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Here’s The Controversial LeBron-Durant No-Call From The Final Minute Last Night

In a Game 2 that featured a phenomenal (though probably next-to-unbearable for most Heat fans; Geekosystem editor/Heat fan James Plafke was convinced the Heat would lose right up to the buzzer, Gchatted me things like “we lose” and “we just lost” multiple times, felt like the Heat lost after they’d just won and still feels that way this morning) fourth quarter, the Heat managed to (barely) hold off the Thunder and win, 100-96. It sets up one hell of an interesting set of games in Miami beginning Sunday, and it looks more and more like we might have a classic Finals on our hands.

But – of course – we didn’t arrive at this point without any controversy. Last night, that controversy mainly centered around a play in the final minute with the Heat clinging to a two-point lead, and needing to get a stop. They got that stop, and LeBron iced it at the line with two free throws. That stop, though, included some contact between LeBron and Kevin Durant – contact that could have been called a foul, but wasn’t. See the play for yourself from a couple different angles here:

On the one hand: yes, could have been called a foul. Arguably – and you would be far from alone in making this argument – it should have been called a foul. But also – so may talk about how the refs should just swallow their whistles and let ‘em play late in close games. What was this, if not that exact scenario? A foul is going to have to be more obvious than usual to be called at that stage of the game. And for what it’s worth, guess who didn’t want to blame the loss on the call (though he sure wanted it at the time)? Kevin Durant:

So the Heat won, the series is tied, and that’s that. And by the way, even factoring in that no-call (and him being caught off guard by the inbounds pass), LeBron deserves credit for putting up a 31/8.5/4.5 stat line over two games in the Finals in the league’s toughest road environment, leading the Heat to a crucial split. In these Finals, at least so far – and admittedly, unlike his first two – he’s coming up pretty damn big. Why do we get the feeling it still won’t be enough for some people?

Durant video by CJ Fogler.

  • MT

    To bad u faggots don’t show the no-call Charge on Durant. He should have fouled out.

  • Anonymous

    In a series of games when the score is this close- it should have been called.  It was an  absolute foul- no other way around it. 
    And seriously- I saw plenty of crappy calls and missed calls throughout the  game.
    I wonder if the refs all got high before the game?

  • the truth

    deja vu all over again…first the refs give miami the win in game 2 vs. boston, now this. 

  • MjAy2

    Is everyone forgetting that Durant caught a huge break he Battier got called for a “block” on Durant’s drive? Feet were set. Van Gundy on air said he flat out blew the call. Durant should have had 6. Ref’s miss calls. get over it.

  • Jacksonadrianna

     Look you must never have played this game competitively before,  I’m not even a LeBron or Heat fan but 1 play DOES NOT lose a game, now if you want to talk about being down 18-2 after just 8mins or giving Shane Battier of all people 17points, then yea that cost them the game especially when you consider that is the ONLY quarter the Heat won, if they would’ve come out playing right it never would’ve come down to one play to begin with! And even if he makes it the game is just tied and the Heat would’ve gotten the ball with well over 1oseconds and 2 time outs, so make of miss that play would not have been the end of this game. So instead of pointing the figure because of 1 call maybe try looking at the fact that the Thunder are coming out and losing the 1st quarter EVERY game, a ref can’t make that happen! Besides we learn back in pee wee basketball it’s not a foul until the ref blows his whistle! LeBron came out and had an amazing game and all anyone wants to talk about is that silly call, if KD had the same sort of game even in loss everyone would’ve been ready to call him a super hero but LeBron does it and all anybody wants to do is nit pick at a play that by no means won the game! I respect KD for owning up to that too because when its all said and done he missed the shot and we are all taught make the shot and you don’t have to worry about a call. Smh, so sick of all the haters, give the man his due, he has had 30+ points in 5 playoff games straight, but nobody wants to talk about that but KD has 16 and 17 in the first two first quarters and its so amazing to everyone, whats amazing to me is that he did that and still didn’t out play  LeBron in either game, so everyone to just put the violin down and quit whining because that call did not cost them this game!

  • Basketball Goddess

     1 call does not win nor lose a game, but if you want to look being down 18-2 after the first 8mins then yea maybe. Or even if you want to look at KD’s defense definitely, everybody he guards is eating him alive, I told everyone I know before this series started that KD’s defense was going to be an issue if whoever he’s guarding decides to be aggressive and they have! Last series it was Stephen Jackson & Tim Duncan, this series its LeBron or when he switches onto Battier or even on D Wade, they are all getting WHATEVER they want but no one seems to notice that. The Thunder have done a good job of hiding his defensive shortfalls with Ibaka & Perkins behind him but when your playing the best basketball player in the world in LeBron or a team in which you can’t play Ibaka & Perkins in extended minutes together, then it gets a little harder to hide it. Look at it this way, LeBron was having his way with KD on the block in the 1st quarter so he got into foul trouble they then switch him to D Wade and he proceeds to have is best 1st half in at least 10 games, then they switch him to Battier and he’s getting “Tony Parker” like floaters, now is all this a coincidence or is his defense a problem? And did any of this contribute to that call? If you handle business early it doesn’t come down to 1 play late in the game. KD’s game is amazing but he is definitely lacking on the defensive end and that’s causing his team to end up in need of late game heroics, when the fact of the matter is if he could’ve taken away some of the production from any one of the players he guarded, this game would’ve been a Thunder blow out.

  • WB

    Face it…under David Stern’s proprietary rule, it is more lucrative for the Heat to win.  So, to the degree that calls will or won’t be made,  that is what will happen.  And no one is allowed to reasonably address the question.

    Many close and contentious series are closed out as very bad calls are ignored, as being part of the game itself.  But they are NOT part of the game.  It is poor officiating which Stern finds works well as avenue to a desirable end in terms of publicity and profits.

    After the Heat win…we will address flopping, right, and the seemingly unbelievable influence this has on officiating in the NBA. 

    But first, let’s get the franchise to the top, that we (and advertisers) want at the top!   

  • Anonymous

    One call can blow a game especially when the damn score is that close…lets not forget the goal tending call that was clearly wrong in the 2nd….this error could have been corrected during halftime but was completely ignored. He even fouls Westbrook right after which prevents Westbrook from securing the rebound (Look Closely) might not be intentional but still considered a foul.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Johnson/100000190455903 Rick Johnson

    As long as you have people who claim that the ref should swallow his whistle late and let the players decide you will have this type of officiating. CALLING the foul is actually letting the 0players decided the game. NOT calling the foul is allowing the officials decide the game.  A foul is a foul doesn’t matter if it is the first minute or last minute.  If a player commits a foul and it is called it is the player who is deciding the outcome by fouling. If they do not call the foul it is the official who decides the outcome by not enforcing the rule.  The NBA is the WWE of professional sports. It is all about the show. It is no wonder why so many openly wonder about the legitimacy of the outcome. 

  • Wally Barrett


  • http://www.facebook.com/sdremphrey Scott D Remphrey

    Sorry as I hate Miami and LJ…that was not a foul.

  • Mgeorge30

    To expect two 23-year-old players to beat the likes of Lebron and Wade  is expecting way too much of Oklahoma.  I hope the refs are not being overly kind to the Heat to help them win this game since it would make Miami look awfully bad to lose to such a young team and two years in a row in the finals.  I think the pressure is more on Miami to perform since Oklahoma is awesome to even be in this position — beating Kobe and the Lakers and Duncan and the Spurs — an incredible feat to be the Western Conference champions. 
    I thought Michael Jordan was being favored in the playoffs’  foul department; I’m for the underdog all the way — in this case, the Thunder.  If Miami does win, I hope it’s not on preferential treatment by the officials — and how does  having three games in a row in Miami be a  reward for the Thunder’s home court advantage?  I don’t get it.

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