better, that it was easy to forget he was also a very good defender–until injuries began to take their toll.

  • Craig Robinson

    if you interpret it means Kobe is STUPID, you’re none to bright either.

  • Anonymous

    good job… sports has become a metaphor of the last 30 years of this country’s permanent decline… “greatness” is no more… players/Americans today do NOT have what it takes to “pave roads”… only drive around on those roads with their 24″ rims. Those “roads” will not last forever.

  • Aaron Johnson

    but baylor never played the game carrying the injuries bird carried.

  • Guest

    You a teacher?

  • Snookafly

    As a Hoosier, I’d have to agree with you. He’s a dick, but he was still one bad mother on the court.

  • Snookafly

    The rules have changed for sure, but to say that the modern players are superior athletes is laughable. Did humans evolve in the last 20 years? They might lift weights a little more, but that’s about it.

  • Reese

    Juan. You can’t be serious? Back in the 80′s and early 90′s, teams actually ran the ball up court, played defense, and had good fundamentals. Today, players walk the ball up court and are 14 seconds into the shot clock by the time they are ready to set up the offense. Is there a team today that ran more than the Lakers ‘Showtime’?

    I think what you mean is that players my be more athletic because of the different levels of training and supplements. Today’s game is a tragedy to watch because very few player play fundamentally sound. Very few players today would be on any NBA roster back then.

  • randy

    When the game was on the line nobody was better than Larry Bird other than Jordan

  • Anonymous

    You must’ve been born in the 90′s

  • Robert Revolt Educate

    do you smoke crack or what

  • Markus

    E.Baylor had injuries! maybe you should check that statement again!

  • Koob

    I think it means Rogier didn’t want his message edited.

  • jeff cole

    Kobe Byrant is not a good person based on the fact that he needs his own table to eat at on the road and bitches if a fellow player asks him a question without him giving the guy the OK to speak.

  • salty

    Wrong pal…he COULD have defended those guys, but, because the Celts had better options, they didn’t have Larry cover them.

  • salty

    You’re on crack! Bird was an excellent defensive player! He also played when there were other excellent D players…UNLIKE today! Nothing but stiffs out there today!

  • salty

    Not 1 player today could replace Bird, Magic, Russell, Wilt, MJ! Not even fkn close! Lebron would be on the next level with Oscar, Cousy, Havlicheck, Kareem,

  • Jamie Hardwick

    Brandon, LOL! You hit the nail right on the head. I was also hoping for intelligent discussion regarding Bird and his comments comparing different generations of great BB players, but once again, the idiots take over the discussion and stray way off topic!

  • the green elf

    bird i don’t know you but I would love to see it happen. The original dream team verse the youngsters. But, you are going to need barkley, sir charles. I know you won’t get this message. but, if mr. stern does get it done. Mr. bird, and mr johnson you will need sir charles. sorry dell I am not a hacker

  • greenelf

    what is the word I am not going to look it up. Mantle volcano the world is flat. who cares I cannot control what I don’t know. what I do know I want to see the old school dream team with Mullin at shooting gaurd, jordan on lebron james, rodman gaurding durant, barkley at power forward and EWing on dwight howard. Age is in the mind. Bird and the sixth man depending on his back. Iverson at point, melo at power forward matched up with sir charles. man I know its all about money for most of the brass in the nba. but, I would work 120 hours straight at 2 dollars an hour to see that match up. I don’t know if they are even still alive but I would like to see Boo Harvey, and walter berry film as well as willie glass. SJU redmen not redstorm the past is the past. Redskins well I am not sure about that one.

  • Fox David

    thank you I at the age when I have become open to new ideas even if they don’t come from me.

  • Fox David

    from an old street ball player suny albany d3 could of played but did not put in the work. 5’9 180 in 1995 5’9 270 in 2014. Vail Place ball is more fun for me today than in anytime in my life. who knows maybe when I hit 45 I’ll be 5’9 215 ready for practice squad for the lynx. we all have dreams. shooting high does not mean your crazy or cocky. sir charles you have the floor just be easy on shaq. you don’t want to have to take him out again.

  • Fox David

    “the green elf has spoken”

  • Elzie


  • AZ_Dem

    I’m a retired English teacher who works as a freelance editor. In the context of the poster’s comment, it is an incorrect usage. “Brite” is an accepted, though noxious, colloquialism, but it is misused in this context. “Brite” is an adjective that describes luminescence. The poster was clearly not speaking to Bryant’s appearance, but his intellect and ability to mentally digest and interpret perceived data. Bright is the correct word.

  • AZ_Dem

    It’s a stupid proposition. But let’s be honest, we all do it. Kobe is right. Because the 2012 Team was put together to be a team. With complimentary parts. Coach K was the first American to take the assignment seriously. This team practiced a lot more, played more pre-Olympics games, and actually studied film. Jordan summed up the Dream Team’s attitude perfectly. He said, “I’m here to play golf.” (paraphrase) The Dream Team had two players that had retired and could barely play, Bird and Magic. Barkley was so out of shape, after two minutes he was huffing and puffing. The best point guard in the NBA was not permitted to play because of the personal animosity of Jordan. He made it crystal clear that if Isiah Thomas was chosen for the team, he’d stay home. It was Jordan or Thomas. The Dream Team put zero effort into it because they had no plausible competition.. The 2012 team, on the other hand, had to get through some pretty good competition. The 2012 team had to play against competition that featured many NBA players and even some All-Stars. And that is why the 2012 team would beat the Dream Team. But who really cares?

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